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Spanish Exercises Online: 4 Practice Websites to Strengthen Your Skills

When I first moved to Spain, my Spanish was pretty bad: I didn’t know how to conjugate anything, so I just spoke in the present tense and clarified the time I meant.

But eventually I wanted to have real Spanish conversations with people, and that meant practicing things like tenses and conjugation.

True fluency requires relentless practice.

Luckily for you (and me), there are tons of great Spanish exercises online that can help you make your way to Spanish fluency.


Spanish Grammar Exercises: Are They Really Necessary?

Even native Spanish speakers spend hours at school doing grammar exercises. That’s because, even though you don’t need perfect grammar to communicate, a better knowledge of grammar, syntax and vocabulary will let you express yourself in more detail.

If your Spanish is already pretty good, it might be time to fine-tune your skills.

Luckily, Spanish grammar exercises are a lot like puzzles. When they’re organized right, they can actually be a lot of fun. The following sites all use methods like quizzes, games and flashcards to make studying that much more enjoyable.

Websites with Spanish Exercises 


spanish exercise online

First and foremost, SpanishDict is a Spanish-English dictionary. In fact, it’s one of the best resources out there for looking up Spanish words. That’s because it includes a long list of nuanced definitions for every word including real-world examples. Unlike many dictionaries, SpanishDict works in two directions: Spanish to English and English to Spanish. Plus, every verb includes conjugation charts alongside definitions.

SpanishDict is more than just a dictionary, though. Along with being a top-rate translation resource, you can practice your Spanish skills all on the same site with a wide variety of exercises. SpanishDict features hundreds of grammar guides written by real Spanish teachers, each paired with quizzes so you can practice what you’ve learned. Some are multiple-choice while others require you to type your answers, which helps iron the concepts into your brain. They cover everything from beginner concepts to more advanced topics.

On top of grammar, there’s vocabulary practice that comes with flashcards and quizzes, and even pronunciation guides with video and audio from real native speakers. You can even sign up for a word of the day to build your vocabulary.


You may have heard that the best way to learn a language is through immersion, but that can be challenging if you can’t actually go to a Spanish-speaking country. The FluentU language learning program aims to create an immersive learning experience through authentic Spanish content—including music videos, movie trailers, commercials and inspiring talks.

Each video comes with accurate subtitles written by a language expert, a key vocabulary list and a full transcript with audio and flashcard integration. The subtitles are interactive: To check the definition of a word, just hover your mouse over it, or click on it for even more information and the option to add it as a flashcard to your decks. You can also see how the word is used with that definition in other videos on FlunetU. 

FluentU has several options to practice your language skills. To practice vocabulary, you can use your own flashcards or choose a pre-made themed deck from FluentU. The program will then use a Spaced Repetition System (SRS) to present you with words at perfectly spaced intervals, helping to cement those words in your long-term memory.

You can also practice typing and speaking skills through these exercises, which use a variety of question types to keep things fresh, like multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, translations and “speaking questions” that let you speak your answer out loud. Every video also has an associated quiz that lets you practice the vocabulary used in the video.

spanish exercise online

As the name suggests, is a site totally devoted to helping you practice your Spanish skills. If you don’t already know all the grammatical concepts or need a little review, don’t worry. The site includes nine whole units full of multiple lessons that explain grammar with in-depth, easy-to-understand guides that can take you from a beginner to intermediate level.

Once you finish a lesson, you can take several quizzes to practice including a “final” that encompasses all the material. These quizzes feature different exercises like multiple-choice and drop-down cloze. Some lessons allow you to generate “unique” quizzes which means you can practice repeatedly until you get the hang of a concept.

In addition to the grammar lessons, also has sections for pronunciation, vocabulary and verb drills. For vocabulary, there are several word lists that come with flashcards, quizzes and ultimately a final test. There’s even audio so you can practice speaking the words out loud. For verb drills, you can generate unique quizzes to practice conjugation, and the pronunciation section is full of oral exercises to help improve your accent.

Trent University — Más arriba

spanish exercise online

Everyone has a different learning style. Many of my students find they actually learn much better in a traditional university setting with a structured curriculum. For those people, this site designed by Gary Aitken, an actual professor of Hispanic Studies at Trent University, is a great way to do real university study without actually having to enroll.

There’s a long list of lessons, each of which includes numerous exercises. Best of all, the exercises include native audio and help you practice grammatical concepts within the context of real-world conversations.

One thing I particularly like about Más arriba (literally, “higher” in Spanish) is that you have to type your answers, though there are hints. It might be more of a hassle than matching, multiple-choice or even fill-in-the-blank, but it makes the material stick in your brain much better.

While most of the exercises are basic and designed for new learners, some may be suitable for intermediate practice.


A great thing about all these platforms is that they have structured themes or lessons that allow you to create an effective study routine. Go through these sites to find which suits your learning style best and get started. Before long, you’ll develop great study habits that will keep you improving toward your language goals.

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