The Guide to Language Learning: Top Strategies and Tools

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Kató Lomb is my favorite polyglot.

She was, to put it mildly, a total badass.

She became one of the first simultaneous interpreters and learned 16 languages.

The primary part of her learning method involved reading books.

Let me …

Mango Languages Review: Is It A Sweet or Sour Experience?

mango languages review

How about a language learning software that learns you instead of you learning it?

Adaptive algorithms: that’s the Mango Languages promise.

Mango Languages is an online and mobile learning resource that’s said to evolve with you as you progress through …

How to Learn a Language by Watching TV: 8 Steps to Productive Bingeing


It’s one of your best friends.

It’s always there when you need it.

But can it really help you learn a language?

Well, if your TV is your best friend, it might as well also become your best learning buddy.

How to Learn a Language by Watching Movies with Your 7 Favorite Websites

how to learn a language by watching movies 3

They give you a break from reality.

They take you on exciting adventures.

They show that true love can overcome any barriers.

But can they really help you learn a language?

Learning a language with movies is undoubtedly one of …

Innovative Language Review: Is It Worth the Cost?


There’s just no two ways about it.

Hands down, Innovative Language is the best there is.

(Or so they say.)

For the longest time, Innovative Language has been touting itself as the “fastest, easiest and most fun” way to learn

Learn a Language Through Songs with These 9 Groovy Tips


You hum them while you work.

You belt them out in your car.

You dance to them when no one is watching, and sometimes, even when everyone is watching.

Songs are an integral part of your life, so why shouldn’t …

The 10 Best Language Learning Apps for User-friendly Study

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Sorry, you caught me at a bad moment.

You know how it is. Smartphone technology can be frustrating.

What’s really aggravating is when you download a new app that’s supposed to make your life easier, and it just… …

The Ultimate FluentU Review: See What Real FluentU Users Have to Say


Do you wish you could understand all your favorite K-pop group’s lyrics?

Maybe you’d like to watch Netflix’s “Dark” in its original German without English subtitles.

Or you want to impress the swoon-worthy French guy you swiped right on …

Learn a Language Through Movies with These 14 Innovative Tips


Have you ever watched a movie and thought, “Boy, I learned a lot from that?”

Unless you watch a lot of documentaries, you probably haven’t.

And that’s okay.

I mean, who really needs to know how to survive a day …

Going off the Grid? You Can Still Use These 6 Offline Translator Apps!


You walk into an amazing, authentic Chinese restaurant.

The menu is completely in Chinese. The entire staff and all the other people eating there are Chinese. Talk about the real deal!

The only problem? There’s no Wi-Fi in …