Do It: Face Your Fear of Speaking a Foreign Language


Arachnophobia: The fear of spiders.

Coulrophobia: The fear of clowns.

Xenoglossophobia: The fear of foreign languages.

Okay. We’ll be the first to admit that foreign languages aren’t half as horrifying as a massive spider or an angry clown (or a …

Test the Rainbow: The Wide World of CEFR Placement Tests


Do you remember that “Kids in the Hall” skit about the shopkeeper who speaks no English?

If you don’t, feel free to take a peek. I’ll wait.


Oh, good! You’re back.

You can imagine the frustration of …

Rosetta Stone Alternatives: 7 Learners Should Consider


When it comes to language learning, there’s no one-size-fits-all option.

It fact, it’s easy to get stuck with a learning program that doesn’t suit you.

Popularity and expense aren’t guarantees that any software, website or book will work for …

If They Did, So Can You! 3 Language Learning Success Stories


Some people say that it takes some secret talent to learn languages.

But would they say that about someone who can sing, play an instrument and keep rhythm?

Using a language is really just a skill like any other, and …

Android Language Learning: 16 Apps You Absolutely Must Try


You wouldn’t have expected your grandmother to gift you her collection of porcelain cat figurines.

But it’s hard to ignore the kitschy appeal of having thousands of creepy eyes staring down at you from your mantle.

You wouldn’t have thought …

Want to Avoid Forgetting a Language? Do These 9 Things


There are plenty of ways to learn a language.

There are just as many ways to let it fall into disuse and become like an abandoned building in your mind.

Stop using it.

Stop studying it.

Fill up so …

Language Learning On a Shoestring: The Cheap Fluency Guide


It’s hard to separate languages from money.

All around the world, people are paying top dollar for access to language education.

In most places, that means English classes—anything from English immersion preschool to business English refresher courses.

In the English-speaking …

6 Twitter Strategies for the High-flying Language Learner



It sounds innocent enough.

But the staggering view from your timeline will show you it’s anything but.

And regular use will have you so addicted you’ll soon be checking it from the remotest areas where you can get service.…

3 Contenders for the Title of “Best Free Online Translator”


The crowd cheers.

The band plays sappy music.

The nominees are announced.

It’s the setup of any great award show.

But while the following nominees all have their fans and admirers, there will be no awkward, forced smiles when …

Try This On for Size! 15 Ideas for Advanced Language Lessons


You may not have a horn.

But that doesn’t mean you’re not a glorious unicorn!

Each language student is as special and rare as the majestic mythical beast.

But the one problem with being so magnificent is that you set …