Beat the Odds! 3 Winning Ways to Stop Translating in Your Head


It’s like grasping at straws at the beginning of learning a language.

You’re trying to make sense of anything.


The strings of sound coming at you are difficult to decipher.

Been there, done that.

Albeit exciting, there’s a lot …

Hit a Linguistic Wall? Try a Language Learning Tracker!


Do you ever wonder how your language learning is going?

As in, are you making progress?

Or are you stalled—stuck on a plateau, or even faceplanted into a brick wall?

Actually, if you’ve hit a wall, you’re …

5 Accessible Tools for Virtual Reality Language Learning


The future is now.

You can watch a 3D TV from the comfort of your couch.

You can morph your face from the comfort of your phone.

Hands-free devices allow you to focus more fully on your taco consumption.…

How Roku Can Transform Your TV Into a Language Learning Goldmine


Watching stuff on Roku is entertaining… but not always productive.

Studying a language is productive… but not always entertaining.

But what if you want it both ways?

Can’t we have our fun and get fluent, too?

Luckily, learning a

Make a Scene! How to Learn a Language Through Movies with the Scene Approach


That little skeptic in your head is getting to you.

It’s telling you that you can’t learn a language through movies.

It sounds like a myth, like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

Well, let me give it …

Funny, Not Funny! 12 Humorous Errors and Mistakes in Language Learning to Avoid


You never see them coming.

They get you LOLing and even ROFLing.

Let’s face facts: sometimes messing up is the highlight of your day.

While some language mistakes are funny, if your goal is fluency, you’ll have to work …

By the Letter: How to Learn a New Alphabet with 7 Tips and Tricks


All your hard work in kindergarten really paid off.

You were just a little kid. Yet you spent hours dedicated to learning the English alphabet.

Mastering those ABCs like a tiny boss.

Now you’re all grown up and looking to …

Global Gratitude: How to Say a Heartfelt Thank You in 20 Different Languages


Being polite doesn’t always mean the same thing.

Manners and etiquette differ from culture to culture.

As a language learner, someone new to a culture, you can only be expected to do your best.

You may forget to adapt

These Mutually Intelligible Languages Will Make You Do a Double Take


Sometimes a foreign language makes you do a double take.

There’s something familiar about it you just can’t place.

You haven’t studied it, but you’re able to understand a little.

What’s going on?

Well, so-called “foreign” languages aren’t always as …

29 Cool Language Learning Apps That Make Studying Fun


Sometimes, you need a jump start.

Maybe it’s because the frigid cold temperatures killed your car battery.

Maybe it’s because you left your headlights on to create a spotlight for your one-person puppet show.

But when your language education needs …