12 Incredible Memrise Alternatives for Unbeatable Learning

memrise alternative

Just because they’re totally beguiling doesn’t mean they’re your soulmate.

No, we’re not talking about that person you just swiped right on.

We’re talking about language learning tools.

And while popular options are undoubtedly attractive, there are plenty of fish …

6 Language Programs for High School Students Around the World


High school is full of difficult questions.

Who will you go to prom with?

Where will you attend college?

When will your hours of late-night, Red Bull-fueled studying pay off? Will you ever actually need to solve for or …

Flex Your Language Muscles Through These 6 Foreign Language Training Programs


Learning a foreign language is kind of like going to the gym.

You only make noticeable progress if you train regularly and strategically, with the right tools and techniques.

You wouldn’t expect to get swole just by picking up …

Careers, Strategies, Colleges: The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Foreign Language Degree


No one ever said college would be easy.

You have to pick a major.

You have to choose your elective classes.

You have to decide the best way to fund your seven daily Starbucks runs.

College is full of tough …

How to Become an Interpreter: A Comfortable 5-step Guide


Night after night, you keep having the same dream.

You hear voices whispering… then getting louder and louder. Frantic voices.

It’s dark. The voices around you sound confused. Agitated. Maybe even afraid.

At first, you can’t understand what they’re …

Get Something for Nothing! 17 Fabulously Free Language Apps


Two wrongs don’t make a right.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. 

There’s a lot of wisdom in old adages, but a few lies have also crept in.

For example: …

“Why Do I Feel Like I Can’t Learn Languages?” 9 Possibilities


I can’t.

It’s impossible.

I’ll fail.

Phrases like that are as diabolical as any you’ll ever hear, especially if you’re saying them to yourself!

Not only do they make you feel bad, but they’re sabotaging you from achieving your goals. …

Ins and Outs of the Critical Language Scholarship Program


Americans aren’t exactly known for their foreign language prowess.

If you’re an American and have ever actually mastered a language you’ve studied, congratulations, you’re in an elite club.

For a variety of reasons, many Americans simply aren’t motivated to

Interpret This! 3 In-ear Translators for Language Learners


Imagine a gathering of the United Nations in New York.

All the different countries are represented—Russia, Japan, South Korea, the United States, etc.

China’s representative is giving an important speech… in Chinese.

So how can Russia’s representative understand what his …

Try Them All! 7 Babbel Alternatives That Might Work for You


Some things are irreplaceable.

You can’t exchange your mostly eaten box of cereal for a brand new box.

You can’t switch out your grandmother for a random elderly woman and hope to love her as much.

You can’t trade in …