The Ultimate Guide to Language Learning Clubs: How to Join or Start One and Make the Most of It


Unce unce unce…

It’s time to hit the clubs.

But rather than leaving you with ringing ears and a spinning head, these clubs will leave you with something even better: language skills.

That’s right—we’re talking about language learning clubs. …

Go! The 9 Best Programs for Learning a Language Online Now


At some point, most of us have failed horribly at learning a language.


Because for most of us, that language was just another subject we had to take in school.

And we really didn’t have the motivation to

From Constructed to Natural: The Most Logical Languages You Can Learn


“This language doesn’t make any sense!”

I’m pretty sure we’ve all said that at some point when trying to learn a new language.

Most of the time it’s just out of the frustration of not being able to understand …

Log Your Way to Major Language Learning Progress!


Studying a new language? You could learn a thing or two from Harriet. 

Who’s Harriet?

She’s the titular character in “Harriet the Spy,” an award-winning kid’s book written by Louise Fitzhugh. The book was published in the sixties, …

Get More from Your Kindle with a Built-in Foreign Language Dictionary


Sick of running into roadblocks while you read?

It’s exciting to start a book in your target language, but every new word or strange expression can halt you in your tracks.

If you have to flip through a dictionary …

Turn Study Time into Play Time with These 14 Fun Methods


No one ever said “I need to have less fun.”

There’s a good reason for that.

Who can resist a good time?

And when it comes to language learning, having fun while learning does as much for your education as …

The Magical Guide to Finding and Reading Bilingual E-books


Books turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

They transform and transport us.

And sure, sometimes they tell magical stories about frog princes and enchanted worlds, but there’s something magical about all stories when you think about it.

They allow …

Where to Buy Books in Other Languages: Book It to These 6 Websites


Looking for a novel way to learn a language?

Need an approach that’s bound to improve your reading skills?

Well, then, you’ll want to book it to your favorite website to order foreign language books.

Reading foreign books is …

20+ Hot YouTube Language Learning Resources to Subscribe To


Your YouTube addiction might make your parents proud.

It may sound unlikely, but it could just happen if you use YouTube to learn a language.

Anyone can self-study a language with the help of the internet, and if …

Challenge Accepted! Learn Why the Hardest Languages to Learn Are so Tough


Do you laugh in the face of a 1,000-piece puzzle?

Do you crush your New Year’s resolutions by February?

Do you think instruction manuals are for sissies?

If you’re the type of person who laughs when they hear something is