Cha-ching! Money in Chinese and How to Talk About It

money in chinese

Money makes the world go round, doesn’t it?

Okay, money isn’t everything, but it does play a huge part in our lives.

Financial security …

Feel It Out! 20 Chinese Feelings and How to Express Those Emotions Like a Native Speaker

chinese feelings

Let’s face it; we’re emotional beings!

We can feel joy, anxiety, love and exhaustion all in one day!

As humans, we talk about our …

Take Your Basic Chinese Conversation to the Next Level with 4 Timeless Topics

basic chinese conversation

Stuck in a conversational rut with your Chinese?

Find yourself using the same introductory phrases over and over?

Chinese conversation scripts—the kind you’d find …

Chinese Language Basics: The Vocab You Need to Know Plus 5 Tips for Mastery

thank you in japanese

In Chinese, there’s a 成语 (chéngyŭ) — Chinese idiom that perfectly describes the determination of the hasty Mandarin learner: 快马加鞭 (kuài mă jiā biān).

No-stress Test Time! Chinese Quizzes from 5 Fantastic Platforms

chinese quizzes

Repeat after me: quizzes are not the enemy!

Our grade school days may have taught us to dread quizzes, which seemed designed only

30+ Must-know Chinese Honorifics for Being Polite Like a Pro

chinese honorifics

I never really liked being referred to as “ma’am.”

It always makes me feel old.

Although it sure beats hearing people shout “lady” to …

Congratulations in Chinese: How to Shower Praise like a Supportive Native Speaker

congratulations in Chinese

Life is too short to not celebrate each other and each other’s proud accomplishments—big and small!

There are infinite events and moments in life …