6 Chinese Movies You Need to Watch: Learn and Have Fun!


Have you ever heard the word “edutainment”?

It’s a loose term that describes any form of learning that utilizes entertainment in some fashion or another.

It sure adds a fresh spin to traditional textbook learning!

When it comes …

Sleepy Time Learning: 5 Resources to Learn Chinese While You Sleep


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Is Chinese Hard to Learn? 4 Reasons It’s Actually Easier Than You Think!


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The writing system is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The words sound peculiar, and absolutely everything is different from your native language.

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Speaking with Numbers: Chinese Number Slang Explained


The Chinese internet is alive and well.

Facebook may be blocked in China, but that doesn’t stop young people from wasting away their lives online just like we do in the West!

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Comedy Gold: 9 Funny Chinese Phrases to Fill Out Your Mandarin


Comedy means a lot to people.

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Chinese Pinyin Pronunciation: Overview + Practice Guide


Afraid to try out your Chinese pronunciation?

Some say that Mandarin Chinese is so hard to learn.

They say the phonetic system pushes you so far from your comfort zone that it makes pronunciation a nightmare.

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10 Twitter Feeds All Chinese Learners Should Follow


Time to get #fluent.

Just turn your binge-scrolling time on Twitter into Chinese learning time.

We’ve got 10 super interesting, smart and fun Twitter feeds that’ll get you there!

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