To Have or Have Not? The Ultimate Guide to Mei You (没有) in Chinese

mei you

Did you have breakfast this morning?

没有 (méi yǒu).

No, I definitely didn’t say that I had mayonnaise for breakfast—even though that’s what …

Save the Date! Learn the Months in Chinese and Discover Chinese Holidays

months in chinese

If you’re a beginner in Chinese, there’s every chance that you’ve already learned how to say the months in Mandarin.

It’s simple, really.

Learn 28 Chinese Adverbs: Essential Ingredients for Superb Chinese Sentences

chinese adverbs

Flour is an important ingredient in just about every baking recipe.

Whether you’re making a cake, brownies, cupcakes or a loaf of bread, flour …

TGIF! Counting Down the Days of the Week in Chinese

days of the week in chinese

The Monday blues. Hump Day (a.k.a Wednesday). Thirsty Thursdays.

Whether literal or symbolic, each day of the week has meaning for us.

And given …

The 4 Seasons in Chinese: The Words and Weather You Need to Know

seasons in chinese

春兰秋菊 (chūn lán qiū jú) — “In spring there are orchids, and in autumn there are chrysanthemums.”

Seasons have symbolic meanings in cultures across

Cha-ching! Money in Chinese and How to Talk About It

money in chinese

Money makes the world go round, doesn’t it?

Okay, money isn’t everything, but it does play a huge part in our lives.

Financial security …

Feel It Out! 20 Chinese Feelings and How to Express Those Emotions Like a Native Speaker

chinese feelings

Let’s face it; we’re emotional beings!

We can feel joy, anxiety, love and exhaustion all in one day!

As humans, we talk about our …