How to Use Chinese Punctuation

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Chinese text didn’t start using punctuation marks until the 1900s, after it was influenced by Western writing. As a result you’ll probably recognize many of the punctuation marks used in Chinese writing, though they’re not always used in the exact …

13 Common Chinese Filler Words

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Just like “um” and “uh” in English, Chinese also has its own filler words.

Learn the Chinese filler words below properly, and you’ll sound much more natural in Chinese, especially since native speakers say them a lot. 

You won’t find …

17 Best Chinese Anime to Discover Donghua

Daily Life Of The Immortal King

Chinese anime, also known as donghua, is a perfect fusion of art, culture and storytelling. It may not be as popular as Japanese anime, but the genre has certainly grown in global popularity in recent years.

In this guide to …

15 Best Chinese Romance Movies to Watch in 2024

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Okay, I’ll admit it—I’m a sucker for a good romance. It’s a timeless genre that people keep coming back to because it’s sweet, compelling and emotional—and many Chinese movies hit that spot perfectly.

Check out the Chinese romance movies below …