The Big, Burning Question Answered: Is Chinese a Language?

is chinese a language

Did you know that there are 302 individual languages spoken in China?

With this information, you can probably understand why it used to be a pet peeve of mine when someone asked me if I was learning Chinese when …

How Long Does It Take to Learn Chinese? 6 Fundamental Factors That You Should Consider

how long does it take to learn chinese

Do you have around 2,200 hours to spare?

If the question, “how long does it take to learn Chinese” has popped into your head, this is what you’re looking at!

But, before your jaw gets stuck in that awe-struck …

The Big Debate! Cantonese vs. Mandarin and Which One You Should Learn

cantonese vs mandarin

Mastering Chinese on your own used to be ranked as one of the most challenging language feats on the planet!

But, now, language learning is more obtainable than ever!

You know what I’m talking about—you can download apps, …

Pastime Paradise: Discuss Your Hobbies in Chinese with 20+ Words and Phrases!

hobbies in chinese

Imagine a world without hobbies.

You get off work, head home, finish your chores and then stare at the wall until it’s dinner time.

That’s a pretty boring picture, isn’t it?

Having hobbies is important.

Hobbies offer you …

Mastering Chinese Dialects: How Many Are There and Which Should You Learn?


Picture this.

You’ve spent months (maybe even years) dreaming of going to China.

You enrolled in a few courses, downloaded a few apps and flipped through flashcards a few times each day.

Only when you finally set foot on Chinese …

Mastering the Chinese “Le”: 8 Ways to Use This Super-powered Particle

chinese le

It’s a bird…

It’s a plane…


Yes, that’s right. We’re not talking about Superman here. We’re talking about Chinese grammar, and specifically, about the sentence particle 了 (le).

了 has many superpowers. It can change situations, express …

How to Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes: The Busy Learner’s Guide


“I’m too busy.”

It’s a phrase we’ve all said a time or two before.

No matter what it is we’re trying (or dreaming) to accomplish, it simply feels like there’s never enough time in the day.

We all know …