Learn Chinese in the Car: 6 Resources to Rev Up Now


We get it.

It’s tough making time for anything new.

Be that going to the gym regularly, picking up a new hobby, learning an instrument or learning a brand new language.

It’s quite easy to make excuses for not …

13 Online Chinese Learning Tools You Simply Can't Miss


There’s a certain formula to “formal” learning.

You go to class, listen to the lecture, go home.

You practice reading, writing, speaking and listening for an hour or so.

Rinse and repeat.

Some Chinese learners might find this a bit …

Next Level! 6 Top Advanced Chinese Lesson Resources Online



You’ve really leveled up.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably feeling a little dizzy from the altitude.

And as an advanced learner, you may not know what to do next with your Chinese learning.

Chinese is often …

7 Great Kindle Books to Learn Chinese That Won’t Bore You


Love reading but bored with your current options?

Don’t worry. Things are about to get more exciting.

Because we’re about to get you hooked on some engaging e-book titles for learning and reading Mandarin.

Whether we enjoy actual “books” or …

Yes, You Can Get Chinese Video with Pinyin Subtitles: 4 Options


If you’re learning Mandarin, chances are you love Chinese culture.

It’s also likely that your love for Chinese culture came from being captivated by Mandarin-language movies and television shows.

It’s how we all get sucked in, isn’t it?

Art, especially …

5 Totally Uncomplicated Tips to Master Basic Chinese Grammar


How many times have you been told that Chinese has no grammar?

My guess: too many.

I get it, though.

Mandarin Chinese does have sentence patterns that are radically different from the ones in English, and to an outsider, …

The Royal Treatment: 4 “Best” Chinese Keyboards for Android


To be the best, you need the best.

So don’t skimp on the small stuff.

Like choosing a Chinese keyboard for your Android phone.

After all, communication is king in language learning.

And social media, along with other new technology