30+ Must-know Chinese Honorifics for Being Polite Like a Pro

chinese honorifics

I never really liked being referred to as “ma’am.”

It always makes me feel old.

Although it sure beats hearing people shout “lady” to get my attention. It might not be rude in every culture, but it definitely isn’t polite …

Congratulations in Chinese: How to Shower Praise like a Supportive Native Speaker

congratulations in Chinese

Life is too short to not celebrate each other and each other’s proud accomplishments—big and small!

There are infinite events and moments in life worth celebrating.

From an engagement to landing a new job, acing your driver’s test to becoming …

Get What You Want in Chinese: How to Express Desires and Needs

want in chinese

How often do you claim that you need something when it’s merely something that you want?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

People confuse their wants with their needs all the time. While humans really only need food, water,

Body Parts in Chinese: A Holistic List of Over 60 Essential Body-related Words

body parts in chinese

Remember when learning body parts was as simple as singing, “head, shoulders, knees and toes?”

Songs are extremely useful when it comes to learning a language. I only wish that my teacher had used the Chinese version of the song …

My Name in Chinese: How to Find Your Chinese Name and Let Everyone Know Who You Are

my name in chinese

If you were your own mother, what would you name yourself?

Whether you like your birth name or not, there’s not much you can do to change it.

But let’s be honest—getting to name yourself would be pretty cool!

Fortunately, …

Chinese Ma: A Petite Word with the Power to Pump Up Your Proficiency

chinese ma

Māmā qímǎ. Mǎ màn. Māmā mà mǎ. 


Despite looking near-incomprehensible at first glance, these are indeed grammatically correct, while tongue-twisting, Mandarin sentences.

Chinese is often hailed as one of the most difficult languages to learn, with all of its …

Directions in Chinese: The Ultimate Vocabulary Road Map to Find Your Way

directions in chinese

Imagine being lost in a busy city like Beijing.

Now, imagine being lost in a busy city like Beijing without knowing how to ask for directions in Chinese.

What a nightmare, right?

Getting lost in Beijing might not be …