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Save your time

We've already found relevant, current, and high-quality authentic video content for you.


Save class time

We enable students to learn at home, so that you can save class time for practice and difficult concepts.


Personalize your teaching

We give you instant feedback about every student's progress, strengths, and weaknesses.

Key Features of FluentU Pro

  • Design a curriculum

    Organize videos and vocab lists into courses for your students to learn from.
  • Assign homework

    Assign students videos and vocab lists as homework assignments.
  • Track student progress

    Each student's progress, strengths, and weaknesses are at your fingertips.
  • Communicate with students

    Students can easily reach out to you to discuss concepts they're having trouble with.
  • Easy admin

    Adding/removing students is easy. Students can sign themselves up (no email required). Or you can add/remove them.
  • Customize your site

    Customize your site with your school's logo and background of choice.
I just love, love, love FluentU... language learning works best with realistic cultural immersion and timed repetition. You succeed in this two domains where Rosetta Stone and other software fail, thanks to use of videos.
Alex Gartner entrepreneur
I just checked out the site and one word: Awesome! Just what I am looking for. Interesting content (hard for me at newbie level), but I can isolate the vocab, and then listen again...
Oh well, back to watching another video.
Steve Fowler Dedicated Chinese learner
I'd just like to say that this is exactly what I've been looking for while learning languages: real content! I am so glad you have made this site because textbook Mandarin does not always help you with the slang, abbreviations, and regional dialects in real life! =] I fully support your cause!
Francis Nguyen English Teacher Learning Mandarin
I am in the rare and privileged position of having 6 weeks of pure Chinese learning ahead of me.
I already speak Spanish, Catalan and Italian and this is EXACTLY the type of resource that I am after, as I learn best by watching language used in context and in media.
Abbi Penney Chinese Learner and All Around Polyglot

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