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Family in Chinese: 51 Essential Chinese Family Vocabulary Words

To say that family is important in Chinese culture would be an understatement.

The concept of filial piety is a central component of Chinese culture, and has echoes in Chinese society to this day.

This, as you can imagine, means it’s important to get things right when referring to family members in Chinese.

From addressing your elders with respect to discussing relationships within your family, Chinese family words play a vital role in daily conversations.

Read on to learn 51 key family terms that will help you navigate the complex paths of familial connections in the Chinese language.


Immediate Family Members

Before we delve into in-laws and paternal and maternal family words, here are the eight most common and essential family words you need to know. These are the first words you should memorize!

Extended Family Members

祖父 zǔ fùGrandfather (paternal)
祖母 zǔ mǔGrandmother (paternal)
外祖父 wài zǔ fùGrandfather (maternal)
外祖母 wài zǔ mǔGrandmother (maternal)
叔叔 shū shuUncle (paternal younger brother of father)
阿姨 ā yíAunt (paternal sister of father)
伯伯 bó boUncle (paternal older brother of father)
婶婶 shěn shenAunt (paternal wife of father's older brother)
舅舅 jiù jiuUncle (maternal brother of mother)
姨妈 yí māAunt (maternal sister of mother)
堂兄弟 táng xiōng dìCousin (paternal)
表兄弟 biǎo xiōng dìCousin (maternal)

In-Laws and Relatives by Marriage

岳父 yuè fùFather-in-law
岳母 yuè mǔMother-in-law
姐夫 jiě fūSister's husband
妹夫 mèi fūYounger sister's husband
姐婿 jiě xùHusband of one's own sister
妹婿 mèi xùHusband of younger sister
舅舅 jiù jiuMother's brother-in-law
姨夫 yí fūAunt's husband
姻亲 yīn qīnIn-laws

How to Address Family Members

You know who “mother” refers to, but you’d probably never call your mom that! So how do you actually address your family members? Use these terms:

爸爸 bà baDad
妈妈 mā maMom
爷爷 yé yePaternal grandfather
奶奶 nǎi naiPaternal grandmother
外公 wài gōngMaternal grandfather (used in Southern China)
外公 wài gōngMaternal grandmother (used in Southern China)
姥爷 lǎo yeMaternal grandfather (used in Northern China)
姥姥 lǎo laoMaternal grandmother (used in Northern China)
哥哥 gē geOlder brother
弟弟 dì diYounger brother
姐姐 jiě jieOlder sister
妹妹 mèi meiYounger sister

More Chinese Family Vocabulary

Keep the conversation rolling with some more vocabulary words related to families.

庆祝 qìng zhùCelebrate
习俗 xí súCustom
亲爱 的 qīn ài deDear (term of endearment)
亲情 qīn qíngFamile affection
家庭活动 jiā tíng huó dòngFamily activity
家庭聚会 jiā tíng jù huìFamily gathering
家人 jiā rénFamily members
合家团圆 hé jiā tuán yuánFamily reuinion
感恩 gǎn ēnGratitude
祖传 zǔ chuánInherited from ancestors
亲密 qīn mìIntimate
关系 guān xiRelationship
尊重 zūn zhòngRespect
支持 zhī chíSupport
照顾 zhào gùTake care of
传统 chuán tǒngTradition
信任 xìn rènTrust

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Family vocab woes will be a thing of the past once you’ve learned all these Chinese family vocabulary words!

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