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Job Opportunity: Help Thousands Learn Mandarin Chinese by Creating Chinese Learning Videos and Materials

Location: Anywhere
Compensation: Competitive, hourly rate
Employment Type: Freelance, part time
Telecommuting: OK
Title: Chinese Content Editor

Are you passionate about language education?

Do you want to help thousands of users learn Mandarin Chinese?

Do you have a strong understanding …

Write for Us: Share Your Passion for Mandarin Chinese in a Long-term Blogging Role

Location: Anywhere
Compensation: Competitive
Employment Type: Freelance (at least 1200 words per week)
Telecommuting: OK
Title: Blogger

Are you in love with learning or teaching Mandarin Chinese?

Do you want your writing to make an impact on a big audience?…

Exercise Your Mind: 10 Chinese Flashcard Apps to Build Your Mandarin Muscle


Do you work out?

Maybe you go to the gym with the aim to get swole (or at least stay fit).

Or maybe you jog around your block every morning for some light but effective cardio.

But do you work

19 Chinese Learning Tools to See Your Mandarin Skills Skyrocket


There’s a certain formula to “formal” learning.

You go to class, listen to the lecture, go home.

You practice reading, writing, speaking and listening for an hour or so.

Rinse and repeat.

Some Chinese learners might find this a bit …