Chinese Vocabulary

When is someone really fluent in Chinese?

One indicator of  fluency is being able to pick exactly the right word to convey exactly the right point. What separates native from non-native speakers is that native speakers are able to feel the nuances that distinguish one word from another.

Unfortunately, for Chinese learners, attaining this level of mastery usually means years and years of trial-and-error.

How will Chinese Vocabulary help you become fluent?

Our Chinese Vocabulary series will put you on a (relatively) fast track to understanding the nuances of Chinese words. In the spirit of the overall FluentU blog, we will:

  1. Select pairs of Chinese words that are commonly used and seem similar
  2. Identify their key similarities and differences
  3. Provide you numerous, real world examples equipping you to use those words

What are you waiting for? Check out our Chinese Vocabulary posts below: 

  1. Chinese Vocabulary: Did the rebel alliance 对抗 or 反抗 Darth Vader?
  2. Chinese Vocabulary: How do you say wealth in Chinese? 财产 vs. 财富
  3. Chinese Vocabulary: Bet you don’t know the difference between 签名 and 签字
  4. Chinese Vocabulary: Don’t misrepresent yourself in Chinese court!权利 vs. 权益
  5. Chinese Vocabulary: 权力 vs. 权利 showdown
  6. Chinese Vocabulary: How do you say you “lack” something? 缺少 vs 缺乏
  7. Chinese Vocabulary: When you’re feeling defiant – 不服
  8. Chinese Vocabulary: How to say plan – 计划 vs. 规划
  9. Chinese Vocabulary: How to say “that’s a bit of a stretch” – 牵强
  10. Chinese Vocabulary: How to say someone looks refined in a scholarly sort of way – 文绉绉
  11. Chinese Vocabulary: Are you ‘in the know’? 消息灵通
  12. Chinese Vocabulary: China has many kinds of fools – 傻子 vs 呆子
  13. Chinese Vocabulary: In case you’re feeling lonely… 孤单 vs. 寂寞
  14. Chinese Vocabulary | 4 ways to respond to compliments or flattery
  15. Use the right “experience” at your Chinese job interview
  16. 5 Ways to Say “Excuse Me” in Public
  17. China’s New “Her Economy” and “Mistress Experts”
  18. How To Describe Chinese TV Show Host “Losing His Cool”
  19. A Chinese Saying for Our Favorite Knick Jeremy Lin
  20. Chinese Words for “Fake”: 山寨 vs 盗版 vs 假冒
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  22. Hot on Weibo: Top 10 Chinese Pet Phrases
  23. 3 Ways to Say Funny: 好笑 vs 可笑 vs 幽默
  24. Pizza in Beijing? Gotta Find the “Original Juice!”
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  26. Going with the Flow: Bandwagoners in Chinese
  27. Understanding, Honesty, and Waste: Abstract Meanings of 白
  28. Hot on Weibo: “My Mom is Always Saying…”
  29. Uncovering 黑: Three Abstract Meanings
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  31. No Nonsense Newbie Tips: 6 非常 Alternatives
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  34. The Many Varieties of “上班族”
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  36. Eating Bitterness, Shock & Some Strength
  37. Spike Up Your Energy & Pump That Gas!
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  41. Chengyu For Baidu’s New Image Search Engine
  42. Stuck On Third Wheel Syndrome
  43. Top 10 Chinese New Year’s Words
  44. The Consulting Vocabulary List in Chinese
  45. Who Knew That Chinese Fruits Were Under So Much Pressure

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