The Top French Level Tests for Students, Teachers, Translators and Visa Seekers


What if I told you that your French could make you money, get you into a great university or even allow you to live and work in another country?

You might think I’m crazy, but your French is valuable

Understanding Conditionals: Master French Si Clauses with This Step-by-step Guide


French is like computer programming.

What?! Am I crazy?

Hear me out on this one.

You start your French studies by making indicative sentences, that is to say, just declaring things that are factual.

In programming, you start by

Mastering the French Indicative: A Comprehensive Learner’s Guide


“My pet unicorn is named Archibald.”

“I just won a million dollars!”

“My father takes a spaceship to the moon every Tuesday.”

What do these three improbable sentences have in common?

They all use verbs in the indicative mood.

In …

Beyond France and Fields of Lavender: 5 French-speaking Countries That Add Their Own Twists to the Language


The French language.”


What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps it’s the Académie française, lavender season in Provence or the Eiffel Tower glittering on the hour, every hour just like you remembered.

In other …

How to Learn French and German at the Same Time: Tips, Resources and More



Hawaiian pizza.

The (in)famous British “crisp sandwich,” which, yes, is essentially potatoes between bread.

The idea of learning French and German together might incite reactions similar to those provoked by the above food combinations.

For example, “Why …

Want to Learn Canadian French? 15 Tricks to Speak Like a True Quebecker


You step off the plane into Montréal-Trudeau International Airport.

Dictionary in hand, you’ve been revising your French during the whole journey.

But, when you step onto the bus headed for downtown Montréal, you notice the language and

Master Partitive Articles in French Right Here and Now


Often in life, it’s the sum of the small parts that count the most.

Language learning is no different.

If we want to build a solid base in French grammar, these smalls parts are essential to our mastery.

They …