French Made Easy! Just Add These Ideas for Instant Study Success


“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Was Martin Luther King Jr. talking about French learning when he said this?

No, but he might as well have been.

French learning doesn’t have to …

When Word-for-word Fails: 6 Tools That Translate English to French with Context


Who doesn’t love a hilarious translation fail?

Never seen one? Take a scroll through this hysterical slideshow of English-French translation attempts.

If you look closely, you’ll see that there’s something many of them have in common.

The translators tried …

Ah, Bay, Cay... Huh? How to Pronounce French Alphabet Sounds Like a Native Speaker


Got your lab coat?

We’ll be doing a little chemistry experiment with the French alphabet today.

Because when you get down to it, letters are like elements in the periodic table.

Each of them has certain properties. Some of …

All the News That Fits in Your Android: 10 French News Apps Available Now on the Google Play Store


My husband owns an Android phone.

I have an iPhone. So do all our friends and family members.

All you Android users out there, I guarantee you’re familiar with this moment my husband experiences weekly.

You ask a room …

37 French Expressions Advanced Learners Should Stock Up On


French words are like ingredients for the French language.

But at the advanced level, simply learning more French words isn’t enough.

It’s time to get ambitious with your vocabulary.

Think about it like moving on from the basics of

On Your Marks, Get Set, Learn French in 30 Days! The Guide to Fast French Learning on Your Own

learn french in 30 days

They say it takes 30 days to create a new habit.

You could start hitting the gym. Cut out social media. Go to sleep earlier at night.

But what if I told you that you could even learn French

The Simplest Guide to French Determiners (Organized by Type)


You are determined to learn French.

You know why it is a highly beneficial language to learn.

You have been dazzled by its beautiful words and sounds.

And you realize that there are a lot of things …