FluentU French Lessons: Learn to Speak French Naturally Through Online Immersion

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Imagine a typical day.

How do you usually spend your free time between work, school or chores?

Do you watch YouTube videos? Listen to music? Catch up on news?

Taking daily French lessons can be just as convenient, simple and

Get Hours of Effective French Listening Practice! Top 9 Apps, Dialogues, Videos and More


You’re picking up a few items at a grocery store in France.

You were able to find your way around, read ingredient labels and even mentally keep track of how euros compare to dollars.

But then it’s time to …

How to Speak French Better: Improve French in 14 Easy Steps


What does a French life look like?

Take a moment. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself living la vie française (the French life). Are you walking cobblestone streets in the wine country of Côte-d’Or in Bourgogne? Are you eating Bouillabaisse in …

Watch and Learn! 19 Top Video Resources for a Full French Learning Plan


Think of something you love to do.

An activity you enjoy on a daily or weekly basis.

Maybe you can’t get enough of hiking or biking.

Or you have a favorite brunch place where you meet friends for waffles, coffee

Frantastique Review: What’s Frantastic and What Could Be Improved?

frantastique review

Learning French online is a luxury that previous generations could only dream about.

In fact, our ancestors might say that all these new technological advances in French learning are practically otherworldly.

Especially when you consider a program like Frantastique …

Pack These 80+ Basic French Travel Phrases for a Smooth Trip to France


Having essential French travel phrases on hand can totally transform your trip.

You won’t just be another tourist bumbling around the base of the Eiffel Tower.

You’ll be a true traveler, experiencing the country in the language of the locals.…

Enchanté! Introduce Yourself to 8 Brand New Words in French


I just finished reading a ginormous book.

Last week I ate a ginormous sundae.

The Eiffel Tower is ginormous!

Merriam-Webster started including “ginormous,” a combination of “gigantic” and “enormous,” in their dictionaries in 2007. It’s just one example of how …