Learn French with 20 Modern, Meaningful Songs You’ll Love


Listening to old French classics is fun, but it can get tiring after a while.

Sometimes you just want to let loose to a dance club hit or relax with some indie tunes.

Better yet if you can learn French

How to Learn French Reading Without Getting Lost


Some people claim to read a book a day.

Others insist anyone who says they read that much is lying.

And some of us just wish everyone would stop arguing and shut up so we can get back to our

16 French YouTube Resources That Will Make Other Learners Jealous


“And now presenting… you!”

Welcome to your French Debutante Ball.

You and the other French learners stand in a line on stage. It’s time to introduce yourselves to the world—in fluent French, I might add.

“I’ve taken a French …

How to Learn French: The Ultimate Roadmap We Wish We Had as Beginners

learn french

Do you want to learn French?

You’re in good company.

There are more than 275 million French speakers around the globe.

C’est vrai! (It’s true!)

And they’re not all in France, either. (I mean, the boulangeries would be overwhelmed…) French …

You Just Hit the French Learning Tools Jackpot: 17 Resources to Learn French Effectively


I hear you’ve been wearing some haute couture (high fashion) and eating some haute cuisine (fancy meals)…

But are your French learning tools of haute qualité (high quality)?

We all know that learning French effectively requires total dedication. However, you …

Learn to Speak French Naturally with Fun Immersive Lessons

french lessons

Imagine a typical day.

How do you usually spend your free time between work, school or chores?

Do you watch YouTube videos? Listen to music? Catch up on news?

Taking daily French lessons can be just as convenient, simple and

French Listening Practice That Works: Top Exercises and Tips to Improve Comprehension


You’re picking up a few items at a grocery store in France.

You were able to find your way around, read ingredient labels and even mentally keep track of how euros compare to dollars.

But then it’s time to …