Learn the Essentials: 250 Easy French Words to Boost Your Vocabulary


What’s the fastest way to learn French?

Should you invest in an expensive French course?

Splurge on high-end French wine and cheese?

Consult the nearest psychic?

What if I told you that you needed none of those things?!

It’s true—…

Listen to French: 5 Beginner-friendly Audio Resources for Learners


It can be so frustrating to study French for a long time but still be lost when listening to it.

You might know endless vocabulary words and have your grammar perfected, but spoken French still just sounds like gibberish.…

The Best Way to Learn French Online: One Program for All Your Learning Needs

learn french online

The English word “immersion” comes from the 16th century Latin verb immergere meaning “to plunge into” or “to dip into.”

It’s only fitting, then, that those wishing to learn French—a language that developed from Latin in the 9th century—would …

Should You Use FrenchPod101? We Review the Premium Program


Have you ever sat down at a restaurant feeling incredibly hungry, and everything on the menu seemed great?

Then the waiter came by and told you all the specials, and those sounded amazing too.

Finally, it was time to give

The Top 6 Online French Speaking Courses (No Boring Repetition)


I know it feels like it sometimes, but you can’t do everything online.

You still need to cook food, work out and pet your dog in real life.

You might also think that you can only learn French speaking in …

6 Easy French Short Stories You’ll Want to Read Again and Again


Ready for story time?

Some of my fondest memories from elementary school were the weekly trips to the library for story time.

During each visit, we would sit on the carpet while the librarian read us a story, modulating her …

The Ultimate, Song-filled Guide to Learn French with Music


It’s hard to talk about the music you love.

How do you even describe that giddy feeling you get when you discover a new favorite artist?

Or the joy you experience when you realize you’re about to play a …