The (Educational) Party Guide to Learning French in Montreal


Time to celebrate!

What’s the occasion, you ask?

A better question might be, what isn’t the occasion?

The “city of festivals,” Montreal, is where the party never stops.

Not only does it continually bring people together in the name of

Add Some Culture to Your Lessons: Learn French with Edith Piaf


Cobblestone streets.

Flowers in bloom.

The scent of fresh baguette wafting out from the boulangerie (bakery)

“La vie en rose” playing dreamily in the background.

Who among us hasn’t envisioned Paris in this way?

Fortunately, you can have a piece …

The Complete Toolkit for Learning and Practicing French Commands


Wishful thinking doesn’t get you anywhere. Facts and statements only go so far.

So how can you get anything done?

You need some French commands in your tool-belt.

The French imperative can really make things happen.

But if all you …

Shh! 5 French Silent Letters and How to Pronounce Them (or Not)


What do x, h, s, n and t have in common?

Well, besides being letters, of course!

Give up? In French—la langue française—you often don’t hear them at all!

That’s right: When placed in certain positions in a …

Not Your French Prof's Dictionary: 9 French Slang Dictionaries to Talk Like a Native


Today, we’re keeping it casual.

We’re not going to get uptight. We’re not going to get bent out of shape. We’re just going to simmer down, hang loose and chill out.

We might even chillax—you never know.

Want the …

Why 5 Scary Parts of Learning French Aren't So Hard At All


Have you been eyeing the French section of your local bookstore?

From afar?

Without having purchased a single book yet?

Maybe you’ve noticed all the French movies and English movies with French subtitles that are available on Netflix.

And …

The Easiest Way to Learn French Noun Genders: Common Patterns for Masculine and Feminine Words


I remember when I tried to explain the concept of French noun gender to my mom.

I’d just started learning French in the eighth grade. I was enamored with the language, soaking up every new word and already dreaming of …