No Time? Use These 3 French Lesson Plans for Kids Today!


No kidding: Kids are often the toughest students to teach.

You probably have noticed this if you’ve taught French to kids, especially little ones. They’re wiggly, they’re easily distracted and they do whatever they want.

It’s easy to …

4 French Dialogues for Students That Go Way Beyond Vocab


Ready to move past “​Ça va ?​” “​Ça va !​” (How are you? Fine!) with your French students?

You’re in the right place.

Simple dialogues are a fantastic way to get students interested and involved in speaking French, but …

5 Ways to Explore French Culture in Your Language Lessons


How many French clichés can you name in a minute?

Baguettes, berets, red wine, mimes, stinky cheese, stinky armpits… and that’s just off the top of my head.

Wouldn’t you love your French language students to have a broader, more …

Say Goodbye to Boring and Hello to These Lively French Pronunciation Activities


Do your French learners need a little help to improve their French pronunciation?

Maybe they’re on the right track, but you’re looking for unique activities because your students are getting tired of repetitive, old school speaking drills.

Perhaps you really …

The Tutor Tutorial: 5 Expert Tips on How to Tutor French


As a French tutor, you’re in a unique position with your students.

You might be their only instructor or you might be a supplemental instructor they work with after class.

Without you, they might not pass French class.

Either way, …

3 Pieces of Advice for Teaching French to Elementary Students


Struggling to keep your elementary school students interested in French?

Teaching French to children is no easy feat.

They’re often sitting in French class not by choice, but because their parents understand it’s a wise endeavor that will benefit the …

Plan Your Next French Lesson with These 7 Excellent Resources


Is your French classroom feeling a little monotonous?

Or maybe you’re having great results, but the excitement just isn’t there anymore?

Have you been struggling to find inspiration and come up with the perfect lesson plans for your French learners?…