Excite Your Students with Fresh, New French Resources for the Classroom

french resources for the classroom

Just then, it clicked.

The light went on.

You saw it in the student who had spent most of the period slouched in his desk, arms crossed, until he suddenly leaned forward, eyes fixed on you.

It was the pupil …

French Tutor Training Tips to Kick-start Your New Career


Did you hear the one about the girl who said goodbye to her boring day job and became a French tutor?

Yeah, she gained control of her life, got to work for herself and earned a whole load more money …

Want to Teach French in the UK? Here’s What You Need to Know


Ever wanted to get paid to complain about the weather… in French?

Perhaps it’s time to pack your umbrella and head over to the sunny United Kingdom to use your language skills to teach French to the Brits—in between cups …

Your First French Lesson Survival Guide


So, you’re finally a teacher.

You’ve dreamed of the day when you can stand in front of a class to share your passion for languages and enable others to learn French, giving them the key to a door that opens …

Laughter is the Best Teaching Assistant: 10 Funny French Commercials for the Classroom


Humor can be hard to teach.

What one culture finds hilarious might seem totally baffling to foreigners.

French humor is certainly no exception. It can be quite sarcastic, broad and of course draws on cultural references that non-native speakers might …

8 French Movies to Introduce Middle School Students to the 7th Art


“A movie? Thanks, madame!”

There’s no better way to please your French students than to let them know today’s French movie day—but choosing a movie is another matter entirely!

Picking a film that’ll please a gaggle of middle school students …

No Time? Use These 3 French Lesson Plans for Kids Today!


No kidding: Kids are often the toughest students to teach.

You probably have noticed this if you’ve taught French to kids, especially little ones. They’re wiggly, they’re easily distracted and they do whatever they want.

It’s easy to …