75+ Portuguese Travel Phrases and Words to Get Understood While You Get Going


During my first day living in Brazil, I didn’t use the bathroom all day.

I knew how to say “Where’s the bathroom?” in Portuguese. So why did I suffer all day long?

I was too embarrassed to talk.

I don’t …

How to Learn Portuguese Grammar: 5 Steps to Successful Sentence Structure


You’ve put it off as long as possible.

You tell yourself that you’ll pick it up as you go along.

You’re dreading the day you have to sit down and actually learn it.

Ah grammar! How we love to hate …

5 Brazilian TV Shows to Cook Up Some Delicious Portuguese Skills (and Food)


The sizzle and sputter.

The wafting scent and appetizing aroma.

The savory flavor.

Cooking is a multi-sensory experience that can activate many parts of your brain—including, believe it or not, its language-learning center!

Increase your Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary, improve …

Get By with the Basics: 45 Basic Portuguese Phrases for All Your Needs


How would you fare if we transported you to a Portuguese-speaking country right now?

Do you have enough phrases under your belt to find your way around?

Or would you likely get lost in translation?

If you suspect it’d be …

The Skype’s the Limit: Learn Portuguese on Skype with 8 Resources


When it comes to your Portuguese skills, the Skype’s the limit.

No, that’s not an unfortunate auto-correct.

If you want to learn Portuguese, you can go as far as your commitment and your favorite online call program will allow.…

Why Learn Portuguese? Because of These 10 Important Reasons!


Solange Knowles is talented, but her sister Beyoncé gets all the attention.

In spite of there being three Hemsworth brothers, we all know the favorite, and let’s be real—he wields an ax.

When one sibling gets all the …

10 Authentic Portuguese YouTube Channels to Entertain and Educate


Do you like everything autêntico (authentic)?

Do you only enjoy a caipirinha with the finest Brazilian cachaça?

Do you only follow the caldo verde recipes of Portuguese grandmothers?

Well, then, let your passion for authenticity flow straight through to the …