Practice European and Brazilian Portuguese Online with 13 Clickworthy Resources


In the world of language learning, “practice makes perfect” is more than just an adage—it’s a mantra.

And let’s face it: nailing those Portuguese verbs, accents and grammar nuances calls for commitment.

But if you’re not quite getting the balance …

Subscribe to Fluency: 6 Great YouTube Channels for Any Portuguese Learner


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There is no clearer example of this great human quality than YouTube. Search for any kind of tutorial and you are …

8 Portuguese Language Courses for Terrific, Targeted Learning


Remember the story of Achilles’ heel?

When Achilles was a baby, his mother dipped him in a river that gave him the power of invulnerability.

But one day, a poison arrow hit him in his one weakness—the spot on …

More Drama, Please! 8 Brazilian Dramas You’d Be a Fool to Miss


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Well, the TV kind at least. But more specifically, we’re talking about Brazilian novelas and drama series.

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12 Online Course Resources That Deliver Portuguese to Your Doorstep


Gone are the days when Portuguese learning was confined to a physical classroom.

You can transport yourself to the streets of Portugal or Brazil with just a few clicks.

Unless you’ve been living in technological isolation, you know that the …

A Guide to Learning Portuguese with Movies with Movie Recommendations


Can’t go a whole weekend without catching the latest flick?

Love the plethora of movies available at the push of a button on all your gadgets and gizmos?

Well, you’re about to love them even more.

Let’s set the scene …

A Jazzy Guide on How to Learn Portuguese with Music


Portuguese learners, it’s time to turn up the volume.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a keen learner of the Brazilian dialect or a curious student of the classic European renditions—music is bound to conduct you into fluency.

How, you …