The Internet to the Rescue: 12 Portuguese Online Courses


With over 200 million speakers, Portuguese is the seventh most widely spoken native language in the world.

That’s more native speakers than German and French combined.

And yet, finding Portuguese courses to take isn’t always um passeio no parque

The Language and Culture Crash Course to Maximize Your Brazilian Study Abroad Experience


When you think about your coming study abroad experience in Brazil, is your mind running a complete blank?

Or does it just conjure up the stereotypical images of beaches, carnival parades and over-sexed people?

(That last trope is particularly …

Fado to R&B: An Eclectic Portuguese Music Playlist for Every Language Learner


What’s the longest you’ve ever had a song stuck in your head?

Might’ve been days… even weeks.

Some people are probably still out there humming “Despacito.”

There’s nothing like the way a super catchy song can take hold of you.…

Learning European Portuguese? Get Fluent with This Resource Guide!


So you want to learn Portuguese.

But not just any Portuguese.

Despite the already large (and ever-growing) number of Brazilian Portuguese speakers around the world, you want to learn the language of Portugal.

The language of that trendy destination that …

Facebook for Portuguese Learners: Transform Your Newsfeed into Language Learning Gold


You use it to share your favorite viral cat memes.

You use it to judge your frenemies from the comfort and safety of your couch.

You use it to share personal information about yourself and your friends with third-party marketers …

5 Thought-provoking TED Talks That’ll Also Teach You Portuguese


TED Talks changed the way I study languages.

But I wasn’t always such a TED fan.

For a long time, I thought they were just those interesting, brainy videos that go viral sometimes. I’d never considered using them for my

The Ultimate Guide to Learning Portuguese with News


This just in: Practicing Portuguese just got much easier.

We all know the value of reading in language acquisition.

Whether you’re into magazines, short stories or you’ve got a nose for the latest happenings from around the world, you …