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They should provide everything you need to have basic conversations, talk about your life and family, order food and travel.


Core Russian Vocabulary

Get started with words you’ll use on an everyday basis. These are the core words you’ll refer back to again and again throughout your language learning journey.

Learn how to survive practically any conversation, go shopping in Russian and even how to apologize properly. (Russian is a very respectful language!)


150+ Basic Russian Words and Phrases to Survive Any Conversation

Here are all the basic Russian words and phrases you need to quickly master Russian conversation! Are you looking to improve your Russian and start having simple Russian…



Russian Greetings for All Occasions: 18 Ways to Say Hey (and More)

Master the art of Russian greetings for all situations and times of day. Check out 18 authentic Russian ways to say hey, hi, good morning and more!



16 Russian Colors for Painting a Vivid Picture with Your Vocabulary

Add these 16 Russian colors to your vocabulary to vividly describe any situation and make your Russian more colorful. We’ll teach you how to pronounce these Russian color…



How to Talk About 64 Body Parts in Russian | FluentU Russian Blog

Do you know the basic body parts in Russian? Aside from being important to a well-rounded Russian vocabulary, they’re useful for daily life. In this post, you’ll learn all…



31 Must-know Words to Talk About Your Family in Russian

Knowing how to talk about your family in Russian is critical in your journey to fluency. As some of the most influential people in your life, the topic’s bound to come up!…



Get Your Shop On with 60 Essential Words and Phrases for Shopping in Russian

Do you like to shop? Why not do it in Russian? In this blog post, you’ll learn all the vocabulary words you need to be able to confidently go shopping in Russian. Plus,…



Seize the Day! The Russian Days of the Week Made Easy

Learn the Russian days of the week and how to pronounce them with this handy guide! We’ll also teach you how to use the days of the week with prepositions and review some…



It’s a Beautiful Day to Talk About the Weather in Russian

Talking about the weather in Russian, or any language for that matter, is the epitome of small talk. But, it’s also useful for a lot of other scenarios. Learn how to talk…


Conversational Russian


How to Say Happy Birthday in Russian… And How to Celebrate a Birthday, Russian-style!

Learning to say happy birthday in Russian is a great way to celebrate Russian-speaking friends, coworkers and family members! We’ll give you the inside scoop on how to…



How to Say Sorry in Russian: Essential Phrases for a Heartfelt Apology

Learn to say sorry in Russian! Everyone knows apologizing isn’t easy. But we’re here to help with 7 essential ways to say sorry, express regret or offer condolences in…



Mind Your Manners: 8 Ways to Say Thank You in Russian

How do you say thank you in Russian? Believe it or not, there are multiple ways! Navigate how to say thank you to certain people with our ultimate guide.



Russian Cheat Sheet: 15 Slang Words to Instantly Sound Like a Native

Moolah. Wasted. Dude. Shoot! We’ve got 15 of the freshest Russian slang terms to help any language learner instantly sound more fluent.


Travel and survival Russian


The Trailblazer’s Guide to Asking for Directions in Russian

Check out this guide to asking for directions in Russian to learn 100 words and phrases related to cardinal directions, landmarks, talking about distance and time and…


Food, drink and eating out


Order Up! How to Order Food in Russian with 60 Key Words and Phrases

No need to mime your order to a confused waiter! Here’s how to order food in Russian, with 60 essential vocabulary words and phrases.



Приятного А​ппетита! 70 Tasty Russian Food Vocabulary Words

Food vocabulary has got to be at the top of any Russian learner’s list. These 70 delicious food words will nourish your language studies!


Fun Russian Vocabulary

How do you refer to the state of being drunk but not as drunk as you wanted to get? Russian has a word for that. Learn some untranslatable words, a few wonderful ways to refer to your loved ones and more!


16 Russian Terms of Endearment to Sweeten Your Vocabulary

Add these 16 dreamy Russian terms of endearment to your vocabulary to sweeten any relationship the way native Russian speakers do! We’ll show you how to practice Russian…



Lost in Translation: 15 Untranslatable Russian Words

Some Russian words just don’t transfer to English or other languages, but we gave it a shot with these 15 untranslatable gems. Have a look at our messy results!


Study these Russian words to grow your language and conversation skills in any situation.

These vocabulary lists will have you chatting like a native speaker in no time!

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