The Master Guide to Our Russian Vocabulary Lists: 1000’s of Words to Learn

Need to get more Russian vocabulary under your belt, but not sure what to study next?

No problem. All our Russian vocabulary posts are here at your disposal. 

They should provide everything you need to have basic conversations, talk about your life and family, order food and travel.


Core Russian Vocabulary

Get started with words you’ll use on an everyday basis. These are the core words you’ll refer back to again and again throughout your language learning journey.

Learn how to survive practically any conversation, go shopping in Russian and even how to apologize properly. (Russian is a very respectful language!)









Conversational Russian





Travel and survival Russian


Food, drink and eating out



Fun Russian Vocabulary

How do you refer to the state of being drunk but not as drunk as you wanted to get? Russian has a word for that. Learn some untranslatable words, a few wonderful ways to refer to your loved ones and more!




Study these Russian words to grow your language and conversation skills in any situation.

These vocabulary lists will have you chatting like a native speaker in no time!

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