7 Ways to Say Good Morning in Russian

Rise and shine! The sun is up and the day is ahead of you.

A simple Russian “hello” won’t cut it.

It’s time to learn how to say “good morning” in Russian!

Read on to see seven ways to wish someone a good morning, no matter who you’re talking to.

Plus, find out how to respond if someone wishes you a good morning, and learn over 45 more vocabulary words for talking about the morning in Russian.

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All-purpose Ways to Say Good Morning in Russian

Whether you’re in mixed company or you’re not sure of your social standing compared to the people you’re speaking with, these phrases are neutral, safe choices for morning greetings in Russian:

Доброе утро (Good morning)

This is the standard and polite way to greet someone in the morning, suitable for most situations and people.

Доброго рассвета! (Good dawn!)

This poetic expression is used to wish someone a serene and beautiful start to the day, often in artistic or literary contexts. It’s a bit more formal due to its poetic nature.

Солнечного утра! (Sunny morning!)

This greeting conveys a warm and positive start to the day. It’s used when you want to wish someone a bright and cheerful morning ahead, making it fitting for various situations, from friends to acquaintances.

Formal Ways to Say Good Morning in Russian

Since the typical Доброе утро works just fine in formal Russian situations, there aren’t really any special ways to formally greet someone that are morning-specific. However, you can use either of these two phrases in the morning to wish someone a good day or simply say hello:

Приветствую вас (I greet you)

This formal greeting is a polite and respectful way to acknowledge the morning and the person you’re addressing. It’s appropriate for professional settings or when showing courtesy to someone in a higher position.

Добрый день (Good day)

While not exclusively a morning greeting, “Добрый день” is a polite and formal way to greet someone during the daytime. It can be used in the morning as well, especially when you anticipate a productive day.

Casual Ways to Say Good Morning in Russian

If you’re saying good morning to your friends or in a casual situation, these more casual phrases are good options:

Утро (Morning)

You can shorten Доброе утро to just Утро for a more casual greeting. It’s a concise and informal way to greet someone, often used between close friends or family members who share a comfortable relationship.

доброе Утречко (Good little morning)

An endearing and affectionate term to greet someone in the early hours, typically used in close relationships to convey warmth and intimacy.

How to Respond to “Good Morning” in Russian

Most of the time, if someone wishes you a hearty good morning in Russian, you can respond in kind by saying the phrase right back at them.

For variety’s sake here are some other ways to respond to “good morning” in Russian. Since most of these are neutral in formality, I’ve given you both the formal and informal variations of each phrase.

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Other Morning Vocabulary in Russian

Speak about your morning in Russian with confidence using these additional vocabulary related to mornings and morning activities:

Waking up

RussianEnglish Translation
Восход Sunrise
Рассвет Dawn
Утро Morning
Заря Daybreak
Солнечный свет Sunlight
Ранний Early
День начинается The day begins
Солнце встает The sun rises
Завесы открываются Curtains are opened
Будильник Alarm clock
Пение птиц Birdsong
Шторы Curtains
Подъем Wake-up
Пробуждение Awakening
Раннее утро Early morning

Note that the meaning of Раннее утро is slightly different between English and Russian. It’s common to hear about anything past midnight as “morning” in English, but in Russian the “early morning” starts no earlier than 4-5 in the morning, when one is already past the midway point of his sleep.

Eating breakfast

RussianEnglish Translation
Завтрак Breakfast
Яйца Eggs
Омлет Omelet
Сосиска Sausage
Каша Porridge
Овсянка Oatmeal
Фрукты Fruit
Блины Think pancakes/crepes
Хлеб Bread
Тост Toast
Варенье Jam
Масло Butter
Мед Honey
Кофе Coffee
Чай Tea
Сок Juice
Молоко Milk

Getting ready for the day

RussianEnglish Translation
Умывание Washing face/hands
Чистка зубов Brushing teeth
Одеваться Get dressed
Утренняя пробежка Morning jog
Утренняя йога Morning yoga
Зарядка Morning exercises
Привести себя в порядок Groom oneself
Утренняя рутина Morning routine
Планировать день Plan the day
Строить планы на день Make plans for the day
Уточнить расписание Check the schedule
Читать утреннюю газету Reading the morning newspaper
Собираться в школу Get ready for school
Выйти из дома Leave the house
Поехать на работу Commute to work
Уходить на работу Leave for work


Enjoy the rest of your morning, wish all your Russian-speaking friends a good morning in Russian and have a beautiful rest of your day!

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