As Simple as A,B,C! 5 Amazing Beginner Spanish Lesson Plans

beginner spanish lesson plan

Picture this: you have 25+ beginner Spanish students in front of you.

All eyes are on you as the first class is about to start. You haven’t even said the first word yet.

You panic and pray for this to …

Unlock Your Skills with These 5 Spanish Teacher Training Courses


Remember the old days before classroom technology was a thing?

When I first started teaching Spanish, all I had was a textbook, a handful of transparencies and a few raggedy Spanish-English dictionaries.

Thankfully, the professional development I had at this …

10 Awesome Spanish Verb Conjugation Games for Your Class



(A tumbleweed rolls past and Western music intensifies)

As language teachers, I am sure we have all had at least one moment like this.

You enter your classroom, put a forced smile on your face and say you are …

30 Seconds to Fun! Teaching with Spanish Time Games


Did you know that a year passes 15 microseconds faster on Mount Everest than at sea level?

Or that the strontium atomic clock is the most accurate clock ever built? It can keep time to within a second over 15 …

Get with the Times: 6 Reasons Why You Need a Spanish Class Website


Do your students love the internet as much as mine ? I’m betting your answer is a solid yes!

Most people today spend more time online than doing anything else except breathing.

What’s more, depending on their age, kids spend …

All the Essential, Must-cover Spanish Words for Kids


First words are pretty important. Just ask babies.

Words like “mama” and “dada,” (or, as in the case of my own child, “dog,”) all convey a powerful feeling. Food, fun, affection—the power of such human experiences can last a lifetime.…

Need Ideas for Spanish Videos for Middle School? We’ve Got 4

spanish videos for middle school

Tweens, teens and screens.

They go together like bread, peanut butter and jelly.

I mean, what middle school teacher ever announced a movie day only to receive a chorus of groans?

Probably has never happened in the history of education.…