7 Spanish Books for Kids That Will Help Your Students Appreciate the Language and the Culture


You know what’s amazing about teaching a foreign language to children?

It’s not the flexible hours and the ability to work internationally—although those things are pretty awesome too.

It’s the ability to turn anything into a lesson.

One day you’re …

5 Steps to Using Spanish Interactive Notebooks with Your Students

  1. Do you ever find that technology is not all it is cracked up to be?

Do your students often forget their devices and chargers?

Or are you a lover of tech in the classroom but are looking to give your …

Culture in the Classroom: 5 Online Resources for Spanish Culture Videos


When I was in high school, Spanish was really the only foreign language option for me.

I had maps of Spain and Cuba and all the countries of South America.

I was excited to go abroad and experience a world …

A Splash of Color, Culture and Language: 4 Mexican Culture Project Ideas for the Classroom


If you have ever been to Mexico or to an exhibition of Mexican art at a museum or gallery, the colorful nature of the folk art and handicrafts undoubtedly left a lasting impression on you.

The colors, the detail, the

Visas, Apps and Taxes, Ahh! The Panic-free Guide to Finding Your Dream Spanish Teaching Job Abroad


It must have been those tapas.

When I arrived home from my spring semester abroad in Salamanca, Spain, my parents thought I had gotten it out of my system.

After all, I had spent nearly six months in Spain, practicing

Attack the Curriculum: The 4 Best Ways to Teach Spanish


Have you ever noticed that your teaching style changes from year to year?

Or that your preference for certain types of teaching materials has become more marked?

Or that you’re teaching difficult concepts faster and more effectively?

If you answered …

Spanish Practice Your Students Can’t Resist: 5 Fabulous Classroom Games


Practice makes perfect, the old saying goes.

But practicing Spanish isn’t always as easy as this simple statement suggests.

Not every student responds to practice worksheets. Some students shudder at the idea of practice drills in front of the class.…