Russian Cases from Scratch! Everything You Need to Know


After a tortured start, things seem to be easing up.

Reading Cyrillic has become almost second nature.

You have learned a few snazzy phrases, tried a few apps and can even make small talk to charm the locals

Easy! Learn to Write Russian in 7 Baby Steps


When was the last time you learned a new skill?

When we are younger, we perfect new skills all the time.

Walking, riding a bicycle, tying our shoelaces.

The learning process seems endless in our earlier years.

As we get …

7 Online Russian Exercise Resources to Work Up a Sweat


Get your sweatpants. Bring a towel.

We’re going to do some exercises.

No, we’re not talking about jumping jacks or squats.

We’re talking about Russian exercises.

Language skills are like muscles: If you don’t work them out, they become …

“To Be…” 39 Russian Verbs to Learn for an Existential Crisis


“To be, or not to be…”

When you hear those words, you may automatically picture a man casually holding a human skull.

But if you’re preparing for your next major existential crisis, there’s something you need even more than …

7 Russian Subtitle Learning Tools to Sub into Your Study Plan


Oprah calls it an “Aha!” moment.

When you get a great idea spontaneously, as if it appears out of thin air.

Here is one such idea that occurred to me one morning a few years ago over cereal and Russian

Take It Easy! 5 Options for Easy Russian Short Stories


The greatest thing about having kids is reliving your own childhood.

As an immigrant, I spent my childhood in Russia, but my teenage years and adulthood in the United States.

When I had my own child, I suddenly remembered the …

3 Foolproof Ways to Learn Russian Through Online Practice


Remember that high school French class you took?

How much French can you speak now?

Remember how you swore you would become fluent in Italian?

Do you speak Italian now?

Many people living in English-speaking countries don’t get the chance …