Czar Me! Where to Learn Russian Like Royalty in St. Petersburg


If your mission is to learn Russian, your first stop should be St. Petersburg.

Did you know St. Petersburg is considered Russia’s cultural capital?

The city was once home to Russian royalty, and many buildings can attest to this.

Voted …

Legit Russian Literacy: 8 Easy Steps to Learn How to Read Russian


The wisdom of Dr. Seuss never gets old.

“The more you read, the more things you know.”

“The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Surely, he was referring to learning to read in Russian when he wrote …

A Handy Little List of Useful Russian Phrases to Carry in Your Pocket


Dumplings. Beef stroganoff. Blini.

What do all of these typical Russian foods have in common with learning Russian?

They all require you to put in the right ingredients and the right amount of time.

But what are the ingredients …

What’s the Gameplan? How to Study Smart with Online Russian Lessons


When was the last time you built a shelf without instructions?

Or cooked a delicious dinner without glancing at a recipe?

To get something done right, it’s always helpful to have a plan.

So why would you try to improvise …

5 Awesome Programs to Learn Russian in Moscow


Learning Russian surrounded by English is doable, but difficult.

Just like only eating celery at an ice cream party.

There’s too much temptation, and the environment doesn’t foster success.

Why not take your learning a step further by surrounding yourself …

13 Russian Idioms as a Blueprint for a Better Life


Forbidden fruit is the sweetest.

The best offense is a good defense.

We can all benefit from sage advice to lead a better life.

Some of us read self-help books and take courses, while others listen to stories from their …

7 Handy Russian Phrasebooks to Help You in a Pinch


You’re all set for your trip. 

You’ve got some important Russian survival phrases under your belt:

“Nice to meet you!”

“How much does this cost?”

“Where is the bathroom?”

You’ve mastered these three phrases because mixing them up could have …