Tame the Beast! 5 Calming Ways to Learn Russian Cursive


Its entrancing beauty is undeniable.

It will lure you in for a closer look.

But once you’re there, it might just reach up, grab you and make you beg for mercy.

Yes, Russian cursive is beautiful but deadly.

While it’s …

Temper Tantrums Allowed! Learn Beginner Russian Like a Kid


Don’t you envy kids?

They get to sleep in the middle of the day, get their meals served to them and get to play all the time.

Who wouldn’t want those luxuries?

Plus, so many things come easily to …

Russian Movies with Russian Subtitles: 5 Learning Hotspots


You like your tea served from a proper samovar.

You enjoy your blinis with a high-end caviar.

You prefer your sauna experience with a shot of vodka and a good birch branch thrashing. (Bruises? Who minds those?)

And when you …

Russian Food Vocabulary: 70 Words to Satisfy Your Hanger


Hunger can make you do crazy things.

It can make you hangrily yell at your friends.

It can make you eat foods that you know are digestively dangerous.

It can even make you purposefully speed in front of a cop …

15 Untranslatable Russian Words and What They (Sort of) Mean


“Drop it, or you’ll drop it.”

Ha! Funny, right?

Wait, what do you mean you don’t get it?

Let’s try that again, in Russian this time:

Брось, а то уронишь. (Drop it [on purpose], or you’ll drop it [by accident].)…

Ready, Set, Translate! 6 Sites for Russian Translation Exercises


Ever seen a foreign film or show with subtitles that just seemed… off?

Where the dialogue or narrative just didn’t add up?

To the point where even if you didn’t understand the original language at all, you knew someone had …

5 Chatty English-Russian Dictionaries Chock-full of Language


Their words stick with you forever.

They always have the right answer.

They pick you up and motivate you when you’re feeling down.

No, we’re not talking about your best friend.

Well, not your best human friend, anyway.

We’re talking …