Need Advanced Online Russian Lessons? Try These 7 Resources


We all have moments where we rethink our entire existence.

For me, that moment came when I realized that I wanted to explore a different career path.

I had always focused on writing, and I did it well.

But now, …

8 ​Actionable Steps to Learn Correct Russian Pronunciation


Have you ever watched a film with a dastardly Russian villain in it?

Then you’ve noticed their strong Russian accents.

Sidenote: Why is it that Russians are mostly cast as villains in American movies?

We think it just may be …

Chatterboxes Rejoice: You Can Use Chat to Learn Russian!


In school, you might have been taught that silence is golden.

Students who sit quietly in classrooms are praised and rewarded while those who talk a lot are reprimanded.

I’m here to overturn that belief system and instill in you …

21 Conversational Russian Phrases to Learn to Fit In with Natives


Ever found yourself wondering what the real Russian language ”tastes” like?

You know—the raw, unrefined Russian.

The Russian you’re not going to encounter in textbooks, blog posts, audio lessons and most other sources you learn Russian from?

The fact is, …

15 Trendy Russian Slang Words for the Freshest Language Skills


Nobody wants to sound like a dork.

No matter what language they’re speaking.

The good news for Russian learners? You’re upping your cool factor just by studying the language.

Think about it.

Just turn on any movie that portrays Russians …

7 Kindle E-books for Beginner and Intermediate Students to Start Learning Russian


What’s full of wisdom, fun and always accessible at the touch of a button?

Hint: It’s not your mother (although she always has great advice).

Nope—it’s an old-fashioned book with a new look—a Kindle e-book!

E-books are quickly becoming a …

Don’t Change the Channel: The Best Russian Movies on Amazon Prime


It’s time to prepare.

If you truly want to learn Russian in a fun way, you’ll need certain supplies.

You’re probably thinking notebooks, pencils and a dictionary, aren’t you?

Would you be surprised if we recommended something a tad bit …