An Honest RussianPod101 Review for Learners: The Good and the Bad


There’s a sea of online courses available for students who want to learn Russian. 

At times, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose which program is best.

There are just so many!

Sure, you can learn Russian without

Russian Listening Practice: 14 Audio Resources for Mastering Russian


The famous saying tells us that if there’s “no pain,” there’s “no gain.”

But sometimes it feels like there’s more pain than gain when it comes to learning Russian.

Do you want to learn Russian, but aren’t thrilled with having …

Learn Russian: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners


When you’re lost in the woods, try not to get spotted by a wolf.

If you’ve built your house out of sticks, you’d better hope no one blows it down.

And if you encounter a witch, never, under any circumstances, …

Learn Russian from Videos with These 21 Diverse Clips

learn russian videos 2

The Russian language is a beautiful, mysterious stranger.

You make eye contact with her from across a crowded room.

You imagine she’s beckoning to you with her enchanting alphabet, her beguiling case system, her weird but elegantly loopy

These 13 Resources Can Teach You How to Learn Russian Grammar





These are just a few words that come to mind when we think of Russian grammar.

No matter what level of learner you are, Russian grammar just looks terrifying.

Ask any intermediate or advanced learner …

Learn Russian Reading Skills: 16 Clever Resources for Bookworms


Being bookish ain’t so bad.

Lugging around reading material can build muscles.

The right glasses can give you a cool hipster vibe.

And reading undeniably builds knowledge.

Plus, if you want to learn Russian, learning to read in …

7 Russian Online Courses to Take Your Language Learning to the Next Level

russian online course

You wouldn’t build a house without laying a foundation.

For anything to last, it needs a strong base to support it.

The same is true if you want to learn Russian.

Teaching yourself Russian can be an attractive option, …