How to Pronounce Russian Words: 4 Quick Tips and 5 Resources


Who doesn’t love a cute toddler?

Their chubby cheeks and little toes are simply adorable!

Anyone who has been around one can also attest to the frustration of trying to understand them when they speak.

When “wa-wa” means water and …

The 5 Best, Most Immersive Russian TV Apps for Android


Who isn’t a little addicted to television?

We get it. It’s okay.

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Russian Dialogues for Beginners: 8 Everyday Chitchat Sources


What’s your name?

How are you?

What would you like to eat?

Phrases like these are so common that you probably think nothing of them in your native language.

They’re second nature, just like breathing, sleeping and placing your Starbucks …

Russian Word Order: Where Rules Are the Exception


“Yesterday for my friend a present I bought.”

That sounds a little weird, right?

But let’s see what happens when we say the same sentence in Russian:

Вчера другу подарок купил.

The sentence that, in English, sounds completely off, is …

7 Rich Russian Movies for Christmas, New Year’s and Beyond


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The Tear-free Guide to Learning Russian Cursive


Its entrancing beauty is undeniable.

It will lure you in for a closer look.

But once you’re there, it might just reach up, grab you and make you beg for mercy.

Yes, Russian cursive is beautiful but deadly.

While it’s …

Temper Tantrums Allowed! Learn Beginner Russian Like a Kid


Don’t you envy kids?

They get to sleep in the middle of the day, get their meals served to them and get to play all the time.

Who wouldn’t want those luxuries?

Plus, so many things come easily to …