weather in russian

Talk About the Weather in Russian With 60+ Important Words and Phrases

As a Russian student, learning weather words is essential to a well-rounded vocabulary.

As a beginner, you might even already know a few basic Russian words that are related to the weather.

As a more advanced student, knowing weather-related words is valuable for much more than just small talk

It can help you plan your day, figure out your outfit, stay safe and more.

Below, you’ll learn words and phrases to talk about the weather, get example sentences, idioms and resource suggestions to continue practicing!


How To Talk About Weather in Russian

Common Weather-related Phrases in Russian

weather in russian

Russian Words for Describing the Temperature

weather in russian

While in English you generally describe the weather by using supporting words like “it’s,” in Russian, you can simply say most words related to temperature and air quality on their own.

Note that the words below are in adverbial form, not adjectival form—adjectives cannot be used standalone.

However, if you do use them as an adjective to describe a noun, you’ll need to make sure they match the gender of that noun.

Russian Words for the Current Weather

weather in russian

Russian Words for Weather Events 

weather in russian

Example Sentences with Russian Weather Words

Russian Idioms and Expressions About the Weather

There are many expressions that Russians have about the weather. Not surprisingly, many of them are about the cold! Here are just a few. 

Так холодно, что зуб на зуб не попадает. (It’s so cold that my teeth are chattering.)

Oн никогда не станет серьезно относиться к работе. У него ветер в голове. (He’ll never get serious about working. He has wind in the head.)

Этого никогда не произойдет. Она ждет у моря погоды. (It’s never going to happen. She’s waiting for the weather by the sea.)

How To Practice Russian Weather Words

  • Read Russian weather forecasts: Even if you don’t have plans to visit Russia anytime soon, reading Russian weather forecasts can help reinforce your weather vocabulary. Gismeteo has plenty of news, including weather forecasts and information on wind, temperature, precipitation and more. More advanced students can also read long-form articles about the weather through Российская Газета (Russian Newspaper).
  • Learn through authentic content: You could also use a language learning program such as FluentU. It uses authentic Russian content such as commercials, music videos and more to help you learn the language as it’s used by native speakers. Plus, there are features such as interactive subtitles, flashcards decks and personalized quizzes. Studying on the go is also possible with the FluentU iOS and Android apps. 
  • Download Russian weather apps: The Weather for Russia app, available for iOS and Android, makes it easy to check. You’ll also get the added benefit of reinforcing some of the most common weather-related words. If you’re in the US, the app will probably be in English when you first download it, but just go into settings to change the language to Russian.


With these Russian weather words and phrases, you’ll be ready to talk about whatever Mother Nature throws your way—or at least know how to break that conservation standstill!

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