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Try Them All! 7 Babbel Alternatives That Might Work for You


Some things are irreplaceable.

You can’t exchange your mostly eaten box of cereal for a brand new box.

You can’t switch out your grandmother for a random elderly woman and hope to love her as much.

You can’t trade in …

Earn Street Cred by Learning 1 of the 16 Coolest Languages


Being cool ain’t easy.

You have to buy all the latest fashions even if it means there’s only room in your budget for a closet-sized apartment.

You have no choice but to eat all the latest Instagrammable foods, even if …

Spice up Your Language Learning with These 13 Busuu Alternatives


Every now and then, it’s time for a change.

When you graduate from high school, you move on to college, a job or a gap year. You don’t just keep hanging around the cafeteria hoping no one notices.

When your …

More Fun Than Quidditch: “Harry Potter” Language Learning


Expecto Learnonum!

Okay, maybe that’s not a real spell, but it should be.

After all, “Harry Potter” can help you learn languages, and we’re not just talking about Parseltongue.

Of all the language learning books on the market, it’s possible …

33 Fab Foreign Language Writing Prompts for All Levels


You’re no stranger to advice.

Your friends advise you on what to wear.

Your parents advise you on how to manage your finances.

Your grandmother advises you on the latest trends and slang. Thanks for staying current, Grandma.

But …

6 Ways + 21 Tools to Unlock Language Learning on Your Phone


If you’re living in the 21st century (as most of us are) and reading this, your phone is likely your most trusted companion.

You can use it to pay for coffee.

You can use it to communicate with your friends …

“Love” in 20 Different Languages (and More!)


You can learn a lot about love by watching movies.

Sometimes, you meet your beloved in unexpected circumstances.

Sometimes, you have to fight for the one you love.

And sometimes, you might even have to survive an apocalypse to …

Pimsleur Alternatives: 14 Fast Tracks to Language Success


Shopping for anything can be tough.

There’s the actual task of tracking down what you want, and then the added stress of making sure you get a good deal.

And shopping for an online language learning course can be especially …

Be Polite! Learn the Politest Phrases in 9 Foreign Languages


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

Polite vocabulary!

This hero is ready to swoop in and save you from dreaded language confusion and awkwardness.

Polite vocabulary can help you overcome a language barrier and clarify that you have good …

Know Before You Go! Bathroom Vocab in 9 Different Languages


Sometimes, emergencies happen.

You just can’t avoid them.

While fires, medical issues and catastrophic events like Starbucks discontinuing your favorite drink might seem life-threatening, one emergency is more awkward and embarrassing than all the rest.

Yes. Bathroom emergencies.

And when …