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Know Before You Go! Bathroom Vocab in 9 Different Languages


Sometimes, emergencies happen.

You just can’t avoid them.

While fires, medical issues and catastrophic events like Starbucks discontinuing your favorite drink might seem life-threatening, one emergency is more awkward and embarrassing than all the rest.

Yes. Bathroom emergencies.

And when …

How to Become a Translator: 7 Steps to Your Dream Job


Everyone has a dream.

Or maybe a sueño.

Or perhaps yours is a мечта.

Or a rêve.

But if you really enjoy toggling between all these options, there’s a strong chance that your dream is being a translator.

In …

Mo’ Money, No Problems: 5 Foreign Language Scholarships


Having money is the dream, but it can definitely bring problems.

Your sister will want you to buy her a new dress.

Your cousin will want you to fund his son’s private school education.

Your grandmother will want you to …

How to Conquer the 4 Top Foreign-language Speaking Fears


Arachnophobia: The fear of spiders.

Coulrophobia: The fear of clowns.

Xenoglossophobia: The fear of foreign languages.

Okay. We’ll be the first to admit that foreign languages aren’t half as horrifying as a massive spider or an angry clown (or a …

Android Language Learning: 16 Apps You Absolutely Must Try


You wouldn’t have expected your grandmother to gift you her collection of porcelain cat figurines.

But it’s hard to ignore the kitschy appeal of having thousands of creepy eyes staring down at you from your mantle.

You wouldn’t have thought …

Want to Avoid Forgetting a Language? Do These 9 Things


There are plenty of ways to learn a language.

There are just as many ways to let it fall into disuse and become like an abandoned building in your mind.

Stop using it.

Stop studying it.

Fill up so …

3 Contenders for the Title of “Best Free Online Translator”


The crowd cheers.

The band plays sappy music.

The nominees are announced.

It’s the setup of any great award show.

But while the following nominees all have their fans and admirers, there will be no awkward, forced smiles when …

Try This On for Size! 15 Ideas for Advanced Language Lessons


You may not have a horn.

But that doesn’t mean you’re not a glorious unicorn!

Each language student is as special and rare as the majestic mythical beast.

But the one problem with being so magnificent is that you set …

Language Learning Blogs: 16 for Coasting to Fluency


Get up enough speed, and you can take your foot off the gas and coast until you reach the stoplight.

At the top of a hill, you can stop pedaling on your bike and just enjoy the benefits of …

6 Ways to Keep Your Language Study on a Roll After Duolingo


There are always a few cool kids at school.

You know the ones.

They wear the latest sneakers, watch R-rated movies and enjoy a steady diet of the finest Lunchables.

And among language students, Duolingo certainly has a reputation as …