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Funny, Not Funny! 12 Humorous Errors and Mistakes in Language Learning to Avoid


You never see them coming.

They get you LOLing and even ROFLing.

Let’s face facts: sometimes messing up is the highlight of your day.

While some language mistakes are funny, if your goal is fluency, you’ll have to work …

By the Letter: How to Learn a New Alphabet with 7 Tips and Tricks


All your hard work in kindergarten really paid off.

You were just a little kid. Yet you spent hours dedicated to learning the English alphabet.

Mastering those ABCs like a tiny boss.

Now you’re all grown up and looking to …

These Mutually Intelligible Languages Will Make You Do a Double Take


Sometimes a foreign language makes you do a double take.

There’s something familiar about it you just can’t place.

You haven’t studied it, but you’re able to understand a little.

What’s going on?

Well, so-called “foreign” languages aren’t always as …

29 Cool Language Learning Apps That Make Studying Fun


Sometimes, you need a jump start.

Maybe it’s because the frigid cold temperatures killed your car battery.

Maybe it’s because you left your headlights on to create a spotlight for your one-person puppet show.

But when your language education needs …

The Ultimate Guide to Learning Slavic Languages: Tips, Tricks and Important Stats


Countries across Central and Eastern Europe have a lot in common.

And we’re not just talking about an overwhelming fondness for pickled and fermented foods.

In fact, the Slavic language unites countries across the region under a banner of …

Trendy Sources to Learn Slang in Different Languages and Keep You Current


You’re up-to-date on all the trends.

You watch trending hashtags obsessively.

You know all the latest fashions.

You’ve even single-handedly kept avocado farmers in business with your affinity for avocado toast.

But there’s one trend you may have overlooked: slang.…

10 Dual-language Children’s Books to Bring Out Your Inner Kid


Being childish doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Embracing your inner child can even help improve your language skills.

That’s because there are a lot of great learning resources out there intended for children.

Not making use of …

“What Language Should I Take in College?” 5 Big Contenders



It’s a time for parties, required courses and decisions you’ll regret.

But there’s one thing you should never regret: learning a second language.

A lot of colleges and universities require language education before you graduate.

Even if your …

Mission: Lead an Exciting Double Life with Dual-language Books


Some language learners are leading double lives.

They switch between languages willy-nilly, sometimes with only a quick sideways glance to confirm.

Yeah, they play it so cool.

And they’re admired and envied by many.

That’s because a double life isn’t …

Set Your Employees Up for Success with These 6 Corporate Language Training Programs


What if there were a way to expand your business massively?

What if employees had an easier time making the deals your business needs to thrive?

What if company retreats could suddenly get a whole lot cooler and more international?…