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How to Learn a Language by Watching Movies? By Avoiding These 10 Common Pitfalls


Everyone wants the picture-perfect movie ending.

You know the one—the music swells, the main character smiles, the credits roll as you pick the razor-sharp popcorn hulls from your gums.

But to get to that picture-perfect ending, the main character had …

Sing Your Heart Out: Learn Language Through Song with 7 Melodic Resources


Do you think learning a language should be fun?

That’s music to our ears.

Music and language go together like peanut butter and jelly but without the risk of anaphylactic shock (unless you’re allergic to fun ways of learning).

Yes, …

The Polyglot’s (or Future Polyglot’s) Guide to the 10 Most Useful Languages


Learning a language can cast a spell on you.

The grammar is bewitching!

The vocabulary is beguiling!

But with all the excitement of learning a language, you may’ve overlooked the most practical magic of all: usefulness.

While it’s fun and …

The Ultimate Guide to Language Learning Clubs: How to Join or Start One and Make the Most of It


Unce unce unce…

It’s time to hit the clubs.

But rather than leaving you with ringing ears and a spinning head, these clubs will leave you with something even better: language skills.

That’s right—we’re talking about language learning clubs. …

Turn Study Time into Play Time with These 14 Fun Methods


No one ever said “I need to have less fun.”

There’s a good reason for that.

Who can resist a good time?

And when it comes to language learning, having fun while learning does as much for your education as …

Where to Buy Books in Other Languages: Book It to These 6 Websites


Looking for a novel way to learn a language?

Need an approach that’s bound to improve your reading skills?

Well, then, you’ll want to book it to your favorite website to order foreign language books.

Reading foreign books is …

20+ Hot YouTube Language Learning Resources to Subscribe To


Your YouTube addiction might make your parents proud.

It may sound unlikely, but it could just happen if you use YouTube to learn a language.

Anyone can self-study a language with the help of the internet, and if …

18 Tips for Crafting Perfectly Personalized Intermediate Language Lessons


Your Pinterest board doesn’t need to be on point.

A glue gun may seem like an instrument of torture to you.

You can even have a pathological aversion to glitter. It’s only natural.

But whether or not you’re crafty by …

Hypnosis? To Learn a Language? Here Are the Facts!


You are getting sleepy.

You are getting very, very sleepy.

You will only respond to innovative language learning techniques. 

When you read “you are getting sleepy,” did you immediately picture a swinging watch or hypnotic swirl? We did.

But hypnosis

5 Resources for Chatbots to Be Your Language Learning BFFs


They interact like humans, but they’re not human.

They’re built of the latest technology, tweaked and reworked to perfection.

But don’t call them “hosts” or expect them to let you shoot them over and over again—this isn’t “Westworld.”

We’re talking …