Hypnosis? To Learn a Language? Here Are the Facts!

You are getting sleepy.

You are getting very, very sleepy.

You will only respond to innovative language learning techniques. 

When you read “you are getting sleepy,” did you immediately picture a swinging watch or hypnotic swirl? We did.

But hypnosis isn’t all the bad stereotypes and desperate TV/movie plot twists that you’re familiar with. In fact, there’s some evidence that it might actually be useful for learning a language.

Like the idea of learning a language while sleeping, the basic premise behind using hypnosis to learn a language is to ease the learning process.

While you won’t learn ChineseFrenchGermanJapanese or Spanish from scratch in your sleep or under hypnosis, sleep learning and hypnosis may have the potential to give you a leg up.

Most language learning hypnosis focuses on using audio programs in a new context. Rather than being asked to actively participate, you’re usually asked to relax, which makes hypnosis a low-stress technique you may want to try.

But what exactly is hypnosis? Why should you try it? What resources are available for hypnosis for language learning? And, perhaps most importantly, does it actually work?

We’ll guide you through all you need to know about using hypnosis to learn a language.

Hypnosis? To Learn a Language? Here Are the Facts!

What Exactly Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis has not always enjoyed a great reputation. It’s sometimes considered a parlor trick. Worse still, some people fear its potential to shape their minds without their control. However, the possibility of shaping minds is exactly why hypnosis is so popular.

The American Psychological Association (APA) calls hypnosis a “therapeutic technique.” Usually, a professional will help you enter a relaxed state before providing suggestions that are meant to shape your thoughts and behaviors. The idea is that with a relaxed mind, people are more open to suggestion and can therefore be influenced to make positive changes.

You’re probably mostly familiar with hypnosis for its use in things like smoking cessation and weight loss. Indeed, there are more studies on the use of hypnosis for these purposes, though results are mixed.

In summation, hypnosis is definitely not just a parlor trick, and it could offer many real-world benefits. While there’s not enough evidence to be certain of these benefits for language learning or anything else, hypnosis might still be worth a try.

So Then, Why Try Hypnosis for Language Learning?

While there are not enough studies to support hypnosis as an effective language learning technique, some limited studies are optimistic about the possibility that hypnosis could be beneficial for language learning. For instance, some research suggests improvements in spelling and pronunciation. And any possible advantage is inherently appealing!

Plus, some hypnosis programs aim to increase confidence. Confidence is important for language learning since you need to have enough confidence to try. While there’s little research to show whether hypnosis can actually improve confidence, everyone could use a cheerleader!

In general, resources for hypnosis language learning don’t actually claim to be able to teach you a language in its entirety, but as hypnosis is a laid-back and relaxed method by nature, it’s easy to combine with resources that more thoroughly target a language like FluentU.

Using FluentU will enable you to see elements of language like vocabulary and grammar in context through authentic videos in your target language. For example, you could learn new words form a clip from a Japanese talk show, or study the Swiss German accent with a news segment form the area.

Actually, this program can help further boost your confidence, since it makes native content approachable at any level. And if you ever come across vocabulary you don’t know in a FluentU video, you can just see the definition by clicking on it in the subtitles. Being able to watch and actually understand real media in your target language will undoubtedly give you a sense of accomplishment.

Finally, trying new learning techniques can help you experiment to see what works for you. Anyone can end up in a language learning rut. Trying a new and different technique like hypnosis might be just the thing you need to see your target language in a new light.

5 Resources That May Help You Learn a Language via Hypnosis

Note: Some of the video resources below may not be recommended for those with certain medical conditions, like epilepsy, so make sure to check into whether a particular resource is safe for you before using it.

Learning a Language Hypnosis

Learning a Language Hypnosis is provided by UltraHypnosis, which bills itself as one of YouTube’s best and most extensive hypnosis channels. The channel has over 300,000 followers and 95 million views, so it would seem YouTubers agree.

This video is meant to help language learners by increasing their drive to learn a language. Since learning a language takes time and determination, staying motivated can be challenging for language learners. This is especially true when you encounter setbacks, like challenging grammar rules or conjugations. Because of this, anything that could offer a little extra motivation might be worth a try.

The video features a spinning spiral image as the narrator talks you into a relaxed state. Then, the narrator encourages you to learn a language, assuring you that you enjoy it and you’re great at it. Even if the hypnosis itself doesn’t work for you, the video could certainly act as a helpful pep talk.

Speak Any Language Like a Native – Unlock Your Natural Learning Ability – Learn Any Language Quickly

The title may be a bit of a mouthful, but this video by Subliminal Shinobi might be just what you’re looking for.

This video uses subliminal positive affirmations. The audio is somewhat jumbled, so you won’t hear these affirmations on a conscious level. However, the video description does also provide a list of these affirmations that you may want to repeat and/or write down. Subliminal Shinobi has a specific process that it recommends, detailing when to listen and what to do, including visualizing your intentions. However, do note that Subliminal Shinobi does not recommend this video for those with seizure disorders.

Affirmations are meant to give you confidence, so this video might help give you the confidence you need to continue forward on your road to fluency.

Hypnosis for learning a new language with Oxanna Choma

In this video from the Cara Institute for Advanced Hypnosis, the hypnotist appears on camera and speaks slowly and calmly to help lull you into a relaxed state. She also uses the well-known swinging watch technique for a bit to further relax you.

Once the session really heats up, it focuses primarily on motivation and visualization. The hypnotist makes statements intended to help you feel more motivated to study a language and use your skills. She also encourages you to visualize using your skills, which could serve as a useful reminder of why you’re actually learning a language in the first place.

368 Sounds & Noises Co.

The 368 Sounds & Noises Co. YouTube channel offers a number of hypnosis videos, including three intended to help you learn specific languages. These videos claim to use “binaural beats,” which is a type of sound that some claim can manipulate brain waves, though studies haven’t proven this.

Learn Chinese with HypnosisLearn Japanese with Hypnosis and Learn Spanish with Hypnosis all have the same basic format. Images appear while a song plays. You cannot consciously hear what message is being given—presumably, it’s buried within the audio. Each video also contains images. Learn Chinese with Hypnosis displays a yin yang symbol and occasional messages to drive you forward. Learn Japanese with Hypnosis displays an older version of the Japanese flag along with some Japanese characters and images of Japan. Learn Spanish with Hypnosis shows the yin yang symbol, some Spanish words and occasional motivational messages.

Become Fluent in French Subliminal

Become Fluent in French Subliminal by HypnoDaddy provides positive affirmations that aim to help you learn more quickly, speak more confidently, improve your pronunciation, polish your grammar, increase your vocabulary and more. HypnoDaddy suggests you listen to the video twice a day for three months.

The video features soothing nature sounds. The messages are subliminal, so you can’t consciously hear them, but at the very least the relaxing audio can help prepare you for the best nap of your life and hopefully give you the drive you need to wake up and work on your French skills!


While the jury is out on whether or not hypnosis is actually an effective language learning technique, it might be worth trying.

Anything that could possibly improve your fluency is worth a shot!

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