Sprinkle Excitement in the Classroom with These 8 ESL Spelling Games






You read that right. When taught correctly, spelling can be fun for the whole class!

Even if writing isn’t one of your main classroom objectives, it’s still important for students to have a firm grasp on …

Say Goodbye to Snail Mail: 6 Steps for Your Next ESL Email Writing Lesson Plan



Did anyone else watch Homestar Runner as a kid?

One of the characters, Strong Bad, used to answer emails by providing Dear Abby-esque advice or hilarious anecdotes.

While funny, Homestar Runner isn’t an accurate representation of email etiquette.…

Fatten Your Wallet by Working Short-term TEFL Summer Jobs


Are you tired of staring at an empty summer calendar?

There’s a way you can turn your summer into the adventure of a lifetime—and even get paid for it!

If you’re a native English speaker who enjoys interacting with interesting …

3 Steps to Better English Classroom Videos: Teaching Techniques and Resources to Bookmark


Sure, the technology has changed.

But that feeling of excitement is just the same…

You remember it from when you were a kid, and the teacher started class by wheeling in a TV cart, right?

Yes! We get to watch

ESL Students Struggling with the Passive Voice? 6 Songs to the Rescue


Ever feel like the passive voice is one of the hardest concepts to teach ESL students?

Many students find it to be both confusing and frustrating—and for good reason.

You’d be surprised how many learners don’t even have a passive …

Make Your Job Easier with These 9 ESL Resources for High School Teachers


Ever had those days where it felt like nothing was working?

Maybe your lesson was a bit ho-hum, or perhaps the students were giving you an especially hard time that day.

By the end of the class, you probably wanted …

Everyday Brain Teasers: 15 Riddles for ESL Students


What gets broken without being held? 

Bet you can’t solve this riddle!

Stumped? Read this read this article to find the answer.

If that put your brain to work, consider this: riddles and brain teasers are a blast in the …