ESL Talks! 5 Easy TED Talks for ESL Inspiration


Every ESL teacher has seen at least one TED Talk at this point.

It seems like there are millions of those videos out there.

And our colleagues never stop sharing them!

They cover every single topic you could imagine—technology, finances, …

The English Only Classroom: Benefits, Pitfalls and Ways to Make It Work


You’ve heard of it: “English Only.”

The tenet that in your ESL classroom the only acceptable language will be English.

But let’s take a moment and think about English Only.

Only is an adverb that limits. Having its origins in …

The Secret Life of ESL Flashcards: How to Transform Them Into Fun Classroom Games


Things that happen in a flash are usually pretty exciting.

Think about it.

A flash of lightning, a flash in the pan, The Flash…

So why should flashcards be so boring?

Most of us associate flashcards with late-night study drills. …

9 Innovative Ways to Teach ESL Valentine’s Day Vocabulary


Dearly beloved…

Wait, scratch that.

Haven’t we had enough of the old-timey Valentine’s Day routine?

Let’s step away from the heart-shaped chocolate boxes, the Hallmark cards and the tired old ESL Valentine’s Day lessons.

There are so many fresh, …

Teach English in Europe Now! 6 Questions to Lead You to That Dream Job


Ah, Europe.

With its wide array of cultures, fabulous food and expansive history, what’s not to love?

If you’ve ever been enchanted by the wonders of Europe, I have a question for you.

Have you ever considered teaching English as

The Totally Chill Guide to Teaching Stress ESL Lessons


Just breathe!

Are you feeling stressed?

Can’t think of a new, exciting lesson for your ESL students?

Or maybe your students are stressed out and having difficulty expressing their feelings?

Sadly, stress is pretty much an inevitable part of modern-day …

Beyond Bells and Whistles: 6 Innovative English Teaching Methods That Get Results


Call it the white board existential crisis.

You’re up there squeaking out (you know, with squeaky markers) the conjugations of a verb: past tense in red, present tense in green…

Your hand is writing on autopilot, and suddenly it …