How to Attract Online Students and Teach Irresistible English Classes via Skype


You have a 9 a.m. lesson with an English beginner in Tokyo.

At 10:30, you will run pronunciation drills with your student in Lima.

After that, you will help a Chinese speaker in Boston prepare for her first job interview

Einstein ESL: How to Make Science Vocabulary Exciting for ESL Students


As a student, did you ever glance at your biology or chemistry textbook and wonder if the language you were reading was really English?

Back in college, it was all Greek to me.

(Though, to be fair, some of the

7 Activities Guaranteed to Get Teenagers Chatting in English


Close your eyes and take yourself back to your teenage years.

Wasn’t everything just so complicated back then?

There was the challenging school work, the drama with friends, family and dates and your constantly changing body, just to name a …

An All-in-one TPR Lesson Plan Template for ESL Teachers


We’ve all had that teacher’s nightmare.

We walk into a class, look over a sea of bright, eager young faces hoping to learn English and realize… we have no idea what we’re going to do.

Snap yourself out of …

Feeling Sluggish? Use 6 Fun and Motivational Songs for Students in English

funny finish of racing snails

Do you ever feel sluggish and unmotivated when you teach? Do your students?

If so, that’s okay!

Even if it’s not ideal, it’s completely normal for all of us to feel low on the motivation scale every now and …

The Different English Teacher Jobs and How to Get Them


There are different forces that push and pull us into our careers.

Now you’re ready to shove yourself out of your current one.

You’re looking for something different. Maybe you want to see the world, or perhaps you want …

5 Effective Intonation Activities for Teaching English to Any Skill Level


I once had a student who ended every sentence with a rising intonation.

When I would ask her how she was doing, she would respond, “I am well? Thanks?”

To be honest, before I started teaching her, intonation activities never …