Turtles, Tigers and Deer, Oh My! 39 Animals in Korean Language and Culture

animals in korean

Did you know that Korea was once known as the “land of the people who could tame a tiger”?

Or that a distinctly toothy deer wanders around the country, looking like a mix between Bambi and Dracula?

Learning animal vocabulary …

Bitten by the Love Bug? 3 Ways to Say I Love You in Korean (Plus 10 Romantic Expressions)

i love you in korean

It’s “Je t’aime” in French.

It’s “Ti amo” in Italian.

It’s “Avy jorrāelan” in High Valyrian and “qamuSHa’” in Klingon.

But, how do you express this most powerful emotion and most consequential statement in Korean?

That’s what we’re going to

Top Korean Movies: 20 Can’t-miss Films to Watch in 2020


There’s a rampaging zombie on your train!

Quick, what’s your plan?!

Plus, your country’s at war, and the guy you’re about to shoot at looks just like your long-lost brother.

Are you still going to pull the trigger?

And, wait—you’ve …

Korean Greetings and Goodbyes: The Pop Culture-savvy Guide


Greetings and goodbyes are the bookends of conversations.

They may seem more decorative than functional.

Take them away, though, and you’ve got an avalanche on your hands.

Okay, so maybe that’s being a bit dramatic.

But not only do …

For You, My Love: 9 Korean Terms of Endearment and a Dozen Roses


You never thought it was going to happen.

Not in this lifetime, or the next.

But, it has…

You worked up the confidence to approach your crush, and now you have a native-speaking Korean paramour!

Now, you’d like to …

Embrace the Rainbow: 20 Colors in Korean for a Vibrant Vocabulary


Out of the blue.

Caught red-handed.

A white lie.

Colors are everywhere, cropping up in quirky idioms and everyday descriptions.

When you’re speaking Korean, you’ll have to use color words more than once in a blue moon.

We’ve created …

How to Introduce Yourself in Korean: The 15-minute Guide

how to introduce yourself in korean

You might say that karaoke is the universal language.

Anyone who has participated in karaoke knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Without exchanging names or even saying anything to each other, fellow singers can forge a deep connection.

All …