Kimchi and Popcorn: 7 Must-watch Korean Movies on Netflix


Kids these days.


Your great-great-grandpa would be rolling in his grave if he knew that the platform you use for entertainment, for passing time, is the very same one you use for work, paying bills and serious language

6 Gosh Darn Good Reasons Why You Should Learn Korean


Why Korean?

Your brain may not immediately light up with a good answer to this question.

Whether you’re considering learning Korean yourself or being questioned by someone else about your choice to learn the language, you may find yourself at

Set Your Sights on These 6 Korean Movie Streaming Sites!


Watching movies: It’s not just an excuse to eat popcorn anymore.

These days, viewing films is so much more than a perfect snack-ortunity.

Especially if you’re learning Korean.

After all, Korean cinema is booming.

The Busan International Film Festival

Hangul Home Row: Tips and Tools for Korean Typing Practice


Typing is indeed an art.

An art that can easily impress others when honed for speed and precision.

But one kind of keyboard is not like another.

Though you may consider yourself a proficient typist in your native or current …

Learn Korean on YouTube with These 7 Enchanting Channels


Did you know there’s something better to watch on YouTube than cats making hilarious faces?

No, really.

It’s pretty amazing: YouTube has entire languages just waiting for you to learn! How amazing is that?

Wait, you mean you’re learning Korean

It Really Is Easy: Learn the Korean Alphabet Through Resources and History


“Calculus is easy.”

“Computer programming is simple.”

“Starting a business is peanuts.”

We’ve all heard these claims, and you’re right to be skeptical. Once you try these things, you realize they’re really not easy at all, and you wonder if …

6 MOOCs for Learning Korean on Your Own Terms


It’s challenging.

Sometimes it can seem downright impossible.

No, we’re not talking about forcing yourself to get up after a nice long afternoon nap.

We’re not even talking about learning Korean.

We’re talking about finding a good Korean course.

That’s …