Korean Learners' 5 Top Sources of Hangul Drama Scripts


Want to learn lines that’ll make a native Korean speaker swoon?

Want to know funny and witty comebacks for conversing with your Korean friends?

Want to learn the language in a way that mixes both its written and spoken

How to Start Reading Korean Webtoons on Your Phone Right Now


This could be the day.

This could be the day you realize reading comics really can change your life for the better.

Because today we’re diving into Korean webtoons.

As it turns out, webtoons aren’t just a convenient format …

7 Talk Shows for a Korean Learning Party on Your TV


Hey there, Korean language learner!

Would you like to know your K-pop idol’s innermost thoughts?

Would you like to hear their darkest, best-kept secrets?

And, while you’re at it, learn Korean on the side?

I give you, Korean talk

8 K-pop Music Apps You Need in Your Life Now


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Learn Korean with EXO: 11 Excellent Songs and So Much More


Korean pop music (K-pop) is delightful, enormous and addictive.

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However, K-pop can also be a rather overwhelming industry, with thousands of groups and solo artists vying for airtime in an …

Ho! Ho! Ho! 7 Korean Movies to Snuggle Up to This Christmas


Did you know that Christmas is the perfect time to learn Korean?

Think about it.

Schools are empty during the holidays.

Many offices lock up, too.

This means there’s a chance all your I’ve-got-no-time excuses have gone up in smoke.…

Terrific Honorifics! How to Add Titular Flair to Your Korean


Titles definitely add flair to any name.

In the English-speaking world, it feels special and formal on the occasions when someone makes the effort to call us something fancy like “sir” or “ma’am.”

Using words like this is a way …