Learn Korean with Videos: 14 Bingeable Resources for Addictive Learning

learn korean videos

Textbooks can give you paper cuts.

Apps can aggravate your carpal tunnel.

Courses can be grueling.

Even the best Korean learning tools can have their drawbacks, but there’s a simple solution for the risk averse: learn Korean with videos.…

Grab the Popcorn! Here Are the 15 Best Korean Movies on Netflix Right Now


Order a pizza.

Stay at home, in your warm pajamas. Leave all that club partying for others.

Tonight, it will be just you… and all those Korean movies on Netflix.

Netflix is home to an impressive array of Korean

Pump up the Drama! 12 Websites for Watching Korean Dramas

where to watch korean drama

You might be an expert in the Upside Down.

Maybe you’ve formed a strong opinion on Steven Avery’s guilt/innocence/facial hair choices.

Perhaps you’ve watched so much “Fuller House” that you can thoroughly describe the contours of John Stamos’s beautiful face.…

Korean VPN Servers: Get an IP Address in South Korea!


Virtual private networks were once a mystery to everyone except tech lovers.

Now, they’re becoming stylish and nearly mandatory for many internet users.

For those not in the know, a virtual private network, or VPN, is a type of service …

Ask Away! 9 Easy Ways to Ask Questions in Korean


Imagine messing up a question in a new language.

You try to ask, “Is that your mother’s car?”

Instead, you end up saying, “Your mother is a car.”

It happens to every traveler, expat and language student out there. …

Korean Drama Apps: 6 Tools for Binge-watching Your Favorite Shows




Plot twists.

Swoon-worthy stars like Lee Min-ho and Ji-hyun Jun.

There are about a million reasons to love Korean dramas.

In fact, we’ll give you one more reason: Thanks to Korean drama apps, you can now

16 of the Most Common Korean Verbs to Add to Your Vocabulary

korean verbs

Choose a movie to watch!”

“Let’s go for a run.”

Help me look for my hairbrush.”

Think of how often we use verbs—in almost every sentence we speak!

We’re constantly describing or asking for actions. …