How to Find Endless German Songs on Spotify with 5 Search Terms


When was the last time you caught yourself belting out a song in the shower or singing along to a tune on the road?

Come on, don’t be shy.

Everyone does it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were practicing

Cross the Fluency Finish Line (From Home): 5 Online Advanced German Lesson Resources


Runners don’t start jogging on the last lap.

Opera singers don’t hum the show’s finale.

There’s no reason to check out just because you’re getting to the end!

In fact, it’s all the more reason to give your best effort.…

12 Oktoberfest Sayings You Can Memorize Before Your Beer's Empty

oktoberfest sayings

Beer, barmaids and sausage.

That’s the stereotypical German trio associated with Oktoberfest.

However, there’s a lot more to the famous German holiday than most people think.

And in fact, if you plan on attending Oktoberfest—or if you’re just brushing up …

Where to Find (Or Make!) the Best German Translation Exercises


So… the timing wasn’t great.

I was applying for jobs in Germany after finishing my master’s degree in Munich.

Here, das Anschreiben (the cover letter) is a vital part of any job application. Just like at home, a well-written …

5 German Kids’ Videos Your Family Can Stream Anytime


What’s a lifelong gift you can give a kid that doesn’t cost a penny?

German fluency.

Did you know that German knowledge opens doors in science, technology and academia? Or that it’s the most-spoken language in Europe after English

Relearn German the Right Way: 5 Steps to Spark All Your Language Skills


Welcome to the language lost and found.

What are you looking for?

Did you misplace a stockpile of German vocabulary?

Or has your conjugation knowledge up and disappeared?

Maybe all that and more?

We’re here to help.

Relearning German

4 Online German Courses for College Credit to Boost Your Transcript or Resume


How do you picture the “college experience?”

Maybe it’s groups of friends lounging on a lawn. Or frantic students cramming a study guide in the cafeteria. Or crowds around a keg in a dirty apartment.

But that’s just one type …