Use Your Snooze: 12 Great Audio Resources to Learn German While You Sleep



We love it, crave it and can’t get enough.

Besides being the best way to spend a lazy Sunday morning, is there more to sleep that we’re not appreciating?

If you’re a German learner, then yes—there is!

With practice …

7 Different Audio Sources to Improve Your German Listening Skills

woman talking with friend

Don’t underestimate the value of a good listener.

If you’ve got a friend like this, you understand.

They notice the little changes in your inflection, they remember what you say and they respond appropriately.

You can learn a thing or …

Be the Best Guest or the Host with the Most! 10 German Welcome Phrases to Learn


It’s every expat’s dream.

You want to banter flawlessly with German friends.

You want to understand their jokes and lob back your own clever remarks.

When you leave a party, you want them to think, “that was the most …

Ich bin ein Berliner: 23 Shiny Berlin Slang Words to Know!


Juten Tach! 

You respond: “Excuse me?”

Your Berliner friend was apparently greeting you, but you remember that your textbook said that to say “Good Day,” you should say “Guten Tag,” not “Juten Tach.”

This is the day-to-day language in Berlin, …

The Best and Wurst of German Food Vocabulary: 62 Words to Know


Eating is about much more than simple nourishment.

Anyone who’s gobbled a smoky, spicy wurst (sausage) straight from a Berlin food stand knows.

It’s about comfort, flavor, traditions and culture.

It’s something that connects us to friends, family or the …

Pieces of Flair: 24 German Essay Phrases That Really Bring a Point Home


We need to talk about your German essays.

Do they lack that certain flair?

Are you struggling to find the right words to express yourself the way you’d like to?

Are you feeling like you just aren’t getting …

21 Important German Phrases to Live, Thrive and Survive Abroad


The basic textbook formalities can certainly come in handy.

But what about when you’re seriously craving a delicious ice cream cone?

Or when you’re starving and would kill for a kebab?

Then the little niceties go out the window.