The Ultimate Guide to Months in German: Tips, Vocabulary and More!

months in german

Think about the last conversation you had in German.

I’m sure somewhere in that conversation, you or the other person named at least one thing you did that day. Or maybe you talked about something you love doing. Or something …

9 German Puns to Make You Laugh (or Cringe) While You Learn

german puns

Love ’em or hate ’em, puns are here to stay in our daily conversations.

And that doesn’t just apply to English conversations.

That’s right. It may come to your delight (or horror) that puns also exist in German! …

Get MOOCing! The Top 8 Resources to Learn German Free Online

learn german free online

What’s the best way to learn German free online?

Why, you have to get MOOCing, of course!

“MOOCing?” you ask. “Is that some sort of slang German expression to mean get moving?”

No, dear reader, I mean that …

Dialects and Languages Spoken in Germany: Multiculturalism auf Deutsch

languages spoken in germany

You know how to say “hello” in German.

But do you know how to say it in all the other languages spoken in Germany?

In Turkish, you would say “Merhaba,” Polish speakers use the word “cześć,” the Kurds greet you …

Bitte, Can I Have Some More? What Does Bitte Mean in German (and How to Use It)

bitte in german

Proper etiquette dictates we say “bless you” (or in German, “Gesundheit,”) after someone sneezes. In return, they say “danke” (thank you). Did you know that practice is based on fear of The Plague?

To this day, we …

20 Fruits in German: The Sweet and Simple Guide to German Fruits

fruits in german

These days, sugar’s in everything.

But the first sugar refinery wasn’t built in Germany until 1573, so what did Germans do before that?

Well, they had to sweeten their food with other things, primarily fruit.

Consequently, German cuisine features …

How to Talk About Hobbies in German and Express Yourself in Your Free Time

hobbies in german

Duck herding, extreme ironing or even Hikaru Dorodango (dirt polishing): you’ve probably never participated in any of these activities, but did you know they’re actual hobbies?

Yes, it’s true.

See, the great thing about hobbies is that it doesn’t really …