Zu Got You Confused? How to Use Zu Correctly in Different German Contexts


They’re any Scrabble player’s secret weapon.

Those tiny, two-letter words.

Am… is… do… on…

I could keep going. There are quite a few words you can create in English with only two letters.

Same goes for German. Which ones can …

Follow This Formula to Use German Comparatives and Superlatives


Take German and Japanese.

Would you say German is easier to learn?

I sure would, but that’s because I’m a native English speaker and English has Germanic roots.

In fact, because of the many similarities between English and

German Moods Snapshots: Indicative, Imperative, Subjunctive


Are you sensitive to moods?

You know, like those created by intense people, cool art or striking German architecture?

Or are you just moody by nature?

If you’re learning German, you better be!

But it’s okay if you don’t …

5 Resources for Watching German Dubbed and Subbed Anime


So you’re a diehard anime fan, who would rather binge watch…

Huh, what’s that?

No, you’re not in the wrong place.

You didn’t click on the Japanese blog by accident.

Yes, we’re really tackling the subject of how you can

14 German Sports Vocabulary Words for Cheering Along Like a Native


Der Basketball. Das Tennis. Der Ball.

Easy enough.

Basketball. Tennis. Ball.

Truly this is the low-hanging fruit of learning German.

When you got to the sports chapter in your German textbook, you probably cheered because so many of the …

Want Perfectly Polished German Writing? Learn These 4 Punctuation Marks


What’s a language without punctuation?

It becomes a jumbled mess without pauses structure or endings you see

Ah! Let’s get some order back in here.

Thanks to our friends the comma, the period and many other types of punctuation, our …

Want A+ German Skills? 35 Words and Phrases for Talking About School in German


Quick—what was your locker combination in high school?

What was the name of that history teacher who gave you an unfair F?

How about the layout of your high school? I bet you could navigate it like you were there …