Will I Ever Really Think in German? Learn How in 6 Practical Steps


Something magical happens when you learn a new skill.

It’s the difference between your first day at the wheel and a breezy cruise along the highway. Or between an accidental cannonball and a polished dive into the pool.

Everything just …

German Dictionaries in German: The Big Names and the Hidden Gems


Pop quiz!

What does “die Katze im Sack kaufen” (literally, “to buy the cat in the bag”) mean?

What about “WG mit einem älteren Pärchen” (literally, “a shared apartment with an older couple”)?

And bonus point: what’s a Swiss German …

5 Absorbing Videos About Germany (That'll Also Improve Your German Skills)


How does a trip to a chocolate museum sound?

Or a fairytale castle in the mountains?

Maybe a street art tour of Berlin speaks to you instead.

There’s a lot more to Germany than Oktoberfest (though that can

What Makes German Hard (or Easy) to Learn? 5 Answers That'll Make You Sigh in Relief


German has a reputation for being a strict and difficult language.

Does it deserve its reputation, though?


We don’t want to sugarcoat things here. German does offer unique challenges to foreign language learners.

But so does every new language! …

Want a Transcript Boost? 6 Reputable Courses to Earn High School Credit Online


Four years goes by fast.

It feels like you just started high school and suddenly you’re supposed to decide what to do with the rest of your life.

What those four years hold for you is anyone’s guess.

However, …

German Learning for Tech Lovers: How to Learn German with Alexa Devices


What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen Alexa do?

Did you know she can play a fake conversation to scare off burglars when you’re not home?

Or give you a wine recommendation based on what you’re eating?

Yeah, that stuff is …

Fool the Locals! How to Improve Your German Accent with Audio Clips


You can’t learn a German accent in a book.

It’s sort of like learning to play the piano or to pole vault.

You’ve just got to get out there and start practicing.

You’ve got to learn by example, try it …