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10 Well-loved German Romance Movies

Who said French was the only language of love?

There are plenty of German romance movies that can make your heart throb and your eyes well up with tears of sorrow or laughter.

I’ll go over the top 10 German Liebesfilme that will give you a solid introduction to the wonderful and thought-provoking scene of cinematic Deutsche Liebe.


1. Ich bin dein Mensch [I’m Your Man]

Genre: Sci-fi/Comedy
Year: 2021

Scientist and researcher Alma Felser agrees to partake in a very unusual experiment: living three weeks with a male android.

But there’s a catch: this handsome robot has been crafted to be the perfect romantic match for her. This isn’t just a game of flirtation—this is a life-changing scenario that you can’t just walk out of.

The film sounds like a goofy ride of whims and wiles, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you’ve ever watched “Her,” you’ll know how deep these human-robot films can go into the depths of psychology and humanity. “Ich bin dein Mensch” is one of those comedies that can strike at more than just your funny bone.

2. Undine

Genre: Fantasy/Drama
Year: 2020

In mythology, an undine is a water nymph that—like most fantastical she-creatures—is sadly not fated to have a normal romantic relationship with mortal men.

As it goes, an undine may become a human once enamored with a man, but their separation spells tragedy on both ends. So, when this is exactly what happens to a currently-historian-living-in-Berlin Undine, what’s she to do?

I gave a bit of background on the mythology of the undine because without knowledge of it, the film can be a bit confusing. This story gives a very interesting modern take on the folklore, and who doesn’t like a good romance story with a dark supernatural twist?

3. Isi und Ossi [Isi and Ossi]

Genre: Comedy
Year: 2020

Isi dreams of becoming a chef, but her status as a billionaire’s daughter marks this aspiration as a whimsical fancy. Boxer Ossi—the son of a single working-class mom—is just making ends meet.

The two force an unlikely alliance to get what they each want. This alliance, it turns out, requires them to pretend to be in a romantic relationship.

I’ve watched plenty of films espousing the pauper and prince slash princess dynamic. But somehow, “Isi und Ossi” still stands out as a particularly memorable take on the trope.

The lead actors provide plenty of enjoyable banter that make their interactions endearing to watch. If you’re looking for an easy watch that can lighten your mood instantly, then I highly suggest popping this film up.

4. Das Versprechen [The Promise]

Genre: Drama
Year: 1995

When the Berlin Wall was enacted in 1961 to separate Germany into West and East divisions, it caused a rift far more than just geographic. This film tells the sorrowful story of Sophie and Konrad, two lovers who are pulled apart by the formidable barrier, yet still hopeful to remain together.

If you’re a melodrama maniac, I recommend this movie because it’s just chock full of the stuff. But even if you’re squeamish at sentimentality, there is still much to appreciate about the film.

It’s clear that the protagonists are more than just pawns of a detached romance story—the historical context of the film makes the topic all the more impactful. There’s a reason why this work of art was nominated for a German Oscar.

5. Werk Ohne Autor [Work Without an Author]

English title: Never Look Away
Genre: Drama/Coming of Age
Year: 2018

Young art student Kurt falls in love with fellow student Ellie. Naturally, one would think a typical relationship would form between them, filled with the normal ups and downs of the common couple’s experience. But Ellie’s father—who houses a sordid past—is unusually dogged in his attempts to pull the two apart.

There’s so much to say about this mysterious, powerful film. Like “Das Versprechen,” it makes relevant the installation of the Berlin Wall as well as other political upheavals.

Throughout the movie, I was particularly intrigued by how the medium of art was so nicely intertwined into the complicated tale. The spiritual and philosophical nature of the story will keep the movie as close to your heart as to your mind.

6. Victoria

Genre: Crime/Thriller
Year: 2015

Victoria is a young woman from Madrid, Spain. She now works in Berlin at a low-end job, although she isn’t familiar with the city scene. One night, she encounters a group of young men at a club. This single encounter rocks all of their lives in ways they never expected.

It’s hard for me to describe “Victoria” succinctly without giving much away. It’s just a special, brilliant film that takes you on a ride that’s as exhilarating as it is terrifying. The romance is also its own rollercoaster. I was especially impressed by the fact that the movie was shot in one entire take, and the whole cast did a fantastic job making the dramatic sequence of events organic and gripping.

7. Der Himmel über Berlin [The Sky/Heaven Over Berlin]

English title: Wings of Desire
Genre: Fantasy/Drama
Year: 1987

Angels do exist in Berlin—they sit high upon buildings, listening to the many thoughts of the mortal inhabitants below them. Damiel is one such angel, but when he becomes captivated by a human woman, he’s willing to cross the border to experience what it’s like to experience the pains and pleasures of the living.

This film is considered a classic, and for good reason. By capturing human moments through the eyes of an intrigued outsider, the movie is a wonderfully beautiful and sentimental work of art. I guarantee it will remain on your list of cinematic favorites for a long time.

8. Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei [The Golden Years Are Over]

English title: The Edukators
Genre: Crime/Drama
Year: 2004

Jule, Peter and Jan are a Berlinese trio who have grievances with the financially well-off. Peter and Jan are activists who invade the homes of the rich, artfully reorganize their furniture and leave behind a calling card stating that “the golden years are over.” When Jule decides to join one such expedition, a slurry of issues ensue, and the three end up taking a businessman hostage.

Even though the movie was shot on a low budget, it doesn’t make it any less charming and fun. It’s easy to relate to the plights of the main trio, even amidst their many shenanigans and upsets. The primary burgeoning romance adds further to the chaos and heartfeltness of the story.

9. Im Juli [In July]

Genre: Comedy/Adventure
Year: 2000

Daniel—a young teacher—purchases a ring from a vendor named Juli. The ring would supposedly guide him to the love of his life, and Daniel believes he found just the woman at a party he attends. Keen to fulfill his “destiny,” he goes on a journey across Europe to meet with her, unexpectedly picking up Juli along the way and dragging her onto a wild, romance-fueled trip.

When I first saw a portion of this film in German class, I enjoyed it so much that I downloaded and watched the rest of it on my own. It’s a fun, feel-good road trip movie that—despite its moments of ridiculousness—gently pulls at your heartstrings with its depiction of finding love when you least expect it.

10. Die Bitteren Tränen Der Petra Von Kant [The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant]

Genre: Psychological/Drama
Year: 1972

Petra von Kant—the titular character—is a fashion designer who hasn’t been the most successful at maintaining romantic relationships. When she turns her attention to two women, one being Petra’s own assistant, they’re blown through a whirlwind of events and emotions.

Now, it wouldn’t be exactly right to classify this classic as a pure romance film. It focuses more on the darker side of passion and courtship and also touches upon themes of BDSM and toxic attraction.

I warn you that the movie is for mature audiences and can be disturbing in a few ways and moments, but it’s truly a work of art that is unforgivingly frank in its depiction of desperate human connection.


Whether you’re a German language learner or an average cinephile, I think you’ll find plenty to love and appreciate about each of the films on this list.

And, really, my quick summaries of the movies are only just that. They’re much more than what my words can encapsulate, so go ahead and give them a watch!

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