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Seize the Day! 10 Brilliant Ways to Improve Your German


Wer rastet, der rostet is a German proverb that means, “He who rests, rusts.”

Basically, it expresses that those who don’t take action won’t improve their skills, which may then stagnate or fade away.

It’s a simple saying that couldn’t …

Ready to Get Serious About German? 6 Intensive Language Courses in Germany


Learning is a never-ending journey.

But many of us think that just because learning is long that it must be slow.

Well, the good news is that doesn’t have to be the case.

Whatever stage you’re at in your

15 Sincere Ways to Say Thank You and You’re Welcome in German


How often do you find yourself saying thank you throughout the day?

Did you say it today at the grocery store?

After the barista handed you your cup of java?

When someone complimented your awesome shoes?

Suffice it to say, …

Warm Up the Holiday Seasons with These 10 German Sayings for Christmas and New Year’s


The bitterly cold, long nights can only mean one thing—winter has come.

We can all feel it in one way or another.

Your nose starts running every time you’re outside.

You’ve noticed that the daylight seems to fade all too …

17 German Slang Words and Phrases for Your Austrian Adventures


So you’ve finally decided to travel to a German-speaking country.

And being the adventurer you are, you’ve decided to check out Austria, neighbor to Germany and cross-point of many fantastic European countries!

Now, maybe you’ve worked very hard on

How to Boost German Learning in Your Sleep with 12 Language Tools



We love it, crave it and can’t get enough.

Besides being the best way to spend a lazy Sunday morning, is there more to sleep that we’re not appreciating?

If you’re a German learner, then yes—there is!

With practice …

18 Essential German Words and Phrases for a Spooky Halloween


The season of falling leaves and nippy weather is here.

Coming soon is the holiday favored by lovers of tingling spines and sugary delights.

Yes, Halloween is just around the corner, and what with your diligent German studies and your …