Italian Grammar in a Pistachio Nutshell: How to Crack It

Italian grammar


There, I said it!

In any language, the word makes some people squeamish.

It can even evoke a feeling of frustration similar to trying to open a pistachio nut that has not been fully fleshed out.

By the way, …

Own It! How to Use Italian Possessive Pronouns Like They’re Yours

Italian possessive pronouns

The cat is hers and the dogs are his.

The car is ours.

It’s mine!

No, it’s theirs.

These are all examples of sentences that include possessive pronouns.

It seems that you can’t get through the day without using them!…

Food for Thought: 15 Wise Quotes in Italian About Food and Life

quotes in italian

Let the octopus cook in its own juice.

Every pan has its own cover.

You don’t get old at the table.

While these phrases may seem unrelated (and even nonsensical), they have two things in common.

They’re wise old Italian …

Into the Wolf’s Mouth! 4 Ways to Say Good Luck in Italian

good luck in italian

Do you know the biggest secret to making lots of Italian friends?

It’s really easy!

Be nice to them. (Mind-boggling, I know.)

Show them that you’re on their team and that you want them to succeed.

Boost their …

Body Parts in Italian: Words and Expressions to Get Down to the Bones About il Corpo


Like any language, Italian is absolutely full of expressions, proverbs and sayings that reference the body.

And being able to talk about the body, of course, is also very useful for many more practical reasons.

Whether you’re describing people, visiting …

Wise Up! 20 Inspirational Italian Proverbs About Life, Love and Friendship


The snow-laden beauty of the Italian Alps.

The warm, cheesy texture of pizza in Naples.

The smooth, glossy marble of the statues in Rome.

Italy is one of those glorious countries that has tons of character. It’s …

Essential to You: 6 Italian Vocabulary Resources to Successfully Learn the Right Words for You

Italian vocabulary

There’s a huge misconception that in order to speak and understand Italian (or any language) you must know a ton of vocabulary.

This is wrong!

Native speakers—of any language—across the globe know and use approximately 15,000 to 20,000 word families