8 Modern, Must-see Italian Short Films with English Subtitles


Imagine going to a party and speaking like Fred Astaire or Jackie O.

If it wasn’t a Halloween party, you’d probably get carted away pretty quickly.

So why would you focus your Italian learning on films made decades ago?

Any …

Simple Rules for Italian Adverbs of Frequency That You'll Never Forget


Mai dire mai…

Never say never…

Especially when it comes to learning Italian adverbs of frequency.

I mean, without adverbs of frequency, you literally can’t ever say “never.”

If you hadn’t already guessed, “never” is an adverb of frequency, …

Italian Superlatives Are the Best: The Guide to Forming and Using Superlatives in Italian

italian superlatives

Italy is a country of superlatives.

It’s known for landscapes that are bellissimi (the most beautiful).

The coffee’s il più buono del mondo (the best in the whole world) and a dress you don’t like isn’t just unappealing, it’s brutissimo

Come Here Often? 17 Pick Up Lines in Italian to Turn Up the Heat

pick up lines italian

Hey there. Come here often?

We hope you like cheese, because this post is the cheesiest thing you’ll read today.

Nope, this isn’t an article about Italian food vocabulary.

In this post, we’re learning all about Italian pick up

Game On! 50+ Italian Sports Vocabulary Words and Expressions for Fervent Fans


Italia! Italia! (Italy! Italy!)

Whether it’s thousands of people chanting in a stadium or a dozen in a restaurant, there’s no denying that Italians are hugely passionate about sports.

When you think about sports that Italians love, football (soccer …

7 Spots to Score Italian Language Tutorials That Really Work


Italian grammar is so confusing!”

“My tongue loves Italian dishes. It just can’t pronounce them right!”

Turn back now if you want to hold those excuses close to your heart.

Because in this post, we’ll be demolishing them.…

Ready for Your Study Abroad Adventure in Italy? 8 Pro Tips


What are you dreaming of for your study abroad trip to Italy?

Invigorating lectures on art history punctuated by conversation over well-made espresso shots with your fellow students?

Delicious food and wine?

A bit of romance with a striking