Find Italian Audiobooks for Learners with 5 Free and Paid Resources

italian audio books

“Colors fade, temples crumble, empires fall but wise words endure.” — Edward Thorndike

We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words.

While that’s a perfectly fine point of view, many of us believe that the words themselves

YouTube and Beyond: Learn Italian with Videos on 10 Terrific Resources


Don’t you wish someone would just explain the Italian language to you?

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could simplify adverb usage, unpack Italian indefinite articles, explain auxiliary verbs and help you distinguish between essere (to be) and stare 

6 Easy Italian Short Stories for Beginners: Online, Audio and Book Options


It’s the biggest conundrum of language learning:

How can you become an amazing Italian speaker when you’re short on time?

It’s easy: easy Italian short stories, that is.

Let’s face it: We all have limited free time. 

Even if you …

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 7 Italian Podcasts for Mastering the Language

italian podcasts

Did you know? A recent review of 20 studies showed that using podcasts to learn languages positively impacts not only listening and speaking skills, but also students’ grasp of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.


If that’s the case, then let’s …

6 Italian Software Immersion Programs to Bring Italy to Your Home


Imagine studying Italian in Italy.

You’d wake up in the morning and wander to the nearest piazza (town square) for fresh espresso and biscotti (hard cookies).

Maybe today’s your day off from your Italian language studies, so you’re planning …

Learn Italian with Audio Through 7 Listening Comprehension Resources


Have you ever listened to a language and had it sound like gibberish, just a mess of consonants, vowels and intonation?

Worse, has that language ever been Italian?

Worst of all, has that language been Italian… even though you’d been …

Learn Italian with 11 YouTube Channels, 5 Minutes at a Time


What do make-up, dancing and learning Italian all have in common?

Less is more.

You don’t need hours upon hours of lectures to master Italian. Through simple and effective five-minute YouTube videos, you can learn Italian and pick