Sorry Not Sorry! How to Apologize in Italian Like a Pro


“My condolences!” you exclaim, as your suitcase clips another traveler at the airport.

“Please forgive me…” you mutter, as you push past somebody in a crowded store.

“Excuse me, pardon me,” you say to the friend whose birthday you just …

Put Away Your Pocketbook! Learn Italian Online for Free with Audio Clips and Conversations


Did you know that you can learn Italian without spending a single dime—and with your eyes closed?

That’s right! For no cost at all, you can be transported to a lively Italian piazza where you’ll be immersed in Italian culture …

Direct Object Pronouns in Italian: A Complete Guide to These Important Little Words


Venice has a lot of water.

The sky is blue.

You need to know Italian grammar in order to speak Italian confidently and fluently.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Grazie (thanks), Captain Obvious!”

But let me be direct here: …

150+ Italian Nouns for Beginners: An Essential List and Grammar Guide


I’m about to say something fascinating, so pay attention. Are you ready? Here it comes:


What, aren’t you fascinated?

Okay, the concept of nouns may seem pretty boring on its surface. But nouns themselves? They can represent beautiful things. …

To Be (And) Not to Be: Learning the Italian Verb Essere


Probably when Hamlet pondered, “To be or not to be,” he was really just looking for a verb conjugation.

The beginning of studying most languages starts with the verb “to be,” and Italian is no different.

Learning the conjugations of 

How to Use “Allora” in Italian: Meanings, Expressions and More


Ever heard about the Swiss Army knife that has 141 different functions?

It has a tweezer, toothpick, magnifying glass, nail file, fish scaler, laser pointer, tire tread gauge, hook disgorger and more—no, it doesn’t fit in your pocket!…

It’s Party Time! Your Guide to the “Happy Birthday” Song in Italian


You’ve been learning Italian for months—nay, years!

You mastered the alphabet and the numbers, and on your trip to Italy, you successfully used all the phrases you’ve been practicing.

Oh, and did I mention that Italian grammar seems