Study Smarter, Not Longer: The Easiest Way to Learn Italian in Just 4 Hours a Week


Think fast: What could you do in four hours?

You could sit through the first “Lord of the Rings” movie.

You could relax with a couple cups of tea and endless YouTube videos.

You could even take some

6 Engaging Italian Articles That Were Written Especially for Beginners


The first step is sometimes the biggest leap when it comes to learning Italian.

We’d all love to croon with Tiziano, curl up with a tale by Eco or enjoy a flick by Fellini right off the bat…

But …

The No-fear Guide to Italian Reading for Beginners: 5 Free, Accessible Resources


Just dive in!

That’s what they always say when the water’s cold.

If you try to wade in slowly, you’re sure to shiver in the shallow end all day while your friends have fun.

You’ve got to brace yourself and …

The Infamous Italian Subjunctive: A User’s Manual


Feeling overwhelmed by the Italian subjunctive?

This bit of grammar, known as il congiuntivo, is used to talk about hopes, fears, doubts and other unreal vagaries.

To make matters even more nebulous, it’s quite a fraught subject—even for Italians!…

The Lovely Imperfect: A Surprisingly Friendly Italian Tense


Want to describe a hazy past state of things?

Your go-to Italian tense for those foggy background scenes is the imperfect, or imperfetto.

And no, it’s not just for being conveniently vague about exactly when something took place.…

14 Italian False Friends That Are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing


Hey, English-speaking Italian learners.

You’ve got it made in the shade.

Italian is a very easy language for English speakers to learn!

That’s because the two languages share a lot of similarities in vocabulary.

But not all words that …

(You Will) Master the Italian Future Tenses with This Guide!


The future may be brighter than you realize.

By the time you’ve gotten to an upper-level beginner or intermediate level in Italian, you’ve suffered a lot of grammatical trauma.

You’ve likely had run-ins with the present tense and its many