How to Talk About Emotions in Italian: 92 Vocabulary Words

Whether you’re happy, sad, excited, angry or somewhere in between, knowing how to describe your feelings in Italian will help you perfect your conversation skills

Learn how to talk about your emotions and feelings in Italian, along with tons of vocabulary words for any type of emotion you might be feeling. 

And that’s something to be happy about!


How to Talk About Emotions in Italian

Emotions as Adjectives

When you say that you’re feeling happy (or any other emotion), you’re using the emotion as an adjective. Emotions are often used as adjectives in Italian, too, but they require a few more steps. 

Unlike in English, adjectives usually come after the noun they modify in a sentence. For example:

You also need to keep in mind the gender and number of the noun being modified. The emotion needs to match whoever is feeling it.  When modifying words for gender and number, consider the following:

  • Gender: Adjectives often change based on the gender of the noun they modify. For example, contento changes into contenta for females.
  • Number: Adjectives also change for singular and plural forms. Add -i for plural masculine and -e for plural feminine. For example, contento turns into contenti and contente. 

Here are some more examples:

Emotions as Nouns

Emotions can also turn into nouns when they’re used as the main subject or object in a sentence. 

You can also use an emotion as something that someone has, in which case you’d use possessive adjectives. For example: 

Here are some more examples of emotion words acting as nouns in sentences:

Key Vocabulary and Phrases

You’re just about ready to name your emotions in Italian. But first, let’s check out some more general words and phrases related to feelings: 

Le emozioni Emotions
I sentimenti Feelings
L'umore Mood
La sensazione Sensation
Il temperamento Temperament
Il portamento Demeanor
L'atteggiamento Attitude
Lo stato d'animo State of mind
Come ti senti? How do you feel?
Stai bene? Are you feeling okay?
Come va? How are you doing? / What's up?
Sto bene. I'm fine

Emotion Vocabulary in Italian

Let’s get into some specific feelings in Italian! You’re sure to find the right word for the specific emotion you’re experiencing below. Click on any word or example sentence to hear it spoken. You can also find many more examples and vocabulary words on the video-based FluentU language learning program.

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How to Say “Happy” in Italian

Felice Happy
Felicissimo Delighted
Gioioso Joyful
Soddisfatto Pleased
Compiaciuto Pleased
Entusiasta Elated
Allegra Cheerful
Giubilante Jubilant
Beato Blissful
Estasiato Ecstatic
Euforico Euphoric


How to Say “Sad” in Italian

Triste Sad
Afflitto Sorrowful
Melanconico Gloomy
Addolorato Mournful
Abbattuto Despondent
Cupo Gloomy
Turbato Upset
Deluso Disappointed
Depresso Depressed
Infelice Unhappy
Pensieroso Pensive


How to Say “Excited” in Italian

Ispirato Inspired
Entusiasta Enthusiastic
Desideroso Eager
Emozionato Thrilled
Animato Animated
Estasiato Ecstatic
Carico Pumped
Eccitato Fired up
Appassionato Impassioned


How to Say “Angry” in Italian

Arrabbiato Angry
Brontolone Grumpy
Infastidito Annoyed
Irritato Irritated
Turbato Upset
Furioso Furious
Infuriato Enraged
Agitato Agitated
Indignato Outraged


How to Say “Peaceful” in Italian

Pacifico Peaceful
Tranquillo Calm / Tranquil
Sereno Serene
Calmo Calm
Silenzioso Quiet
Sereno Untroubled
Rilassato Relaxed
Riposante Restful


How to Say “Afraid” in Italian

Spaventato Afraid
Impaurito Scared
Nervoso Nervous
Timoroso Fearful
Terrorizzato Terrified
Ansioso Anxious
Apprensivo Apprehensive
Pietrificato Petrified
Allarmato Alarmed
Preoccupato Worried
Inquieto Uneasy
Intimidito Intimidated


Other Emotions in Italian

Positive Emotions

Grato Grateful
Interessato Interested
Divertito Amused
Speranzoso Hopeful
Affettuoso Loving
Orgoglioso Proud
Empatico Empathetic
Compassionevole Compassionate
Sicuro Confident
Affidabile Trusting
Tollerante Tolerant

Negative Emotions

Disgustato Disgusted
Sprezzante Contemptuous
Colpevole Guilty
Vergognoso Shameful
Invidioso Jealous
Frustrato Frustrated
Deluso Disappointed
Risentito Resentful
Solitario Lonely
Disperato Despairing
Sfavorevole Disapproving

Neutral Emotions

Sorpreso Surprised
Annoiato Bored
Indifferente Indifferent
Curioso Curious
Confuso Confused
Apatico Apathetic
Nostalgico Nostalgic
Inquieto Restless
Incerto Uncertain
Perplesso Perplexed


 No matter how you’re feeling, now you can describe your emotions and feelings in Italian!

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