Everything in Its Place: 3 Context-set Language Lessons


Have you ever gone grocery shopping without a list?

It might seem like a good idea at first.

But then you wander aimlessly.

You have some vague idea of what you need and why you need it… but that idea …

Teaching Foreign Language to Young Learners? 7 Tips for Lessons They’ll Love


A box of stuffed animals lies in a corner.

Crayon and marker drawings paper the walls.

A beach ball lies to the side of the teacher’s desk ready for the morning hello ritual.

Where are you?

In a classroom of …

How to Apply the Lexical Approach to Language Teaching in Your Classroom


Which do you think is more important—advancing vocabulary or teaching grammar?

As a language teacher, you’ve undoubtedly considered the question.

If you had to choose one to the total exclusion of the other, which one would it be?…

Oh! Ahh! 15 New Language Classroom Translation Activities


Raul sauntered into my English Review class, slouched into his chair and threw an open notebook onto his desk in disgust, pouting.

“What’s up, Raul?” I asked him.

“My teacher gave us these sentences to translate and I don’t get …

How to Maximize 5 Assessment Methods in Language Teaching


You walk into your classroom and announce a pop quiz on last night’s homework.

Your students jump up from their desks and cheer.

Yeah, that’s never happened to me either.

When most students—and most teachers—think of assessment, …

7 TPRS Books for Implementing the Story-driven Method in Your Language Class


Do you want your students hanging on to your every word?

Tell great stories!

Tell exciting adventures!

How? By implementing TPRS, a language teaching approach that revolves around stories.

In this post, we dive into some TPRS books …

10 Colorful Approaches to Teaching Context in Language


What exactly is “context”?

Looking at the word’s origin gives us a lovely image.

It’s from the Latin contextus, which means a weaving or putting together.

I bet you thought the “text” part of “context” referred to text. I …