Where to Find International Penpals Online

One of the best ways to practice a new language is by interacting with native speakers in an organic way.

And consistency is key, so having a program to help you keep in contact is a big plus. 

With these seven websites, you can easily find an international penpal for foreign language practice.

Whatever language you’re learning, having a penpal who speaks it will greatly enhance your access to natural communication.

And with useful search and safety features, you can find the ideal penpal based on your interests, preferences and language needs. 


1. InterPals


InterPals is arguably the most popular website where language learners go to meet potential penpals. With countless options available, you can easily find someone compatible for a long-term connection.

Registration allows you to specify your preferred mode of communication, whether it’s email or snail mail, catering to both modern and traditional preferences.

You can also indicate the type of relationship you seek, from friendship to flirting. InterPals offers a powerful search filter, enabling you to find the perfect match based on age, gender and more.

By focusing on the newest and most active members, you can maximize your chances of receiving responses. Plus, there’s a live feed for instant connections.

InterPals has many other cool features to explore. If you’re interested, go sign up and check them out!

2. Conversation Exchange


Conversation Exchange is one of the simplest, most straightforward language exchange platforms.

This user-friendly website facilitates online communication through an email messaging system, allowing you to connect in a way that feels comfortable to you.

You can specify your preferred communication method, whether it’s snail mail, email or face-to-face. If online communication suits you, you can choose from a range of chat software options like Skype or WhatsApp.

One standout feature is the profile deactivation option, which is different from account deletion. If you find yourself overwhelmed by an influx of messages, deactivating your profile allows you to maintain existing penpal relationships without receiving new emails daily.

When you’re ready to engage with new language partners, simply reactivate your profile. 

3. My Language ExchangeMy-Language-Exchange-logo

My Language Exchange is a comprehensive language exchange platform. This website offers a range of impressive features to enhance your penpal experience and ensure effective communication.

You’ll find a useful translation tool and the ability to insert foreign accents, particularly helpful for Latin-based languages with frequent use of accents and symbols.

The platform even flags inactive or invalid email users, saving you time and ensuring a serious language-learning community. Once you’ve found a language partner, the website provides valuable tips on effective communication, feedback, and translations.

Additionally, there are engaging games and lesson plans to further strengthen your language skills. My Language Exchange takes the penpal relationship seriously, providing an ideal platform for language learners.

4. PenPal World PenPal-World-logo

PenPal World prioritizes user control, offering various features to ensure a safe and customized experience.

With search filters, you can find your ideal match while avoiding unsavory content. The platform strictly enforces a PG policy and approves profile pictures to maintain a respectful environment.

You have the power to set personal boundaries by blocking unwanted contacts, reporting inappropriate messages and even blocking entire countries if desired.

PenPal World offers both free and paid memberships, allowing you to contact up to three or 50 users per day, respectively. Updating your profile in real-time and pausing it when needed are additional convenient features.

With PenPal World, you can enjoy meaningful connections without sacrificing user control.

5. Global Penfriends Global-Penfriends-logo

Global Penfriends is dedicated to helping you find the perfect match for penpal connections.

The platform stands out by requiring a detailed profile, allowing you to match preferences, interests and backgrounds effectively.

Whether you seek someone similar or completely opposite to you, Global Penfriends enhances your chances of finding the right person.

Like other sites, you can chat through the messaging system, but if you prefer snail mail, you can purchase credits for access to postal addresses. They also offer a convenient mailing service that electronically creates, prints, stamps and sends your letters and postcards.

If you encounter a profile that doesn’t suit your preferences, you can use the “Tell A Friend” feature to share it with others. Additionally, you can express interest by sending a smile, even without contact credits or a Premium Membership. 

6. Speaky Speaky-logo

Speaky is not advertised as a penpal website, but it functions as one.

As soon as you set up your account here, you’ll be matched with several users who are currently signed on to Live Chat, and there you’ll be able to message as many people as you’d like.

Once you find your perfect match, you’re free to carry on your conversations the old-fashioned way, through snail mail or email, but there are some good reasons to stick to communicating on Speaky.

First of all, you have a notepad that allows you to document all of the words and phrases you learn when speaking with your new contacts.

There’s also a convenient correction feature that allows you to correct your mistakes and your penpal’s mistakes right in the text box. When a mistake is corrected, it keeps both the old and corrected version so you can see exactly where you went wrong. 

7. Ayni ayni-logo

Ayni is a small but community-focused platform that values its users’ needs.

Upon signing up, you receive a personal email from a staff member, welcoming you and offering a 30-minute video chat to discuss your goals. The email also provides a link to a Facebook group where you can connect with speakers of your native language and share experiences.

When completing your profile, you can request a penpal, but only one request per day is allowed. This encourages a focused approach to building relationships. Ayni promotes mutual support by encouraging users to correct mistakes in each other’s profile introductions.

Practical features include a translator box for assistance and the ability to indicate your preferred time commitment for a penpal, reducing stress around response times.

Their informative blog, which focuses mainly on French-speaking content, provides valuable resources to support your language learning and penpal journey.

Benefits of Having a Foreign Language Penpal

If you’re learning a new language, or just need more practice to boost your comfort and confidence, finding a foreign language penpal has many benefits.

  • Regular communication with a native speaker offers significant opportunities to practice and gives you a motivated partner in learning.
  • Your penpal can help correct your mistakes, whether casually or through detailed editing (tell them how you prefer to receive feedback).
  • Learning informal and colloquial phrases becomes easier through interactions with a native speaker who knows them well and will probably use them in your casual communication.
  • It provides a near-immersion experience without moving to a foreign country, and the support from a penpal can be even better than native speakers encountered abroad.
  • Building a bond with someone from a different place and culture offers unique perspectives and the potential for international friendship. Plus, you’ll have someone to visit and show you around a new place!

How to Maximize Your Penpal Experience

By implementing the following tips, you can make the most out of your experience connecting with international penpals. 

  • Don’t worry about speaking with someone new; start with short, simple chats and gradually extend your conversations. Be honest about your skill level and receptive to feedback.
  • Be cautious with sharing personal information, even though good people outnumber potential threats. Follow website guidelines and use common sense regarding internet safety.
  • To initiate conversations, try watching the same content as your penpal to have topics for discussion. Authentic media enhances language learning, and discussing subjects you’re studying accelerates progress.
  • Use a program like FluentU, which offers authentic videos in 10 languages for learning in context. It covers both modern and classic content, providing cultural and linguistic insights that can help you connect with your penpal.

    FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

    You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

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You now have seven great options to find your new international penpal. Choose one or two and start connecting with native speakers around the world! 

With a bit of effort, you can find some new friends and some great language exchange partners.

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