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Forget GPS! 20 Guiding Common Phrases in Different Languages


So you’ve planned a trip abroad.

You want to be able to blend with the locals, so you try to master a new language before take-off.

But there are just… So. Many. Words.

Your head feels like it

The Four Language Skills: What They Are, How to Max Them Out


Abracadabra! Hocus pocus! Presto chango!

Have you ever wished that you could just mix the right ingredients, say the magic words and—poof!—be fluent in the language of your choice?

Life would be so much easier.

You wouldn’t …

How to Speak 10 Languages While Staying Sane and Motivated


Is it an addiction?

Maybe it’s just insanity.

Nobody knows.

The result is the same either way you look at it. Once you learn one language, you’ll want to learn another.

And another. And another.

Here’s a little secret: …

The Essentials: The 12 Websites You Need to Learn a Language


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just order a language?

If you could be served up Russian fluency within minutes of deciding, “Hey, I think I’d like to speak Russian”?

If you could say, “Hmm, Spanish sounds good,” then …

How to Overcome the Dreaded Language Barrier


Parlez-vous français ?

¿Habla español?

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

If you live on planet Earth, then there’s a pretty high chance that, at least once in your life, you’ve come up against the dreaded language barrier.

Language barriers can crop up …

The 8 Fastest Ways for Super Busy People to Learn a Language


So, you want to learn a language.

Makes sense. Only good things can come from being bilingual, trilingual or straight-up poly.

There’s just one problem.

You can’t find the time.

You’ve tried and tried and just can’t seem to …

Polyglot Problems: 21 Hilarious Problems That Only Polyglots Understand


Do you speak multiple languages?

Did you ever expect that it would be anything less than pure, multilingual bliss?

Whether you grew up speaking several languages or you took the time to learn them in adulthood, you may know …

9 Penpal Websites for Starting Foreign Language Exchanges Online and via Snail Mail


You know, they say the world is getting smaller and smaller.

It’s a small world after all—and thanks to this, it’s an excellent time to be a language learner.

The truth is, we’re all being brought closer together

32 Cool Foreign Names You Wish Your Parents Gave You


Imagine if we were all named Bob or Sue.

From Bangkok to Montreal, say every man and every woman had the exact same name.

Bob and Sue.

Feeling a little uncomfortable about the idea of global name homogeneity? Yeah, me …

10 Obscure Languages You’ve Probably Never Heard Spoken


Europe has close to 100. The United States, over 300. Africa, nearly 2000.

We’re talking about spoken languages.

From the indigenous to the transposed, the spoken word—or spoken sound, we’ll get to that later on—is vast. It’s fluid. Languages …