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32 Best Portuguese YouTube Channels

Portuguese YouTube channels are great resources for learning the language. 

You can find videos in Portuguese about pretty much anything you can think of.

Whether you want to watch videos meant for Portuguese learners or just some authentic content, this post will show you 32 of the best YouTube channels for learning Portuguese.


Top Brazilian Portuguese YouTube Channels

1. Canal KondZilla

Canal KondZilla (KondZilla Channel) has more subscribers than any other Portuguese-language YouTube channel. 

KondZilla is a Brazilian music video producer, so you can see plenty of music videos here.

2. Whindersson Nunes

Whindersson Nunes is one of the most popular YouTubers in Brazil. He also works as an actor and comedian.

Nunes posts a variety of different videos, including vlogs, reviews and parodies.

3. 5inco Minutos

5inco Minutos (Five Minutes) is the most prominent woman-lead YouTube channel in Brazil.

Run by vlogger/actress/writer Kéfera Buchmann, 5inco Minutos posts predominantly vlogs and parodies.

Despite the name, most videos can run anywhere from five to fifteen minutes long.

4. Rezende Evil

Like a good laugh? Rezende Evil focuses on posting funny vlogs and parodies.

Usually, there are several new videos every day, so you’ll never run out of fun new Portuguese practice.

5. Canal Canalha

Run by actor/comedian/YouTuber Júlio Cocielo, Canal Canalha (Canalha Channel) posts parodies, vlogs and more.

Some of the videos even cover major life events, providing a window into both the Portuguese language and life in Brazil.

6. Hello Rusty

Hello Rusty covers all the basics in a straightforward way with helpful text and translations to read along for key points.

Choose this if you are just starting out and want to progress into a pre-intermediate level.

7. Professor Jason

Professor Jason is a native-speaking tutor who teaches Brazilian Portuguese (and Spanish as well).

All his videos are organized into playlists by theme covering everything from grammar to Latin music and recipes.

Choose this if you are looking for a course with a clear-cut, but still very friendly, sequence.


Aulalivre is for a Brazilian audience, offering a comprehensive rundown on a number of topics like math, science, arts, culture and linguistics.

If you are an advanced learner looking for content that is a bit more challenging, this is for you.

9. PortuguesePod101

PortuguesePod101 is one of the most comprehensive Portuguese learning channels on YouTube with options for all levels.

The tone of the videos is usually fun and friendly with a focus on Brazilian Portuguese.

10. Street Smart Brazil

This channel offers quick lessons that teach vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. 

Most of these videos are at a beginning to intermediate level, so they’re great to get your learning on the right track.

Videos range from under a minute to around 10 minutes in length.

11. Aprender Portugués con Philipe Brazuca

All these lessons are conducted in Portuguese, so you’ll immediately be immersed.

Most of the videos are beginner to intermediate, but since all the audio is in Brazilian Portuguese, advanced learners can benefit as well.

12. Speaking Brazilian Language School

With videos that cover learning tips, vocabulary, grammar and more, beginning and intermediate students have plenty to choose from.

One huge benefit to learners is that many videos on the channel are in Portuguese but feature subtitles in English and Portuguese. 

13. Fernando — Fun with Brazilian Portuguese

Most of these videos are just three to four minutes long and they’re packed with useful information.

While common vocabulary is addressed, there are also a lot of videos on fun Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary, like flirting vocabulary and profanity.

Videos are most appropriate for beginning through intermediate students.

14. Semantica Portuguese

Semantica Portuguese can help you learn Brazilian Portuguese through dialogues, lessons and vocabulary videos.

Most of the videos are appropriate for beginning learners, though there are a few for intermediate students, as well.

Videos tend to be around a minute long but you can find some that are a mere 10 seconds long, so there’s always time to cram in a little learning.

15. Porta dos Fundos

The well-established Brazilian comedy group rose to internet fame through their comedic short sketches about current events and social phenomena.

All the videos are subtitled at least in English and feature Portuguese as it would be spoken.

16. Rio & Learn Portuguese Schools

Rio & Learn Portuguese Schools offers videos on vocabulary and grammar as well as an exciting window into Brazilian life and culture.

Many videos on this channel are ideal for beginners. Some use a fair amount of English but introduce useful Portuguese vocabulary, so they’re informative but not intimidating.

There are also some options for intermediate learners.

17. BookBox

BookBox offers numerous animated stories in an impressive number of languages with slow and clear Brazilian Portuguese.

18. DinoLingo

DinoLingo is an app intended for kids, but  you can check their YouTube channel for videos that are just as wonderful for beginning Portuguese students of any age.

They have a “Learning Brazilian Portuguese for kids” playlist as well as one for European Portuguese.

You can enjoy animated stories, songs and other fun learning videos featuring cute dinosaurs. 

19. Peppa Pig

While Peppa Pig is intended for children, it’s also a great option for Brazilian Portuguese learners.

That’s because Peppa Pig uses relatively simple vocabulary. The animations can also help you understand what’s happening if you don’t catch every word. Plus, it’s super cute!

Top European Portuguese YouTube Channels

20. Psy Logic Drawing

This channel specializes in psychology-related topics, teaching you psychology and Portuguese at the same time.

This channel would be most appropriate for an intermediate level of listening comprehension, but there are subtitles available to help.

21. Como Se Faz

The phrase como se faz literally means “how it’s made,” so you can guess where this is going.

This series will give you a video rundown of how different things are made, from the factory to the final form that we find on store shelves.

There are no subtitles available but  the clean European Portuguese enunciation and easy rhythm do a great job of facilitating understanding.

22. Portuguese with Maria 

This popular YouTube channel features really helpful Portuguese lessons, especially for beginners.

Maria has a very clear teaching style with step-by-step instructions, and her videos tackle vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. 

23. Portuguese with Leo

Leo makes creative videos for Portuguese learners that go beyond the usual topics.

He often compares European Portuguese to Brazilian Portuguese and other languages like French and Russian. 

A lot of his videos also include guests who speak different languages.  


24. D4rkFrame

If you love crazy experiments and challenges, D4rkFrame might be just the YouTube channel you need to improve your Portuguese.

That’s because this channel is full of all the strange stunts YouTube is so famous for (but that kids definitely, definitely shouldn’t watch).

Conveniently enough for learners, the audio is in Portuguese, but English-language subtitles are also available.

25. Virgínia Fonseca

Virgínia Fonseca’s YouTube channel focuses predominantly on vlogs.

These vlogs cover daily life, beauty and more that gives you insight into what it’s like as a Portuguese social media influencer.

26. wuant

Do you ever wish you had one go-to channel where you could watch a wide variety of different content? Then this might be the channel for you.

On the wuant channel, there are vlogs, commentary on things like memes and curiosities, music videos, experiments and so much more.

27. Pi

Pi, also known as Miguel Monteiro, is a vibrant, colorfully coiffed YouTuber whose channel focuses on vlogs, reactions, challenges and experiments.

28. Tubalatudo

If you love making things as much as you love learning Portuguese, check out Tubalatudo.

Tubalatudo features DIY projects, origami, games and challenges.

29. Learn European Portuguese Online

Most videos are around two minutes and feature European Portuguese with common vocabulary and grammar rules.

30. Portuguese with Carla

Carla is a native European Portuguese speaker and language tutor who shows you Portuguese as it is used in real, everyday situations.

Her channel is filled with videos about basic vocabulary, local colloquialisms and tips for daily tasks.

Her videos are usually around 30 to 40 minutes in length, so choose this if you want something more detailed.

31. EuroPortuguese LA

EuroPortuguese LA’s videos are quite different from the ones we have already covered as they are mostly text-based.

You will see a script of words across various subject areas, which are paired with pronunciation and helpful guides about the topics at hand. 

This one is ideal for those who want to get a good amount of reading practice as they listen out for new words.

32. Portuguese Lab

Portuguese Lab’s videos are quite interactive and animated. The channel’s video selection is diverse too.

Topics cover a very wide range and videos are very visual.

Why Subscribe to Authentic YouTube Portuguese Channels?

There are some benefits you can get from authentic videos that are hard to come by in other learning environments:

  • Real-world practice: Most YouTube channels feature Portuguese from native speakers as it’s actually used, and they’re great for practicing your listening skills
  • Self-replenishing resource: Content on YouTube is constantly replenishing, so you’ll never run out of great learning material. 
  • Great thematic content: Since each channel offers a slightly different focus, you’ll get to witness completely different thematic vocabulary sets in context. 
  • Regional language variations: Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese vary, but there are plenty of channels from both Brazil and Portugal on YouTube, so you can familiarize yourself with the Portuguese used in both regions.

And if you love learning with YouTube, you’re going to love FluentUOur language learning program transforms YouTube videos into interactive Brazilian Portuguese language lessons with interactive captions, a built-in dictionary, flashcards and quizzes.

It’s an entertaining way to immerse yourself in a language the way native speakers really use it, while actively building your vocabulary.

You can find FluentU on iOS and Android.


When you’re ready to add some authenticity to your Portuguese education, look no further than these authentic Portuguese YouTube channels!

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