10 Authentic Portuguese YouTube Channels to Entertain and Educate

Do you like everything autêntico (authentic)?

Do you only enjoy a caipirinha with the finest Brazilian cachaça?

Do you only follow the caldo verde recipes of Portuguese grandmothers?

Well, then, let your passion for authenticity flow straight through to the video resources you use to study Portuguese.

When selecting videos to learn PortuguesePortuguese learning channels on YouTube no doubt have their appeal. After all, they help nail down grammar rules, learn vocabulary and improve basic language skills.

But when you’re already at an intermediate or advanced level, you’re more interested in how the language is actually used.

It’s time to work some authentic Portuguese-language YouTube channels into your learning routine.


Why Subscribe to Authentic YouTube Portuguese Channels?

There are some benefits you can get from authentic videos that are hard to come by in other learning environments:

  • Real-world practice: Most YouTube channels use the sort of common colloquial Portuguese you’re likely to encounter when you interact with native speakers. By listening to it on YouTube, you’ll get the practice you need to understand native speakers in real life.
  • Self-replenishing resource: Much like learning Portuguese on Facebook, content on YouTube is constantly replenishing, so you’ll never run out of great learning material. Plus, if you subscribe to authentic Portuguese channels, every newly posted video will act as a helpful reminder to get a little listening practice.
  • Great thematic content: Since each channel offers a slightly different focus, you’ll get to witness completely different thematic vocabulary sets in context. (For instance, beauty channels can teach you makeup and fashion vocabulary.)
  • Regional language variations: Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese vary. Luckily, there are plenty of channels from both Brazil and Portugal on YouTube, so you can familiarize yourself with the Portuguese used in both regions.

10 Authentic Portuguese YouTube Channels for Legit Learning

A quick disclaimer:

As with most popular YouTube channels, many of these channels do frequently use adult language, so if you’re offended by Portuguese swear words, you may want to tread the waters of authentic Portuguese-language YouTube videos carefully.

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It’s an entertaining way to immerse yourself in a language the way native speakers really use it, while actively building your vocabulary.

Stay tuned and check back soon for an authentic, immersive experience.

Top Brazilian YouTube Channels

1. Canal KondZilla

Canal KondZilla (KondZilla Channel) has more subscribers than any other Portuguese language YouTube channel. In fact, it’s one of the most subscribed-to YouTube channels in any language.

KondZilla is a Brazilian music video producer, so you can see plenty of music videos here.

Watch this:

You might enjoy the popular MC Kekel songDeixa Rolar (“Let It Roll”). For a little extra help understanding the song, you might also look over the song’s lyrics.

2. Whindersson Nunes

Whindersson Nunes is one of the most popular YouTubers in Brazil. He also works as an actor and comedian.

This channel is one of the most subscribed-to channels not only in Brazil but in the world. Nunes posts a variety of different videos, including vlogs, reviews and parodies.

Watch this:

Any Portuguese student who loves a good parody will enjoy ­“Qual É A Senha Do Wi-Fi” (“What Is the Wi-Fi Password”), the popular parody of Adele’s “Hello.” The video is also captioned in Portuguese, so you can easily follow along with the lyrics (and maybe even sing along).

3. 5inco Minutos

5inco Minutos (Five Minutes) is the most prominent woman-lead YouTube channel in Brazil.

Run by vlogger/actress/writer Kéfera Buchmann, 5inco Minutos posts predominantly vlogs and parodies.

However, don’t let the channel’s name confuse you. Only some videos are five minutes or under, and many are much longer. But at around 10-15 minutes for the longer videos, they still aren’t overwhelmingly long for your next study session.

Watch this:

For some cultural insight, watch Namoro” (“Dating”), in which Buchmann shares relationship lessons.

4. Rezende Evil

Like a good laugh? Rezende Evil focuses on posting funny vlogs and parodies.

Perhaps best of all, videos are uploaded quite regularly: Usually, there are several new videos every day, so you’ll never run out of fun new Portuguese practice.

Watch this:

Among the channel’s most popular videos is La Vício de Papel (“The Vice of Paper”) a musical parody of the popular Spanish series “La Casa de Papel” (Direct translation: “The House of Paper”; English title: “Money Heist”). Plus, the song is relatively slow and captioned in Portuguese for easy listening practice.

5. Canal Canalha

Run by actor/comedian/YouTuber Júlio Cocielo, Canal Canalha (Canalha Channel) posts parodies, vlogs and more.

Some of the videos even cover major life events, providing a window into both the Portuguese language and life in Brazil.

Watch this:

Portuguese students can learn a lot from Casa Comigo? (“Marry me?”), in which Cocielo proposes to his girlfriend.

Top Portuguese YouTube Channels

6. D4rkFrame

If you love crazy experiments and challenges, D4rkFrame might be just the YouTube channel you need to improve your Portuguese. That’s because this channel is full of all the strange stunts YouTube is so famous for (but that kids definitely, definitely shouldn’t watch).

Conveniently enough for learners, the audio is in Portuguese, but English-language subtitles are also available.

Watch this:

If your passions are learning Portuguese, trendy craft projects and explosives, you might enjoy “I Made the Famous Aluminum Foil Ball Explode.”

7. Virgínia Fonsecsa

Virgínia Fonseca’s YouTube channel focuses predominantly on vlogs.

These vlogs cover daily life, beauty and personal stories, giving you unique insight into what it’s like enjoying life as a Portuguese social media influencer.

Watch this:

Check out ‘Primeira’ Viagem de Avião” (“‘First’ Airplane Trip”) to hear an interesting story with a hefty dose of travel vocabulary.

8. wuant

Do you get bored watching the same type of video over and over? Do you ever wish you had one go-to channel where you could watch a wide variety of different content? Then wuant might be the channel for you.

On the wuant channel, there are vlogs, commentary on things like memes and curiosities, music videos, experiments and so much more.

Watch this:

Diferenças Entre Brasil e Portugal (“Differences Between Brazil and Portugal”) is a particularly interesting way to practice your listening skills while learning about how word meanings vary between countries.

9. Pi

Pi, also known as Miguel Monteiro, is a vibrant, colorfully coiffed YouTuber whose channel focuses on vlogs, reactions, challenges and experiments.

Watch this:

For instance, Portuguese learners might like Provando Doces Importados” (“Trying Imported Candy”), in which Pi and fellow YouTubers Dant and D4rkFrame (who we mentioned earlier) try out imported sweets.

It’s always fun to watch people try food that’s foreign to them, but this video could also help you pick up some essential candy-related vocabulary (you know you’ll need it).

10. Tubalatudo

If you love making things as much as you love learning Portuguese, check out Tubalatudo. Tubalatudo features DIY projects, origami, games and challenges.

The channel particularly focuses on homemade toys, so if you have a playful spirit, this is a surefire route to improving your Portuguese.

Watch this:

A lot of these projects are quite creative. For instance, if you’re looking to practice your Portuguese listening but also get rid of your stockpile of fidget spinners, you might watchComo Fazer um Carregador Portátil com Fidget Spinners (“How to Make a Portable Charger with Fidget Spinners”), which finally finds an actual purpose for the ubiquitous toy.


When you’re ready to add some authenticity to your Portuguese education, look no further than these authentic Portuguese YouTube channels!

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