The Top 18 Russian YouTube Channels for Learners

When it comes to learning Russian, getting the language boost you need is literally right at your fingertips—through YouTube.

With a host of Russian language YouTube channels available to the masses, it’s important you find channels that are updated regularly and offer a wide variety of learning modalities, such as reading, writing and speaking in Russian.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner, we’ve narrowed down the choices of Russian language YouTube channels for you, and have listed our top nine channel picks below.


Russian YouTube Channels for Language Learning

1. Real Russian Club

Real Russian Club is an excellent resource for beginning and intermediate Russian learners. It offers a variety of lessons featuring common Russian grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and vlogs.

Weekly live streams are offered as well, to give you that Russian language boost you need.

The Real Russian Club channel is hosted by Daria Molchanova—a professional Russian language teacher from Moscow—who offers two new video lessons uploaded weekly. 

And, all her videos are subtitled in English, Russian, and a host of other languages: making it a flexible option to suit your needs and preferences.

Additionally, the “slow and fast Russian” travel videos often cover culturally significant themes such as holidays or vodka, which will allow you to improve your understanding of life in Russia as you perfect your language skills.

2. is an online Russian language learning channel and website that offers both audio and video lessons on its YouTube channel.

From learning everyday Russian words, how to have daily conversations in Russian, vocabulary, grammar, and listening practice lessons—you’ll learn to speak, read, write and hear Russian through the hundreds of videos offered by this channel.

They also offer 24/7 Learn Russian Live streams on their YouTube channel for you to get the most out of your Russian language learning experience.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

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3. Weekly Russian

Weekly Russian, also known as Let’s Speak Russian, offers hundreds of helpful videos for all levels of Russian language students.

For beginning Russian learners, there are simple lessons covering the basics of vocabulary and grammar. For intermediate and advanced students, there are tons of colorfully focused videos to help you zoom in on details of the Russian language and expose you to authentic Russian culture.

The videos include Russian cartoons, songs from Russian cartoons, traditional Russian music, subtitled Russian songs, Russian choral music, children’s songs, and holiday songs.

If you want to learn more about Russian culture, there are also a host of videos on Russian history, the Sochi Olympics, Russian poetry, and other fascinating topics to choose from.

4. Rush into Russian

Rush into Russian is hosted by professional teacher, and business coach, Kris Amerikos and offers videos on grammar, common phrases, vocabulary, and culture for a well-rounded learning experience.

Most of this channel’s videos target beginning to early intermediate learners. You can also find downloadable lesson printouts and audio lessons on his website to further educate you on speaking Russian more fluently.

5. Learn Russian with Denis Fedorov

Denis Fedorov, a tutor and native Russian speaker, offers a vast selection of videos on his YouTube channel, Learn Russian with Denis Fedorov. The channel is designed to help beginning and early intermediate Russian students improve their skills.

His videos focus on vocabulary building, grammar and pronunciation. Some videos also discuss the process of learning Russian and effective study techniques.

6. Amazing Russia

The creator of the YouTube channel, Amazing Russia—Olga Jarrell—is a Russian teacher who offers video lessons as resources for her Russian students, in conjunction with the textbook “Голоса” (Golosa: A Basic Course in Russian).

The introduction to her videos are great, and she explains the goals of each video as well as her methodology for teaching the topic.

This is helpful because you won’t only learn the Russian language, but may come to understand more about your particular learning style!

7. Russian from Russia

Russian language teacher, Anna, hosts the YouTube channel Russian from Russia using a unique method of teaching.

Her channel offers videos that focus on teaching grammar and vocabulary through discussions on Russian culture, customs, and history.

The videos are a great tool for intermediate Russian learners to pick up new vocabulary, learn more about Russian culture, and fine-tune their listening skills.

Each video contains Russian captions so that you can read along as Anna speaks. Additionally, many vocabulary words appear and are defined in the video to help you along.

She also offers podcast lessons for those who are less visual learners and more auditory.

8. is hosted by Bart de Pau. Originally from the Netherlands, his experience stems from living in Russia for 10 years and also managing another Russian language YouTube channel on this list for a decade – Russian from Russia.

With a host of videos for beginners and intermediate learners, offers verbs, phrases, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversational lessons.

You’ll also find fun videos on Russian culture and socializing. 

The videos are color-coded by topic, so it is easy to select what category you want to work on. Each video shows you the Russian words as the host speaks them.

There are also often images to illustrate a word’s meaning, which is a great tool for visual learners. English-language subtitling is also available.

9. Be Fluent in Russian

The host of this YouTube channel Fedor is known for his friendly personality and engaging style that is likely to attract a wide audience. There’s a variety of videos suitable for learners of all levels.

Fedor incorporates English explanations to help beginners in understanding the more complex nuances of learning Russian, though there are also videos entirely in Russian.

From grammar tutorials to conversational practice and cultural insights, Be Fluent in Russian covers it all. Tune in to their engaging videos to learn essential vocabulary, improve pronunciation, and gain confidence in speaking Russian.

For those seeking a more organized approach to learning, the BeFluent Russian course might be of interest.

10. Easy Russian

On the Easy Russian channel you’ll mostly find street interviews conducted entirely in Russian, so you can get an authentic glimpse into the language as it’s spoken on the streets.

Alongside these interviews, there are videos dedicated to exploring language topics such as modal verbs, filler words, and prepositions.

Although all videos come with bilingual subtitles, this channel is particularly beneficial for intermediate-level learners and above who are keen on immersing themselves in natural Russian conversations.

11. R for Russian

The host of this R for Russian YouTube channel has been producing educational Russian content for several years, primarily focusing on various aspects of Russian grammar. Her channel offers high-quality explanations in a blend of Russian and English, with the majority accompanied by subtitles and translations.

In addition to grammar tutorials, the channel features videos that utilize music to aid learning and emphasize practical everyday phrases.

It’s particularly beneficial if you’re a beginner or an intermediate learner seeking comprehensive language instruction.

12. Antonia Romaker

Antonia Romaker is your guide to learning the Russian language with confidence and ease. Through her dynamic and interactive lessons, Antonia covers essential grammar rules, pronunciation tips, and cultural insights to help her viewers become proficient in Russian.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, Antonia’s friendly teaching style and expert guidance make learning Russian a rewarding experience.

Antonia teaches both English and Russian, so tune in to her videos if you want to explore a wide range of topics in both languages, from basic vocabulary to advanced language skills. 

Russian YouTubers

13. Like Nastya

Like Nastya offers a fun and entertaining approach to learning the Russian language for children and learners of all ages.

Hosted by the charming Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya), a Russian-American YouTuber based in Miami, Florida, this channel features a variety of videos, including everyday scenarios, songs, and educational content.

Through engaging storytelling and colorful animation, Like Nastya provides a playful introduction to the Russian language and culture.

The child-friendly content provides a unique avenue for beginners to grasp basic Russian vocabulary and sentence structures.

With the Like Nastya YouTube channel, learning Russian becomes an enjoyable and immersive experience for the whole family.

14. Ruslan Usachev

Ruslan Usachev, with almost 3 million subscribers, is a Russian vlogger who offers a diverse range of content mainly about travel, lifestyle and news.

His channel is an excellent resource for learners seeking to learn varied everyday vocabulary.

Usachev’s clear articulation and engaging storytelling make his videos an enjoyable addition to your language learning journey.

If you love travel content, then this channel is your go-to!

15. Kate Clapp

Kate Clapp, whose real name is Katya Trofimova, is a YouTube personality based in Moscow.

Her entertaining content comprises a variety of short and humorous videos, covering diverse topics from beauty, fashion, international travels, talking about Justin Bieber and the Twilight Saga to showcasing her rap skills.

Whether you’re an intermediate or an advanced learner, Kate’s engaging content and relatable personality can make learning Russian both fun and rewarding.

Tune in to her videos to explore everyday Russian conversations, learn new vocabulary, and gain insights into Russian culture. 

Science and History Russian YouTube Channels

16. Послезавтра (The Day After Tomorrow)

Послезавтра (Poslezavtra) is a relatively new YouTube channel about the developments of modern technologies.

Hosted by Nikolai Dubinin, you’ll find videos about new tech gadgets, tools, and historical events that have changed our lives or will change in the future. Suitable for intermediate to advanced learners, every video is very entertaining for a lover of new technologies. 

With Послезавтра (Poslezavtra), you’ll gain the confidence and proficiency you need to communicate effectively with your Russian-speaking friends.

17. The Люди (The People)

The Люди (The People) is a YouTube channel by a Russian travel blogger and journalist Anton Lyadov, where you can watch documentary videos about the lives of people from different countries

This channel offers valuable insights into the use of everyday Russian language with Russian subtitles available. It’s perfect for intermediate and advanced learners while watching how people live in different cities and regions of Russia. 

Anton filmed videos about “how people live” in countries like North Korea, Somalia, Mongolia, Republic of Korea, UAE, Iceland, Belarus, USA, Mexico and others. 

Tune in to this channel to explore everyday Russian conversations, cultural traditions, and historical insights.

With The Люди (The People) as your guide, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Russian language and culture.

18. Другая История (Another History)

Другая История (Another Story) offers a fresh perspective on Russian history and culture through its engaging and informative videos.

Hosted by a team of experienced educators and historians, this channel covers a wide range of topics in history, from Ancient R0me, China and advances in space technologies. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, Другая История has something for everyone.

Tune in to their videos to explore the rich tapestry of Russian history, language, and culture. You can start with their “Интересные истории” (Interesting stories) playlist where they talk about historical acts from a different perspective. 


And that’s our top eighteen picks!

Russian YouTube videos are both entertaining and conveniently short, so they’re great for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners diving into the language.

So, the next time you’re looking to perfect your Russian—or take a break from that language textbook—look no further than your favorite Russian YouTube channel to help you practice speaking the language and become fluent faster!

Happy learning!

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