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31 Romantic Russian Quotes and Phrases

Love is a universal language—but you still need to know how to express it in Russian. 

Plus, there are benefits to learning romantic expressions besides ramping up your dating life.

The romantic phrases presented below won’t just add a few “hot” words and idioms to your vocabulary, but will also help you better understand Russian culture and appreciate the poetic history of the language.


Beautiful Russian Love Quotes and Phrases

1. Ты согреваешь мою душу

Translation: You warm my soul

Certainly, you can understand, in a country known to get down below -40 °F (a tiny village in Yakutsk has been credited with logging a temperature of -96.2 °F), why telling your significant other that he or she warms the innermost parts of you is a great compliment.

The sentiment translates well to English, but, to really understand it, you need to have survived a Russian winter.

2. Мне нравится чувствовать твоё дыхание на моей щеке

Translation: I like feeling your breath on my cheek

This is a great way to tell someone you like him or her close to you.

You’re looking for someone to be your go-to guy or gal, and if he or she is already close enough for you to feel breath on your face, you can stop looking.

3. Ты разбудил(а) во мне давно забытое

Translation: You have awoken something long forgotten inside of me

Here’s how to let the person you love know that he or she is doing something for you that others haven’t. This phrase communicates that someone is more than just catching your eye—but stirring you in a way that’ll ensure you don’t forget.

4. Любить тебя – это как дышать… я просто не могу остановиться!

Translation: Loving you is like breathing… I just can’t stop!

It sounds a little cheesy in English, but remember, Russians are poetic by nature.

Loving your Russian comes naturally to you—it’s something that doesn’t have an off switch and you want him or her to know that this relationship has a life of its own.

5. Душа моя

Translation: My soul

This is a term of endearment, something you’ll call your Russian significant other. When you call him or her this you’re saying that he or she has become the most important part of you.

6. Притягательной силе твоих бездонных глаз сложно сопротивляться!

Translation: The strength of attraction in your bottomless eyes is difficult to resist!

Could you spend all day staring into that special someone’s eyes? Let him or her know!

7. Ты мой рай, ты моё небо, ты моё солнце

Translation: You are my paradise, my heaven, you are my sun

Let the object of your affections know that he or she is at the place you dream of going.

8. Люблю тебя, как ангел бога, как розу любит соловей

Translation: I love you like an angel loves God, like a nightingale loves the rose.

This phrase will communicate to your Russian that no matter how fabled someone else’s love is, the love you have for him or her is every bit as strong.

9. Ты видишь в небе солнце? Так знай, твоя улыбка светит гораздо ярче!

Translation: Do you see the sun in the sky? Know that your smile shines so much brighter!

Because poetry comes as second nature to the native Russian tongue, you’ll need to get creative with your compliments. Comparing someone to the sun will get you big brownie points, and mentioning his or her smile will ensure you see it a lot more often.

10. О тебе можно написать сказку, про милую принцессу!

Translation: They could write a fairy tale about you, about the lovely princess!

Yes, you’ve heard of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and “Little Red Riding Hood.” Russians know those, but their fairy tales include “Swan Lake,” “The Frog Princess” and “Vasilisa the Beautiful.”

If you’re hoping to charm a Russian woman, know that she’ll be well-acquainted with these tales and will love to hear you say she belongs in the pantheon of famous Russian stories.

11. Ты луч солнца в пасмурный день!

Translation: You are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day!

This one’s easy in Russian and English. If someone brightens your world, let him or her know!

12. Я хочу чтобы ты всегда была рядом со мной!

Translation: I want you to be next to me forever!

This phrase is a nice way of saying to someone that you love them and want to be next to them for the rest of your life! 

13. Твоя улыбка — как волшебное заклинание для сердца

Translation: Your smile is like a magical spell for the heart.

It’s a heartfelt compliment you can say to express how powerful and enchanting their smile is to you.

14. Ты делаешь этот мир лучше просто своим существованием

Translation: You make this world better just by existing.

A profound way to let someone know how much they mean to you and how they positively impact your life.

15. Твоя доброта не знает границ

Translation: Your kindness knows no bounds.

This one’s perfect for praising your partner’s endless compassion and goodness.

16. Твои глаза — это океан тайн и красоты

Translation: Your eyes are an ocean of mystery and beauty.

If you want to impress someone with poetry, it’s a poetic way to compliment someone’s captivating eyes.

17. С тобой всегда легко и весело!

Translation: It’s always easy and fun with you!

An easy way of expressing how enjoyable and effortless it is to be around them.

18. С тобой я чувствую себя защищенным(ой) и любимым(ой)

Translation: With you, I feel safe and loved.

This phrase is perfect for conveying the sense of security and love they provide in your life.

19. Ты всегда находишь правильные слова в нужный момент!

Translation: You always find the right words at the right moment.

Complimenting their ability to say the perfect thing when it matters most.

20. Ты — моя звезда на тёмном небе!

Translation: You are my star in the dark sky.

Need more poetic phrases? Here’s another one for you, it’s great for saying that the person is a guiding light and a source of brightness in your life.

21. С тобой время останавливается, и я живу лишь мгновениями рядом с тобой!

Translation: With you, time stands still, and I live only for moments spent together.

Another one for anyone hoping to charm a Russian woman, this phrase will convey the feeling of timelessness and cherishing every moment spent with your loved one. 

22. Твои объятия — мой уютный дом

Translation: Your embrace is my cozy home.

Comparing their embrace to a safe and comforting place where you feel at peace.

23. Я горжусь тем, что ты моя половинка

Translation: I am proud that you are my other half.

Acknowledging how they complete you and make you feel as a whole.

24. Ты — мой самый красивый сон и моя яркая реальность

Translation: You are my most beautiful dream and my vibrant reality.

Telling them they are the embodiment of your dreams and the most wonderful part of your life.

25. С тобой каждый день — праздник сердца

Translation: With you, every day is a celebration of the heart.

Expressing that being with them makes each day special and joyful.

26. Ты — моя судьба, о которой я всегда мечтал(а)

Translation: You are the destiny I’ve always dreamed of.

Conveying that meeting them feels like fate and a dream come true.

27. С тобой я чувствую, что могу преодолеть все преграды

Translation: With you, I feel like I can overcome any obstacles.

Letting them know that their support makes you feel strong and capable.

28. Ты — моя муза

Translation: You are my muse.

Letting them know they bring out your creative and passionate side.

29. Любовь к тебе — это мое самое ценное сокровище

Translation: Love for you is my most precious treasure.

Portraying their love as something incredibly valuable and cherished.

30. Ты делаешь мою жизнь сладкой сказкой.

Translation: You make my life a sweet fairy tale.

Expressing how they bring magic and sweetness into your life, like a fairy tale come true.

31. С тобой я познал(а) настоящую любовь, которая не знает границ!

Translation: With you, I have experienced true love that knows no bounds!

Acknowledging the depth and boundlessness of the love you share with them.

Classic Examples of Romantic Russian

Russian was made for romancing, which you can see in its deep poetic tradition—and the tragic endings and epic love stories that are a part of this culture.

Perhaps most famous is Alexander Pushkin, who penned verses about love found and lost, lived passionately and died dramatically.

Pushkin married the great beauty Natalia Goncharova. Six years later, he faced rumors of his wife’s alleged love affair. Pushkin fought a duel with her supposed lover and died of wounds sustained during their battle.

Before meeting his tragic end, Pushkin penned one of the most famous poems about love, he wrote:

Я вас любил: любовь еще, быть может, (I loved you, and I probably still do,)

В душе моей угасла не совсем; (And for awhile the feeling may remain…)

Но пусть она вас больше не тревожит; (But let my love no longer trouble you,)

Я не хочу печалить вас ничем. (I do not wish to cause you any pain.)

But Pushkin’s not the only Russian with passion. The poet Mikhail Lermontov said, “Любовь, как огонь, — без пищи гаснет” (As translated by Vladimir Nabokov: Love, like fire, goes out without fuel).

Nobel Prize winner Boris Pasternak penned the phrase, “Пока тебя помнят вгибы локтей моих, пока еще ты на руках и губах моих, я побуду с тобой.” ( As long as the crooks of my arms remember you, as long as you’re still on my hands and lips, I’ll be with you.) 

Why Learn These Romantic Phrases?

When people think of Russia, they commonly think of snow, hockey, vodka, bears…

And while the Russian language can be used to trash talk, to intimidate, or to curse, it’s just as frequently used more intimately to comfort, to compliment and to court.

The romantic phrases above will help you see the tender side of a tough (stereotypically, anyway) culture.

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With these phrases under your belt, you’re well on your way to wooing your Russian man or woman. Hearing (and understanding) some of these phrases repeated back to you will definitely make learning Russian a lot more exciting!

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