35 Beautiful Russian Words

There are a number of ways to express beauty in Russian, and many words that are, themselves, beautiful.

Discover some beautiful Russian words to add to your own conversations with this guide, from the many ways to say something is beautiful, to the gentle cadence of words like Вдохновение (inspiration).


Russian Words for “Beautiful”

How do you say that something is beautiful in Russian? There are at least 18 different words you can use, depending on what aspect of beauty you want to highlight:

RussianReadingEnglishHow Its Used
Красивый KrasivyyBeautifulUsed to describe physical beauty or something aesthetically pleasing.
Прекрасный PrekrasnyySplendidImplies excellence or outstanding beauty.
Красота KrasotaBeautyUsed to express admiration for something beautiful.
Привлекательный Privlekatel'nyyAttractiveOften used to describe someone's physical appearance.
Обаятельный Obayatel'nyyCharmingConveys charm and attractiveness, often used for a person's personality.
Шикарный ShikarnyyLuxuriousSuggests grandeur or magnificence, often used to describe something luxurious and beautiful.
Прелестный PrelestnyyDelightfulImplies delightful or charming beauty.
Очаровательный Ocharovatel'nyyEnchantingConveys enchanting beauty, often used for someone who captivates others.
Изысканный IzyskannyyExquisiteDescribes refined or elegant beauty, often associated with high taste.
Прелесть Prelest'DelightUsed to describe something that is delightful or charming.
Красавица KrasavitsaBeautySpecifically used to describe a beautiful woman.
Благоуханный BlagoukhannyyFragrantConveys a sense of fragrant or sweet beauty, only used to describe smells.
Восхитительный Voskhititel'nyyAdmirableExtremely pleasing, expressing a strong positive reaction to beauty.
Миловидный MilovidnyyHandsomeDescribes someone or something with a lovely or charming appearance.
Яркий YarkiyVividWhile it primarily refers to something colorful, it can also be used to describe something strikingly beautiful.
Великолепный VelikolepnyyMagnificentConveys magnificence and grandeur, often used for something exceptionally beautiful.
Неповторимый NepovtorimyyUnrepeatableMeans "unique" or "incomparable," suggesting a one-of-a-kind beauty.

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Beautiful Russian Words

The Russian language is full of beautiful words. Here are some of my favorite lyrical words in Russian, many of which also have beautiful meanings:

RussianReadingEnglishUsage Notes
Тоска ToskaLongingA complex emotional state often described as a deep spiritual anguish or yearning with no specific cause.
Совершенство SovershenstvoPerfection
Ласка LaskaAffection
Душевность Dushevnost'SoulfulnessImplies a deep, soulful connection or warmth in relationships, often associated with a genuine and open-hearted attitude.
Трепетный TrepetnoiTremulousConveys a sense of trembling excitement or anticipation, often associated with something beautiful or awe-inspiring.
Туманность Tumannost'HazinessCarries a poetic sense of mistiness or haziness, often used to describe something elusive and dreamlike.
Манящий ManyashchiyAlluring
Мир MirPeace, world
Уединение UyedineniyeSolitudeOften has a positive connotation of finding inner peace or tranquility in solitude.
Неземной NyezemnoyOtherworldly
Блаженство BlazhenstvoEcstasy
Закат ZakatSunset
Надежда NadezhdaHope
Любовь Lyubov'Love
Мечта MechtaDreamRepresents the aspirations or desires one holds for the future, of varied levels of realism.
Вдохновение VdokhnoveniyeInspirationThis word literally comes from the word вдох, meaning "inhalation."


You’re all set to add these beautiful Russian words to your vocabulary toolbelt. Pull them out during conversations to impress native Russian speakers or just enjoy the way the words feel rolling off your tongue. Have fun!

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