My Darling, My Love, My Squash: How to Say “I Love You” in Portuguese and 9 Terms of Endearment for Your Loved One

i love you in portuguese

The Greek philosopher Plato once wrote: “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”

You can love a car, a cocktail or a country.

You can love your cat, your parents and your spouse.

You can fall in love, …

How to Speak Portuguese in 4 Simple Steps

how to speak portuguese

Spoken by millions of people around the world—including folks in Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, São Tomé and Príncipe—this Romance language is bound to captivate all those who learn it.

Yes, I’m talking about Portuguese!

Wouldn’t it be great …

Learn Portuguese 101: A Complete Step-by-step Guide for Absolute Beginners

learn portuguese

Oh, Portuguese!

The nasal sounds, the incredible dialects, the diversity in its melody, the sense of humor!

It’s a chance to connect with others who speak the language.

What’s not to love?

We totally understand why you want to learn …

Want to Learn Portuguese for Free? Get Started with 15 Outstanding Online Resources

learn portuguese for free online

In this tab, you are reading a post about how to learn Portuguese for free.

In another tab you might be touring Rio de Janeiro in a virtual helicopter.

In yet another window, maybe you are learning about the …

Relax! The Days of the Week in Portuguese and Why Every Day Is a Vacation


Did you know that every day of the week in Portuguese was named for a day of rest?

It’s true!

Over the centuries, various changes coming from Latin and Hebrew roots produced a selection of day names that are different …

Suntans and Samba! 15 Resources to Learn Brazilian Portuguese Like a True Brasileiro


Is the call of caipirinhas, Capacopana, Carnival, tropical sunshine and samba luring you in?

Are you chomping at the bit to get down to Brazil for the first time or fifth?

Well, before you can fully access all the wonders …

How to Learn Portuguese Grammar and Stop Fearing the “G-word”

how to learn portuguese grammar

It strikes fear in your heart.

The very idea of approaching it makes you want to hide.

When you accidentally gaze upon it, you recoil in horror.

Yes, we’re talking about grammar. For Portuguese students, learning grammar can be one …