The Right Start: Learn Portuguese for Beginners with 8 Enlightening Resources


Starting any journey requires preparation.

You need to pack all the right things so you don’t end up buying a $10 bottle of water at the airport to avoid collapsing from dehydration.

You need to have all your navigational tools …

Perfect Pronunciation: Portuguese Accent Marks and Their Many Sounds


Portuguese has many sounds.

It’s romantic and beautiful.

It’s lyrical and musical.

And sometimes, it’s just… nasal!?

Some days it easily resembles Spanish, other days it sounds almost like Polish. Sometimes it sounds like it’s just making things up.…

Home Away from Home: 5 Homestay Brazil Programs for Portuguese Immersion


When I first got to Brazil, I saw people giving each other beijinhos (kisses) to greet each other. It didn’t seem that strange—until I actually had to do it.

Giving a beijinho is simple: All you do is …

5 Steps to Learn Portuguese Reading and 10 Websites to Practice Your Newfound Skills


We all know the three Rs: reading, writing and arithmetic.

There are two things we know about these Rs: spelling is clearly not on the list for a reason and it’s incredibly important to know the three skills in order

Local Lingo: 16 Brazilian Slang Words to Speak Like a Native


Visiting Brazil can mean a lot of things.

It can mean experiencing the iconic carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro.

Or it can mean sampling street food while embracing the urban hustle and bustle of São Paulo.

But however …

7 Portuguese Language Classes to Turn Your Language Skills into a Class Act


Sometimes, you just need a little support.

Whether it is your best friend who graciously listens to you rant ad nauseam about your out-there fan theories for the shows you watch or your favorite barista who diligently gives you an …

75+ Portuguese Travel Phrases and Words for 1 Awesome Trip


During my first day living in Brazil, I didn’t use the bathroom all day.

I knew how to say “Where’s the bathroom?” in Portuguese. So why did I suffer all day long?

I was too embarrassed to talk.

I don’t …