From Angola to China: 10 Countries That Speak Portuguese


From Brazil to East Timor…

From Cape Verde to China…

From Angola to Equatorial Guinea… and back!

No, we are not talking about the thrilling but erratic travels of the famed Carmen Sandiego (but seriously, can you imagine her frequent-flier …

Say Hi: 31 Portuguese Greetings to Start Any Encounter on the Right Foot

portuguese greetings

Greeting people in Brazil with an insecure handshake and a nervous smile?

Saying hi to your friends from Portugal in Spanish?

Never again!

While it is true that Portuguese-speaking countries will generally accept a firm handshake, a kiss on

Study in Your Jammies: Learn Portuguese at Home with Immersion and Resources


We’ve gotten to a point in society where theoretically, you never have to leave your home.

Food and basic essentials can be delivered to your doorstep.

You have access to people around the world with your internet connection and you …

Try Not to Drool: Portuguese Food Vocabulary for Learners and Food Lovers

portuguese food vocabulary

Think of your favorite food.

Now imagine not being able to ask for it.

Scary, right?

Well, if you’re making a trip to a Portuguese-speaking country anytime soon, you’d better brush up on your Portuguese food vocabulary or get ready

7 Sweet Sources to Watch Brazilian TV Online for Portuguese Learning


Can’t get enough of soccer?

Love staying up-to-date on the latest news?

Hooked on long-lost relatives and unnaturally frequent comas in soap operas?

Regardless of your TV addiction, you need resources to fuel your fire. No one wants to …

Portuguese TV Online to Immerse Yourself in European Portuguese


It’s current.

It’s unlimited.

And best of all, you can enjoy it for free.

Watching TV from Portugal online has some undeniable advantages.

Not only can you hear all the Portuguese phrases you’d learn in conventional Portuguese language classes, …

Saddle Up: 9 Perfect Portuguese Language Exchange Resources


Once you’ve started to learn Portuguese, it’s time to saddle up and get the practice you need.

You already have plenty of Portuguese textbooks in your saddlebag, but do you have the perfect partner to help you explore …