10 Advanced Japanese Words to Memorize for the JLPT N1 and Fluency


You might never need to use the word “defenestration” in a sentence, but it sure is a great word to know, right?

Japanese also has words like this: slightly more difficult and obscure, but definitely good to know.…

Shiritori and Beyond! 5+ Japanese Word Games You Can Play Online for Free


Who doesn’t love playing a good game?

Games provide us with a way to escape from reality and to have some fun during our downtime.

But believe it or not, games can also be great teachers.

Learning with games—especially …

It’s Super Effective! Learn Japanese with Pokémon


You’re addicted.

You can’t stop until you…

“Catch ‘Em All.”

That’s right: Pokémon.

There are so many of them! They’re waiting for you near waterfalls, taunting you from the tall grass, leering at you in dark caves.

If you’ve played …

Learn Anime Vocabulary: 3 Beginner-friendly Ways to Learn Japanese from Anime


Choose a topic. Any topic.

Science? There’s an anime about that.

Introverts? Yep, there’s an anime about those.

A girl who turns tiny and literally becomes her crush’s right hand? You’d better believe there’s an anime about that

8 Interesting Facts About the Japanese Language You Didn’t Know


Put the kettle on and settle down in your comfiest chair.

It’s time for a 休憩 (きゅうけい) — break.

Here at FluentU, we write a lot of articles to help you improve your fluency in whatever language you’re interested in.…

5 Japanese Translation Exercises to Push Your Skills Beyond Their Limit


Daft Punk has some excellent life and language learning advice in their popular song:

“Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger.”

It’s a four-step process:

Step one: Work hard.
Step two: Get better.

5 Advanced Japanese Lessons Online for Native-level Fluency


It’s been a long road, but you’ve finally made it.

You’re officially an advanced Japanese learner.

The journey has probably been a difficult one but ultimately incredibly rewarding.

Celebrate! Be proud of yourself! Far too many don’t get to …