Learn the Japanese Past Tense with the How to (and How Not to) Guide


You can’t rewrite the past…

But you certainly can write about it! Checkmate, wise old proverb!

However, in order to do so, you must first master using the past tense.

Learning a foreign language usually begins with learning its …

Learn Japanese by Reading: 20+ Guided Reading Suggestions for Eager Students

learn japanese by reading

Struggling to begin reading in Japanese? So did I.

In fact, my first attempt at reading a real book was a complete failure.

I’d gone out to eat Ramen with a friend after class. We stopped at a bookstore on …

15 Japanese Dramas with English Subtitles for Learning the Language

japanese dramas with english subtitles

Who doesn’t love curling up with a good TV show, some snacks and a cozy couch?

Some of us take it a bit far and turn an hour of “me time” into eight hours of “I need to see …

40 Body Parts in Japanese to Build Up Your Vocabulary from Head to Toe


There’s one thing people around the world will always have in common—we all have fleshy, squishy mammalian bodies.

Isn’t that connection beautiful?

That being said, we also talk about those bodies constantly, no matter where we’re from.

We talk …

Daily Japanese Lessons for Busy People: 6 Resources for Any Schedule


Doing anything on a daily basis can be hard.

Adhering to a strict skincare routine? Good luck on Friday night.

Eating healthy? Maybe for a few days, but then the craving for a pizza kicks in with a vengeance.

Hitting …

The Etiquette and Format of Japanese Email Writing


“… I think that your Japanese is good enough to understand how you should address a professor. Please reword this email before I forward it to the department head.”

This is the last sentence of an email I received after …

Learn Japanese with Romaji and Skip the Kana Confusion

learn japanese romaji

Learning the Japanese writing system can seem as difficult as successfully deciphering a toddler’s drawing: Nothing you have learned this far prepares you for it, and making a mistake can have drastic consequences.

Japanese writing looks completely different from English …