How to Say Friend in Japanese: From BFFs to Business Associates


With 130 million Japanese speakers on the planet, it would be surprising if you didn’t know one or two of them.

If you’ve been studying Japanese for any length of time, you’ve likely gotten to know at least one native …

Agree to Disagree: How to Say Yes and No in Japanese


Think about the last time you agreed or disagreed with someone.

Without much thought, you may have given a non-verbal answer, such as giving a thumbs-up or shaking your head in disapproval. You may have even given a one-word answer …

Pretty Please! The Guide to the Japanese Te Form


Please listen up!

Are you trying to sound more natural in Japanese?

Then it’s time to tackle the Japanese 〜て (te) form.

If you’ve heard Japanese spoken beyond the most basic constructions, then you’ve probably heard the form many times.…

How to Speak Japanese: 10 Unconventional Tips and Tricks for Becoming Fluent


Do you know why Batman is so incredibly cool?

It’s because he has that awesome utility belt with all those gadgets.

Well, I guess it’s also because he knows martial arts and has a ton of money and all. But …

How to Learn Japanese with Anki: 5 Tips for Personalized Flashcard Learning


Flip, flip, flip…

That’s the sound of your Japanese skills improving, one flashcard at a time.

Flashcards are a fantastic way to learn new vocabulary words, memorize complicated kanji and even remember grammar constructions.

And if you take your flashcards …

Beyond Watashi: A Quick Guide to Saying “I” in Japanese


Who are Atashi, Boku and Ore? Did I forget these characters’ names?

That’s what I thought when I first started watching subtitled anime. I felt lost. Characters were using a variety of terms to refer to themselves …

Samurai Cat, to the Internet! Watch Japanese Drama Online and Learn the Langauge (and Culture)


Are you a drama queen?

If you’re learning a new language, maybe you should be!

Japanese learners often enjoy watching Japanese television shows as a way to study the language and culture.

But when you aren’t in Japan, or if …