Japanese Gestures: 16+ Gestures Every Learner Should Know


Have you ever tried to speak Japanese over the phone?

It’s not any easier than speaking to someone face to face, is it?

In fact, it can be much more difficult.

When you can’t read a person’s face and …

Time Is of the Essence: How to Tell Time in Japanese Today



This is an all-important phrase in both English and Japanese, and I’m sure you’re familiar with it in at least one language.

It means “time is of the essence.”

When it comes to learning Japanese, this phrase has

9 Audio Resources for an Earful of Japanese Learning


Want to get your audio on?

Ready to hear real Japanese in conversation?

Looking for some gripping Japanese audiobooks?

Just need to hear a word pronounced correctly?

Come one, come all. We’ve got audio resources for all that …

10 Phonetastic Phrases to Help You Crush Your First Japanese Phone Conversation


The telephone rings.

It’s your native Japanese friend.

At first, you’re psyched that she called you up!

Panic sets in.

Those thousands of Japanese words and phrases you’ve studied become a jumbled mess in your head.

Even after you’ve spent …

Learn Japanese with Radio: 6 Student-friendly Online Options


Can you sense all the great Japanese learning opportunities around you?

They’re literally in the air…waves.

But it’s not surprising if you’ve never noticed them.

In this day and age, radio has unfortunately become somewhat forgotten.

We tend to lean …

Sing and Shake to Japanese Fluency with Fun Music for Language Learners


Picture yourself at five years old, sitting in front of the TV watching “Sesame Street.”

Now, can you still remember some of the songs you heard on that show?

How about the pop tunes you obsessed over as a teenager? …

Learn How to Think in Japanese with These Awesome Tips, Tricks and Translation Ideas


Your thoughts make you who you are.

Your deepest, darkest desires. Your dreams and goals. Your fears and anxieties.

And they’re literally with you all of the time.

It’s the little voice that helps you remember your keys before you …