Spanish Apocopation: 15 Times When Shortening a Word is Grammatically Correct


Hey bro, nice abs. Let’s talk biz.

No, I have not gone crazy! I am just showing examples of apocopation by chopping up some words.

All the words highlighted above and many others you use in your daily life are …

Indefinite Pronouns in Spanish and How to Be Specifically General


Imagine you are having a coffee near the beach in sunny Barcelona and you overhear a girl say the following:

“Tengo bastante. No necesito nada más.” (“I have enough. I do not need anything else.”)

What does she have? What …

Under Construction: 8 Spanish Vocabulary Builders to Boost Your Wordsmithing Skills

spanish vocabulary builder

Imagine that your Spanish skills are like a house.

The support beams that hold everything together are made of grammar rules.

The walls and roof are your pronunciation skills and cultural knowledge (like when to use the polite “you”

You’re Under Arrest! How to Use Cuyo in Spanish and Call on the Possession Police


There is a word in Spanish I like to call the possession police.

This word is not a possessive per se, but it always has something to do with possession.

As you may have guessed from the title, this

Wonder No More! Learn What Hay Means in Spanish and When It's Used


There’s a llama in my living room.

Yes, a real llama!

There’s also a cat in my kitchen and a giraffe in my bathroom.

My Spanish-speaking neighbor just showed up to complain about the odd noises and smells …

9 Spectacular Spanish Learning Apps for Android That ARE The Droids You're Looking For

learn spanish app android

We have computers to clean our houses and keep them at the perfect temperature.

Computers are driving cars for us and even providing therapy.

Is there anything computers can’t do?

As a Spanish learner, your best study tool is

How to Use the Present Perfect Tense in Spanish Like a Native


He perdido mi cartera. (I have lost my wallet.)

This simple sentence reveals so much information about what has happened. It is incredible!

By just uttering this sentence, I am letting you know:

1. I have lost my wallet (obviously!).…