66 Spanish Fall Words That Will Get You Through the Season


Fall is magical.

Natural life around you changes in the blink of an eye from green to red, brown and yellow.

Every single day is colder than the previous one, until suddenly, you are in the middle of your Halloween

Spanish Crossword Puzzles to Gamify Your Spanish Vocab Learning


What’s a 10 letter word for a Spanish word game?

Crucigrama (crossword)! 

My grandmother is obsessed with crossword puzzles.

She does at least one every single day and has gotten to the point where she can do them in …

Be the King of the Jungle: Animals in Spanish and How to Speak About Them


Did you know that murciélago (bat) is the only animal word in Spanish that contains all the vowels in its name without repeating them?

Or that the giraffe’s species name is camelopardalis, which can be translated as “cameleopard”? (You …

How to Pronounce "Despacito" Lyrics and Improve Your Spanish Pronunciation



Just one little word is enough to get hips shaking all over the world.

In case you missed it, “Despacito” was a global phenomenon in the summer of 2017.

It smashed records and topped charts all over the world. …

How to Learn Spanish as a Family: 8 Lesson Resources Everyone in the House Will Love


“La manzana no cae lejos del árbol.” 

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

It’s how we say that kids are like their parents—or they learn through their parents’ example.

Learning Spanish with your kids is one of the

Flirt, Dance, Gossip: Tips for Living Like a Local While Studying Abroad in Spain


Looking forward to jamón ibérico, scorching beaches or meandering chats after class over tapas and vino (snacks and wine)?

Or… maybe you have no idea of what to expect from your study abroad trip to Spain. Does your mind …

Ding! Level Up: 6 Spanish Level Tests to Take Your Learning to the Next Stage


Ding! Level up.

Isn’t that sound in video games addictive?

Progressing up the levels gives you something to work toward and makes you feel accomplished.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could apply the idea of leveling up to your