A-ten-hut! 10 Powerful Spanish Verb Drill Resources to Transform Your Skills


Basic training can be challenging for even the fittest, most prepared candidates.

Still, it is an essential step of turning civilians into soldiers.

Spanish students also have to go through specialized training in order to transform themselves from students to …

Spanish Grammar Worksheets with Answers to Help You Conquer the Language


“Cuando era niño soñaba con conquistar el mundo, ahora me doy cuenta que tú eres mí mundo y me has conquistado.” (“When I was a kid I dreamed of conquering the world, now I realize that you’re my world and …

32 Spanish Conjunctions to Step Up and Link Up Your Sentences


There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of ways to connect words and sentences.

You may not be aware of it but you use conjunctions practically every time you talk or write.

Longer and more complex sentences are indicative of a …

Pack Light: Download a Spanish Dictionary for On-the-go Learning


Just the thought of hauling around a several-hundred page dictionary makes my back ache.

However, whether you live in a Spanish-speaking country or not, having a Spanish dictionary on hand whenever you need one is indispensable to your learning.

It …

No, Thanks: How to Say "No" in Spanish from the Polite to the Resolute


Even if you are an absolute beginner, you already know the two most important words in Spanish.

Let me break it down for you:


No (No).

Great job! That is one step closer to fluency. Phew!

Now, …

Learn How to Use Tener and Venir to Instantly Boost Your Spanish Skills


Learning Spanish can have many surprises and challenges.

You might find yourself asking some questions at your bewildered textbook:

Why are there so many verb conjugations?

How am I ever supposed to learn them all?

And why are some of

Wondering if Spanish Is Hard to Learn? Get Your Answer Here!


Olympic athletes do some incredible things.

It takes a combination of innate talent, thousands of hours of practice and an impressive level of dedication to excel at their skill so much that they make it look easy.

But that does …