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The 15 Best Classes to Learn Conversational Spanish [2024]

As a Spanish student, it can be difficult to learn the skills necessary to hold real conversations.

This post will show you 15 conversational Spanish classes to help improve your Spanish-speaking skills and speak with confidence!


1. Visual Link Spanish Level 1

conversational spanish

Price: Free

These lessons focus on conversational skills like greetings, survival phrases, basic grammar, travel phrases and more.

Each section is broken down into smaller units that address key vocabulary, quiz you on what you’ve learned and provide additional practice in the form of fun, interactive games.

There are also animated videos, audio in both English and Spanish and they frequently use English explanations for a beginner-friendly approach.

Taking the course is free, but if you like it, you can upgrade to unlock additional material and more levels.

2. FluentU

Price: See current rates on the pricing page

This online language learning program aims to help you learn real conversational Spanish through authentic media such as music videos, movie trailers, commercials and inspiring talks.

FluentU gives you access to hundreds of conversations between native Spanish speakers, all of which come with interactive subtitles and full transcripts, flashcards and quizzes.

conversational spanish

FluentU is available for browsers, iOS devices and Android devices.

3. Basic Spanish 1: Getting Started

conversational spanish

Price: Free

La Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (The Polytechnic University of Valencia) offers this free online MOOC through edX.

This course teaches basic vocabulary, conjugations and conversation skills. It’s designed to take four to five hours of work per week for seven weeks, but is completely self-paced so you can complete it as quickly or slowly as you’d like.

While this introductory Spanish course teaches you conversation skills for free, you can receive a certificate of your accomplishment for $40.

4. Spanish for Beginners: Learn Conversational Spanish Quickly

conversational spanish

Price: 19$

This course is provided by SkillSuccess, a website that focuses on video-based courses. It’s designed to teach beginner-level conversational Spanish skills.

While it bills itself as a “conversational” course, it still teaches reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

The course covers several key topics, including common verbs, present tense conjugations, negation, questions, greetings and much more.

5. The Conversational Spanish Rapid-Learning Method

conversational spanish

Price: 64$

This Udemy course is designed to give complete beginners through intermediate-level students conversational Spanish skills that they can use in real-life situations.

Through 71 video lectures, the course covers scenarios you’re likely to encounter if you ever travel abroad, like asking for directions, booking a hotel, meeting people, eating out and more.

Instead of teaching grammar, this course focuses on phrases you can use immediately.

To further reinforce your learning, the course also offers practice videos, quizzes and PDF printouts.

6. One Month Spanish

conversational spanish

Price: from 9$/month or $149/per year

This online course is designed to teach conversational Spanish in just 30 days with audio lessons each day.

That’s why this program focuses on speaking and listening rather than studying flashcards and grammar rules. 

The topics covered include greetings and introductions, looking for an apartment, sightseeing and much more. 

One Month Spanish is intended to help learners improve not only their conversational skills but also their confidence in speaking and understanding Spanish.

7. Conversational Spanish 1

conversational spanish

Price: $1,194/for 5 weeks

The University of Phoenix offers this beginner-level, five-week-long conversational Spanish course.

The course teaches vocabulary, grammar and culture, but the main focus is “meaningful use” of the language and effective communication in Spanish.

Specific themes addressed include family, home, weekends and school.

Plus, you can even earn three credits for completing it. Contact the university to check when the next session for this course is and to see if credits will transfer.

8. Spanish Dialogues


Price: Free

Spanish Dialogues is a collection by 123TeachMe of over 500 dialogues divided into three levels featuring 13 different Spanish accents!

Each short dialogue includes both the audio and the transcription, together with an English translation.

They cover topics such as greetings, traveling, shopping, telling the time, restaurants and nationalities.

You’ll also find hundreds of dialogues covering specific grammar topics from very basic (like the present tense or the verb gustar) to very advanced (like the imperfect subjunctive or the impersonal se).

9. Camino Barcelona Conversation Spanish Courses

conversational spanish

Price: from $226

This school has the Instituto Cervantes accreditation, so you know you’ll be attending a high-quality course and have qualified native teachers.

You can take the courses either in person in Barcelona or online. 

The courses are divided into several different levels of intensity that range from a simple conversation course to a super intensive conversation course.

What I like the most about this school is that they have two different conversation topics for each day (Monday to Friday) for all 52 weeks of the year!

10. Conversational Spanish 1: Master Spoken Spanish

conversational spanish

Price: $56

Another course from Udemy, Conversational Spanish 1 is the perfect course for real beginners who have no previous knowledge of Spanish.


The course features over 120 minutes of videos divided into different sections that will teach you the vocabulary you need to be able to talk in Spanish.

Topics include introductions, descriptions of things and places, eating at a restaurant and asking for help.

conversational spanish

Price: Free

Offered by Rice University, this is a conversation course that caters to people in the healthcare sector.

The course is divided into four modules, each of them dealing with a different aspect of the patient-doctor interaction.

Even though the course can be completed at your own pace, it’ll take you at least 23 hours to finish.

The whole course is in Spanish (intermediate level) and consists of videos with readings and assignments. You also have to complete a test at the end of each section.

12. Conversational Spanish Dialogues

conversational spanish

Price: $15

If you have an Audible account, download this entertaining conversational Spanish course full of real-life dialogues in both Spanish and English. 

Each dialogue is first presented in Spanish, followed by its English translation, and you can use the free e-book that comes with the course to read along.

With a length of four hours and 32 minutes, this audio course is perfect for learners who want to make their commute more entertaining or learn while doing other things.

13. Spanish Conversations

Price: Free

This is a great free resource that offers 24 conversations on everyday topics like getting to know someone, shopping, transportation and more. 

Conversations are geared towards beginner and intermediate learners.

The format includes an audio recording and a side-by-side Spanish-English script for you to follow along with.

There are also notes included at the bottom of the conversations to explain anything that might’ve been confusing and the reasoning behind certain word usages.

14. SMS Spanish Conversation Courses

conversational spanish

Price: Get in touch for pricing

If you happen to live, study or vacation in Tenerife, and you want to take part in a quick conversation course, SMS Spanish has just what you’re looking for.


SMS offers conversation courses for small groups of learners (from three to eight) for levels from A2 to C2.

The courses have a minimum of eight classes of 90 minutes, with each group as a whole being able to decide if they want to buy more classes or not.

The classes can be started any time of the year as long as there are three students in the group, and learners get to choose the day and time of the classes and the topics they want to talk about.

15. BaseLang’s Real World Program

conversational spanish

Price: $179/per month

With BaseLang, you subscribe and get unlimited one-on-one online Spanish conversation tutoring! You are able to choose from over 100 tutors and can book with the same tutor or different ones.


BaseLang promises to get you from zero to conversationally fluent fast and efficiently.

You choose the pace, the tutors, the time… And they even give you the class materials for free!

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, intensive and affordable private conversation program, BaseLang is for you.


Conversational Spanish requires lots of practice, so choose your favorite classes from this list and start boosting your Spanish-speaking skills today!

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Review 1

I am enjoying FluentU. I have been using this site for a couple weeks and I have definitely noticed a huge improvement in my vocabulary. I love that it uses a lot of relevant clips like Norman fait des videos to practice REAL French, and it is presented in such a fun way that it makes it easy to practice. Using this site has become part of my daily routine.

- Rachel Hollars

Review 1

I really like learning with the videos. I have studied using other methods and it was very hard to put what you were learning into context. With the videos, not only are you learning new vocabulary, you are seeing how it is used. For example the tone which is used, the body language of the person using the phrase and the reaction to the phrase being said.

- Frederick Calestini

Review 1

I love how I get to see videos, listen to music and learn about real and relevant aspects of the Chinese culture. I enjoy seeing faces in those videos of actors and people that I can recognize from other programs outside of Fluent U - which again tells me that the materials I get are relevant in the real Chinese/Taiwanese culture!

- Aileen Raquel Araúz