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Learn Spanish with Cartoons: 15 Cool Kid Shows for Adult Language Learners


Are you tired of wasting hours upon hours on listening comprehension exercises that make you just want to quit?

Do you want to learn Spanish like a kid would?

Have you ever wondered why some learners seem to memorize everything …

12 Spanish Flashcard Apps to Learn New Words in a Flash


Oh, flashcards!

Those rectangular magical creatures that have been helping us remember things for decades.

When I was growing up, I used flashcards for almost every subject. Mind you, this was around 25 years ago and I did not have …

Moving Pictures: Learn Spanish with Videos for an Engaging Study Sesh


The say a picture is worth a thousand words.

But do you know what is worth a thousand pictures? A video!

We love watching videos. Some of us are addicted to TV, YouTube, Instagram stories…

Here’s the thing.

You …

20 Ways to Learn Spanish Through Immersion: The Natural Path to Fluency


What if I told you that a lot of the things you think you know about language immersion are wrong?

That language immersion does not mean being surrounded by a language.

Or spending money on endless courses.

Or even having …

17 Spanish Learning Tools to Build Strong Language Skills


It is easy to find Spanish learning tools and resources online these days.

The real struggle is choosing the ones that are actually good.

The stress is real, guys. First world problems, galore!

But stress no more, my friends.

After …

Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns in Spanish, or How to Sound Like a Native


Imagine if someone said the following:

“I bought a car. The car is very fast. The car was red but I had the car painted yellow.”

This tells you two things: 1. The speaker now has a yellow car and …

Transformation Complete! When Adjectives Act as Nouns in Spanish


Do you believe in magic?

Did you know there are words in Spanish that can magically transform into a different part of speech?

This post will teach you how to take a Spanish adjective, do some hocus-pocus and …