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A One Word Game Changer: 19 Ways to Use Así in Spanish


Did you know that mastering one simple word in Spanish can greatly improve your language abilities?

Yes, that’s right, one word!

I haven’t made any mistakes here. I am really talking about one single word.

That word is the …

Spanish Conversation for Beginners: 150+ Expressions, Questions and Sentences to Keep the Conversation Flowing


You have a lot of things to say.

In Spanish.

But you’re just starting this language learning journey, and you don’t know how.

Or maybe you’re shy.

As a language learner myself, I’ve been there plenty of times, and it …

Learn with Spanish Word Lists: 101+ Themed Words Every Spanish Learner Should Know


Before you can have a house, you need to start with the individual bricks.

In the same way, before you can have Spanish fluency, you need to start with the individual words.

Introducing the wonderful world of Spanish word lists!…

It’s All Good! Spanish Bien and Bueno in a Nutshell


Do you “cook good”?

Or you are “well at cooking”?

If the two sentences above make you cringe, then you should know that is how it sounds when bien (well) and bueno (good) are mixed up in Spanish, too.

If …

Conocer vs. Saber in Spanish: Know Which One to Use!

conocer vs saber

So you think you know it all.

You know your fam, your city, you know Spanish and you know how to ice-skate.


But do you know when to use saber and when to use conocer in Spanish?

Just …

It’s About Time! Your Complete Guide to the Spanish Future Perfect


Have you ever wanted to travel in time?

Would you like to see what the world will look like in 200 years?

Unfortunately, that is not something I can help you with, sorry!

However, I can help you

Spanish Transition Words Made Easy: The Guide to Connecting Your Thoughts Like a Pro


Transition words are the knots that hold sentences together.

Imagine a world where all we have are one-verb, simple sentences.

We would say things like:

Ayer me partí una pierna. No puedo ir a la escuela hoy. (I broke …