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Let’s Get Down to Business! 87 Professions in Spanish to Boost Your Vocabulary


According to Reference, there are over 5 billion jobs in the world.

That is a whole lot of jobs!

Just for fun, I tried to find out how many different types of jobs and careers there are in the …

Mind Your Manners! 15 Ways to Say Thank You in Spanish (Plus Phrases for You’re Welcome)


Do you know Ariana Grande’s song “Thank you, next?”

Even she, while saying goodbye to an ex-boyfriend, shows perfect manners by thanking him.

I bet most of us wouldn’t do the same.

As much as I love her, …

This Is Getting Tense! Your All-in-one Guide to Spanish Tenses


Are you a grammar nerd who needs to know absolutely everything about Spanish grammar?

Are you an advanced learner of Spanish wanting to push yourself towards fluency?

Do you have what it takes to learn every single Spanish tense and …

Learn Spanish With Music: 10 Spanish Love Songs to Shake Up Your Studies


Well, well, well… Look who’s trying to learn some Spanish without the help of a book!

I salute you, my friend!

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a fun, different way to learn Spanish.

Each learner …

Cat Got Your Tongue? How to Ask Questions in Spanish and Never Be Tongue-tied Again!


Preguntando se llega a Roma… 

Wait, what?

See? Five words and we are already lost.

Thank goodness we have questions to rescue us from this kind of situation when we have no idea what’s going on.

So, since you are …

15 Stupendous Spanish Online Courses for a Super Structured Study Sesh


What do we want?

To learn Spanish!

When do we want it?


How do we want to do it?


I am pretty sure you have heard about the “what do we want” meme. It is almost everywhere!…

Learn Spanish with 15 Cartoons for Kids You’ll Also Love


Are you tired of wasting hours upon hours on listening comprehension exercises that make you just want to quit?

Do you want to learn Spanish like a kid would?

Have you ever wondered why some learners seem to memorize everything …