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Once Upon a Time: The Spanish Imperfect Tense and How to Master It


Did you know that Spanish has 10 different past tenses?

Or that native Spanish speakers normally use around eight of them on a daily basis?

Isn’t that crazy!?

For an English native speaker, having 10 different past tenses might …

Getting to The Core: 110 Spanish Core Vocabulary Words for a Solid Foundation


Did you know that out of the 283,000 words we have in Spanish, we only use around 300?


A normal person uses about 300 words in their daily life, an educated person around 500 and a professional writer …

A Spanish Subject Pronouns Guide to Save You from Boredom


Once upon a time there was a girl called Martha.

Martha was learning Spanish.

Martha went to the language school every day and Martha was a great student.

One day, Martha decided that it was time Martha went on vacation

Hear Spanish Words Pronounced for Improved Listening and Speaking Skills


When you start learning a new language, no matter how old you actually are, you have to treat yourself like a child.

Baby steps at the beginning are the way to go.

There is no use in trying to memorize …

Brr! 66 Spanish Fall Words to Cozy Up with This Autumn


Fall is magical.

Natural life around you changes in the blink of an eye from green to red, brown and yellow.

Every single day is colder than the previous one, until suddenly, you are in the middle of your Halloween

The Grammar and Vocab of Animals in Spanish: Learn, Use, Repeat!


Did you know that murciélago (bat) is the only animal word in Spanish that contains all the vowels in its name without repeating them?

Or that the giraffe’s species name is camelopardalis, which can be translated as “cameleopard”? (You …

Por Versus Para: 20 Expressions to Enrich Your Everyday Convos


Are you a master of disguise?

Can you pass as a native Spanish speaker?

Could you write with such great Spanish that even your Spanish teacher would be fooled?

If you have answered “yes” all of these questions, congratulations!…