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25 Best Disney Movies in Spanish [with Catchy Soundtracks]

Disney movies are timeless, magical and enjoyable for all ages. Luckily, for Spanish learners, most of them are available in Spanish, complete with top-tier voice actors and catchy Spanish songs.

Watching Disney movies in Spanish can be a whole new experience. Plus there are Disney movies too that focus on Spanish-speaking culture, like Colombia and Mexico.

Keep reading for 25 Disney movies in Spanish that have captivated millions of fans over the years!


Tips for Learning with Disney Movies in Spanish

Here are some practical tips that’ll help you make the most out of Spanish Disney movies: 

  • Be mindful of which type of Spanish the movie uses. Most Disney movies come with different versions for European and Latin American Spanish, often with different translations and voice actors.
  • Pay attention to the theme songs. Disney movie songs are made for singing along to, with repetitive (and emotional) lyrics. The most popular ones have Spanish versions.
  • Start with a movie that you already know. If you’re still getting the hang of watching Spanish movies, choose a Disney movie that you’ve seen before so you’ll understand the context right away.

Now let’s dig into the full list of Disney movies in Spanish: 

1. Mulán — Mulan

In this Disney classic, Mulan is a young Chinese girl who disguises herself as a man and replaces her father in the army. Determined to bring honor to her family, she goes through training and faces numerous challenges, ultimately becoming a skilled warrior (with the help of her dragon companion Mushu).

Its iconic song “Reflection” has a Spanish version here called “Mi Reflejo,” which shows her struggle to find her true self.

Key Vocabulary:

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deber — duty
disfraz — disguise
ejército — army
entrenamiento — training
espada — sword

2. La Sirenita — The Little Mermaid

This well-loved movie features the spunky Ariel, a mermaid princess who’s fascinated with the human world. She becomes smitten with Prince Eric and strikes up a risky deal with the sea witch Ursula, becoming human herself in exchange for her voice. To remain human, though, she has to get a “true love’s kiss” from Eric.

The soundtrack’s fun and upbeat, especially “Bajo el Mar” (Under the Sea), which is all about the beauty of living underwater.

Key Vocabulary:

barco — ship, boat
bruja — witch
cangrejo — crab
cantar — to sing
mar — sea

3. Toy Story

“Toy Story” was the first full movie made with CGI (computer-generated imagery).

Woody, a cowboy doll, is the favorite toy of a boy named Andy, but he feels threatened when Buzz Lightyear—a new toy—arrives. They go from rivals to friends, though, when they get separated from Andy and have to find a way back.

The movie’s signature song, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” actually has separate versions for European and Latin American Spanish.  

Key Vocabulary:

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alcancía — piggy bank
juguete — toy
perdido — lost
soldado — soldier
vaquero — cowboy

4. Encanto

“Encanto” does a great job at portraying Colombian culture (slang included).

The Madrigal family lives in an enchanted house called the Encanto. Everyone in the family has their own magical gift, except for Mirabel. When the Encanto’s magic starts to fade, Mirabel takes it upon herself to save her family and their home.

“No Se Habla de Bruno” (We Don’t Talk About Bruno) is the movie’s standout song—you’ll hear different family members pitching in and singing.

Key Vocabulary:

abuela — grandma
casa — house
colorido — colorful
don — gift
encanto — charm, spell

5. Pocahontas

For stunning traditional animation, “Pocahontas” is your must-watch Disney film.

It’s the 17th century, and Pocahontas, a native American princess, encounters English settlers. She falls in love with one of them—Captain John Smith­—as they try to understand each other’s cultures. This leads to conflicts, though, between the settlers and Pocahontas’s tribe.

“Colores en el Viento (Colors of the Wind) is a breathtaking song where Pocahontas teaches John Smith about the sacredness of nature.  

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Key Vocabulary:

árbol — tree
bosque — forest
colonia — colony, settlement
descubrimiento — discovery
explorar — to explore

6. Hércules — Hercules

“Hercules” might be about Greek mythology, but it’s great for kids at heart. I enjoyed the jokes here!

Hercules is a half-mortal son of Zeus. Raised on Earth, he sets out on a journey to become a hero and reclaim his immortality. Along the way, he battles mythical creatures and even finds love.

The soundtrack makes you want to sing along, especially “No Importa la Distancia” (Go the Distance).

Key Vocabulary:

alma — soul
aprendiz — apprentice, novice
campeón — champion
destino — destiny
dios — god

7. La Bella y la Bestia — Beauty and the Beast

It’s been more than 30 years, but “Beauty and the Beast” still gives me butterflies.

Belle, a bright young woman, dreams of a more adventurous life—only to become imprisoned by a Beast in his castle. The Beast is actually a cursed prince, though, who must learn how to love.

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Even with a 2017 remake, the original still wins out in terms of music. Make sure to listen to La Bella y la Bestia” (The Beauty and the Beast)!

Key Vocabulary:

baile — dance
biblioteca — library
candelabro — candelabra
castillo — castle
festín — feast

8. Aladín — Aladdin

This Disney film is packed with plenty of action and comedy.

Aladdin lives out in the streets, but his fortunes change when he finds a magic lamp that summons a genie. The genie grants Aladdin three wishes, so he asks to become a prince, with the goal of winning the heart of Princess Jasmine, the Sultan’s daughter.

One of my favorite scenes is when Aladdin and Jasmine sing “Un Mundo Ideal” (A Whole New World) as they fly on their magic carpet.

Key Vocabulary:

alfombra — carpet, rug
cueva — cave
genio — genie
hechicero — sorcerer
ladrón — thief

9. Enredados — Tangled

“Tangled” is a fresh 3D take on the “Rapunzel” fairytale.

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Rapunzel is a princess with magical long hair, but she has been locked away in a tower her entire life. Luckily, a charming thief named Flynn Rider stumbles upon her tower, and she seizes the chance to escape with him.

The most magical moment in the movie would be when they discover their feelings for each other while singing “Veo en Ti la Luz” (I See the Light).

Key Vocabulary:

caballo horse
— hair
— chameleon
— crown
— flower

10. Coco

Coco is another essential Disney film for Spanish learners because it’s all about Mexican culture and tradition.

Miguel has a deep passion for music, but for some strange reason, his family strictly forbids it. The night before Día de los Muertos, he’s magically transported to the Land of the Dead, where he must uncover what exactly happened with his family before.

You’ll hear different versions of the song “Recuérdame” (Remember Me) all throughout, with the touching message of love going on beyond death.

Key Vocabulary:

abuelo — grandad
cantar — to sing
cementerio — graveyard, cemetery
cruzar — to cross
espíritu — spirit

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11. Las Locuras del Emperador — The Emperor’s New Groove

“The Emperor’s Groove” is absolute comedic gold, with slapstick-style animation. It has even inspired tons of memes.

Kuzco is a spoiled,  self-centered Incan emperor who gets betrayed by his advisor and turned into a llama. He has no choice but to rely on Pacha, a down-to-earth peasant, to help him return to his palace and reclaim his throne. This forces him to learn about humility and the importance of treating others with respect.

The European Spanish title (“El Emperador y Sus Locuras”) literally means “The Emperor and His Madness.”

Key Vocabulary:

ardilla — squirrel
campesino — peasant
cima — top
consejera — advisor
fea — ugly

12. Bichos — A Bug’s Life

“A Bug’s Life” is among the most popular Disney films in Spanish-speaking countries.

To defend his ant colony against a gang of attacking grasshoppers, Flik turns to warrior bugs for help. The problem is he mistakenly enlisted a group of circus insects instead. Now he has to find a way to get everyone together to stand up against the gang and its leader Hopper.

The Spanish version impressively retains the wordplay from the original. For example, an ant named Thorny is called “Espina” in Spanish (meaning thorn).

Key Vocabulary:

araña — spider
circo — circus
comida — food
hoja — leaf
hormiga — ant

13. El Rey León — The Lion King

“The Lion King” has got to be one of the best animated films of all time.

Simba is a young lion prince who’s destined to be king. He runs away after his father dies tragically, believing that it’s his fault.

Still, he eventually has to reclaim his place in the kingdom and free it from his treacherous uncle Scar.

The soundtrack here is phenomenal. Even the movie opening, with “El Ciclo sin Fin” (Circle of Life) playing, is gorgeous.

Key Vocabulary:

fuego — fire
heredero — heir
hiena — hyena
jabalí — warthog, wild boar
sabana — savanna

14. Frozen

“Frozen” is one of the most commercially successful Disney movies ever.

Elsa is a princess with a magical ability to control ice and snow. Because she’s scared of her abilities, she isolates herself in any icy fortress and ends up causing an eternal winter throughout the land. Her sister, Anna, is determined to find her and bring back summer.

The film’s main song, “¡Suéltalo! (Europe)” or “Libre Soy (LatAm)” (Let It Go), became viral. If you love the English version, then check out the Spanish version.

Key Vocabulary:

Frozen (2013): Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Arendelle, Ice, Let It Go, Sister, Snowman, Adventure, Love.

amor — love
aventura — adventure
congelar — to freeze
hermana — sister
hielo — ice

15. Buscando a Nemo — Finding Nemo

This award-winning film had me chuckling when I first watched it, and I still love it now as an adult.

A clownfish named Marlin has had his son, Nemo, captured and placed in a fish tank in a dentist’s office in Sydney. He’s all set on traveling across the ocean to find Nemo, and Dory—an optimistic blue fish with a bad memory—offers to help him.

One of the most memorable lines comes from Dory: ¡Sigue nadando! (Just keep swimming!)

Key Vocabulary:

arrecife — reef
buzo — diver
dentista — dentist
medusa — jellyfish
nadar — to swim

16. Los Increíbles — The Incredibles

“The Incredibles” is an amazing superhero family movie.

The Parr family seems normal on the outside, but they actually have superpowers. Bob Parr, once known as Mr. Incredible, misses his superhero days. When he’s lured into a trap, his wife Helen (formerly known as Elastigirl) and their three kids set out to rescue him.

Most of the characters have the same names in the Spanish version, but funnily enough, one superhero character—Frozone—is translated as “Frozono.”

Key Vocabulary:

capa — cape
elástico — elastic
invisible — invisible
máscara — mask
rescatar — to rescue

17. Moana

As a 3D movie, “Moana” features spectacular views of the Pacific Islands and colorful underwater scenes, with cool special effects.

Moana, an adventurous Polynesian teenager, has been chosen by the ocean to save her people from a spreading destructive force. To do this, she needs to restore a mystical gemstone owned by an island goddess and travel across the vast Pacific Ocean.

Its main song, “Cuán Lejos Voy” (How Far I’ll Go) is very soulful, describing Moana’s longing to explore beyond her island.

Key Vocabulary:

brillo — shine, sparkle
bote — boat
collar — necklace
concha — shell
isla — island

18. Tarzán — Tarzan

Here’s another movie that’s based on a classic novel, and it comes with fast-paced forest fight scenes.

Tarzan is an unusual young boy: he’s raised by gorillas in the jungle. He’s forced to grapple with his human identity, though, when he encounters a group of people—including Jane, a British girl who’s extremely curious about him.

A musical highlight in the movie is when Tarzan’s gorilla mother sings a tender lullaby to him called “En Mi Corazón Vivirás” (You’ll Be in My Heart).

Key Vocabulary:

aprender — to learn
campamento — camp
cazador — hunter
comunicarse — to communicate
escopeta — shotgun

19. Intensa-mente — Inside Out 

“Inside Out” shows how complex emotions can be—and how feeling sad is okay and even normal.

It’s creatively set inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl named Riley. The main characters are her core emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. As she tries to adjust to moving to a new city with her family, Joy and Sadness try to restore the balance among her emotions.

The Latin American Spanish title is “Intensa-mente” (Intense Mind/Intensely), while the European Spanish version is a literal translation (“Del Revés”).

Key Vocabulary:

alegría — joy, happiness
desagrado * — displeasure
enojo — anger
miedo — fear
tristeza — sadness

*Desagrado is the name given to Disgust in the Spanish versions.

20. Cars

“Cars” is another Disney movie that ended up being even more popular in Spanish-speaking countries.

Lightning McQueen, a successful but arrogant race car, dreams of winning a prestigious championship. However, he gets lost on his way to the final race and ends up in a forgotten town.

As he spends time with the town’s quirky residents, including a rusty tow truck and a spirited Porsche, Lightning discovers a slower pace of life and gradually realizes that winning isn’t everything.

Key Vocabulary:

carrera — race
carretera — highway
coche — car
ganador — winner
grúa — tow truck

21. Valiente — Brave

Merida from “Brave” is the first Disney princess without a love interest.

She’s a Scottish princess who would rather have freedom and adventure over royal duties and marriage. When her mother disapproves of this, she turns to an eccentric witch for help and accidentally transforms her mother into a bear. She has to reverse the spell soon, or it might become permanent.

Many of the songs in the film feature Celtic music, including “Viento y Cielo Alcanzar” (Touch the Sky).

Key Vocabulary:

arco — bow, arch
Escocia — Scotland
flecha — arrow
hermano — brother
luces — lights

22. El Jorobado de Notre Dame — The Hunchback of Notre Dame

“Hunchback of Notre Dame” comes with some serious social themes. It’s based on Victor Hugo’s novel!

Quasimodo is locked up and treated cruelly by his guardian, Judge Frollo, because of his deformed appearance. Still, a gypsy dancer becomes his friend, showing him kindness and acceptance. When Judge Frollo launches a campaign against the gypsies, it’s up to Quasimodo to defy him and save the city of Paris. 

“Afuera” (Out There) is Quasimodo’s ultimate song, and it’s so heartfelt that it’s even offered as a karaoke track. 

Key Vocabulary:

asilo — asylum, sanctuary
cabra — goat
campana — bell
capitán — captain
catedral — cathedral

23. Lilo y Stitch — Lilo and Stitch

Lilo, a lonely girl living in Hawaii, adopts a ‘dog’ named Stitch. What she doesn’t know is Stitch is actually a genetically engineered alien meant to cause destruction. Despite this, Lilo refuses to give him up, and her acceptance of him starts to change him.

Whether in Spanish or English, the tagline is just as beautiful: “Ohana significa familia, y tu familia nunca te abandona ni te olvida.” (Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.)

Key Vocabulary:

azul — blue
bailar — to dance
científico — scientist, scientific
extraterrestre — alien, extraterrestrial
galaxia — galaxy

24. El Planeta del Tesoro — Treasure Planet

 “Treasure Planet” is another great Disney film filled with warm, lively visuals. 

Jim Hawkins, a rebellious teenager, discovers a map to the legendary Treasure Planet, which is said to hold vast riches. To find it, he goes aboard a solar-powered spaceship and joins a quirky crew as they search for the planet.  

Sigo Aquí (I’m Still Here) is Jim’s theme song, and it’s a powerful ballad that expresses his inner struggles.

Key Vocabulary:

adolescente — teenager, adolescent
botín — loot, booty
leyenda — legend
luna — moon
mapa — map

25. Zootopia

 “Zootopia” is set in a vibrant, modern city where the residents are animals.

Judy Hopp is the first rabbit to join the Zootopia Police Department. Eager to prove herself, she takes on a mysterious case where several predators disappeared unexpectedly. She partners up with Nick Wilde, a cynical fox who seems like her opposite.

Fun fact: For this film, Colombian pop superstar Shakira voices Gazelle, a famous pop singer in Zootopia. She even sings the main theme—“Intenta Todo” (Try Everything)—in both English and Spanish versions!

Key Vocabulary:

averiguar — to find out
borrego — sheep
conejo — rabbit
flor — flower
investigar — to investigate


These Disney movies are all well-loved, with wholesome storylines and carefully crafted animation.

From classics like “Lion King” to more recent hits like “Frozen,” watching these movies in Spanish will have you immersed in the language. You might even get addicted to the Spanish soundtrack.

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