Your Guide to British English Speaking (Accents Included!)


What is the world’s sexiest English accent?

According to a Time Out survey mentioned in the The Guardian, it’s the British accent.

Maybe you would have guessed that.

After all, there’s a widespread idea of British English being

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What do you do when you have a quiet evening to yourself?

You know, the kind of evening when you can just relax and get comfortable.

Do you watch a movie? Read a book? Play online games?…

Learn English with Films! 14 Recent Movies Learners Will Love


Films are like feasts.

Just like a feast, a film has different parts.

But instead of different dishes, you get different scenes.

You don’t get to taste anything. But you do get to enjoy different sights and sounds.

And a …

8 Easy Ways to Learn English with the Bible


Have you ever tried to read an English Bible?

Did you end up wondering whether you were actually reading English?

As I child, I often wondered why the Bible had all of these strange English words that nobody used in

2 Steps to Endless Beginner English Listening Practice!


The beginning is the hardest part.

Ask the famous writer Stephen King.

He threw away the first draft of his novel “Carrie.”

After his wife encouraged him to rewrite the novel, it got rejected 30 times.

But when …

The 8 Best American Movies for English Learners (with Subtitles!)


Have you heard of the red carpet?

If not, I bet you’ve seen it before.

The red carpet is where Hollywood stars pose for pictures and give interviews before big events like the Oscars.

It’s a place for …

The 4 Best Virtual Reality Apps for English Learners of Tomorrow


You walk into a coffee shop and your senses come alive!

You see fresh hot coffee dripping through the brewer. You smell the delicious aromas wafting to your nose. You hear the buzz of conversation and the inviting atmosphere relaxes …