The 11 Most Fun English Games You Can Download Now and Play Whenever


Does English learning feel like a chore?

It should not!

Today I will be sharing a list of English game downloads to help you practice English and have fun while you are learning.

Games are a great way to

How to Form the Plural of Any English Noun: 6 Simple Rules (with Examples and Exceptions)


Imagine living in a town with only one bookstore.

You walk in to see one lonely book sitting on the only shelf.

Hungry, you walk down the street to the only fast food restaurant in town. Strangely, there’s only …

Impress Your Reader: Use These English Descriptive Writing Tools Instead of Boring Vocab


Fill your words with color.

Use descriptive English to make your writing more powerful and vibrant.

Make the reader say, “I feel like I’m right there!”

But how?

It’s not as hard as you might think. You can tell better …

How to Find the Best English Forum for Your Learning Goals


Nobody likes waiting.

We want instant delivery!

Fast food!

Amusment parks with no lines!

And we want our English learning questions answered right here, right now.

So there’s no use waiting around on an English language forum that’s as …

4 Steps to Create a Flexible English Study Plan That Grows with You


What do a delicious cake and a Beyoncé concert have in common?

They both start with a good plan.

Planning makes things go right—from simple cake recipes to complicated dance routines. Plans help us prepare for problems and stay on

How to Speak Formal English: Just Swap These Polite Words for Ones You Already Know!


Every day in middle school, I would pick up a new slang word from my friends.

I felt pretty cool using them, until I accidentally cursed in front of my parents.

But instead scolding me for my impolite language, my …

Looking for Free English Lessons? Start with These 7 Incredible Sites


“Free” is my favorite word.

It just gives me a rush!

You’ve probably felt it, too.

Do you know that gleeful excitement when someone hands you a free sample outside a store?

How about the joy of getting gift cards …