Essential English Clothes Vocabulary for Every Season


Look at you!

Snazzy. Fresh. Fly. 

In other words, you look good!

But do you know what you’re wearing?

English clothes vocabulary can be pretty confusing. Some words are super specific, while others are used for all kinds of clothing …

Top 5 English Picture Dictionaries That Make Memorization Way Easier


Ever been in a maze?

It’s a puzzle where you have to escape, but the route is twisted and blocked at every turn.

Mazes can be fun, or they can be terribly frustrating.

Any English learner knows this!

English learning

The Subtitle Search Is Over: 8 English Video Sites with Subtitles for Learners


English subtitles are like a bridge.

They’ll take you from “What are they saying?!” to“I can totally understand this!”

They’ll help you understand English speech while you watch movies, TV shows and videos—until one day you cross the …

8 Fun Shows Created by Netflix That Are Perfect for English Learning


You should do the laundry…

But you watch Netflix instead.

You should do your homework…

But Netflix is so much more interesting.

We all use Netflix to procrastinate (avoid hard work).

What if we could watch Netflix without feeling guilty?

What Are the Most Common English Words? Top 30 Organized by Theme


They may be small, but do not underestimate them.

English words do not need to be long and complicated to cause confusion.

Is it to? Or two? Or maybe too?

Wear will I find the answer? …

Dictation in English Online: 14 Tools to Build Comprehension Confidence


Jump off that bed!

Put away your cozy socks and dump out that warm tea!

Relaxing can be wonderful, but now’s not the time.

We’re here to give our English skills a serious workout.

Dictation in English exercises aren’t …

How to Learn Medical English for Healthcare Industry Work


There’s English…

And then there’s medical English.

Even to native English speakers, medical English can seem like its own, complicated foreign language.

If you’re an English learner working in or studying the medical field, it can be easy to …