The Ultimate Guide to Full Spanish Lesson Plans Online

I bet we can guess exactly how you prefer to spend your time outside of class:

Not engaging in your latest hobby or catching up with a childhood friend.

Not getting dinner with your significant other.

And certainly not binge watching your favorite television show.

You can’t hide the truth from us.

We know that you love to do something in your free time that’s far more exciting.

Yes, surely your passion is dedicating hours and hours to constructing lesson plans from scratch!

Hopefully your sarcasm detector has been sounding the alarm.

While it’s true that you may get a certain satisfaction out of creating lessons for your students, especially if the finished product is the brainchild of a particularly productive planning session, we also know that class prep outside of class hours can be undesirable.

So whether you’re stumped for where to get lesson plans for a traditional style class, or wish to change them around a bit for a more modern method like flipped teaching, we’re here to help!

The Ultimate Guide to Full Spanish Lesson Plans Online

Where to Find Full Spanish Lesson Plans for Beginners

Young students and anyone just setting out on their Spanish learning journeys will benefit from lesson plans that provide enough basic information to pique their curiosities and reel them in by getting them interested in the target language.

It is also best not to deter students from Spanish by bombarding them with too much information per lesson. Give your students time to act as sponges and absorb the information you present them. Think lots of learning games!

And if you’re hunting for great online teaching resources, you should also check out FluentU.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language lessons.

Each video comes with interactive captions that teach the language in-context. With FluentU’s diverse and growing library of authentic content, students learn and live Spanish in an immersive fashion, regardless of their language skill level.

FluentU works for the educator as well! FluentU’s integrated teaching tools make it simple to monitor your students’ progress as they complete exercises and review the newly-learned material.

Check out FluentU today to see how you can get your students even more excited for language studies!

Now let’s discuss some places where you can start crafting your Spanish lesson plans!


spanish lesson plans

Espanico is a fantastic site that not only provides full lesson plans to beginner students, but also to those at an intermediate or advanced stage. This entire page is brimming with free lesson plans for elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and any other level student! The detailed organization of the site is its major strength. In the left-hand column of the lesson plan page you’ll find links to lesson plans focused on news in Spanish, business Spanish, Spanish phrases and even “absurd” Spanish lesson plans! I bet you’re curious about that last one.


spanish lesson plans

EDSITEment is a fabulous place to stumble upon in the vast world of the internet. Each lesson, such as this one for teaching colors to young Spanish learners, is divided into tabs of subcategories like “Introduction,” “Guiding Questions,” “Learning Objectives” and more. This method makes it easier on the eyes than if the lesson plan were a giant blob of amorphous text.

Lesson Planet

Lesson Planet is the go-to spot for K-12 educators looking for quality, pre-reviewed, pre-sorted lesson plans. It’s a subscription-based site that offers materials not only for Spanish beginners, but for any level within the K-12 age range. Aside from full lesson ideas, you can find worksheets on grammar, vocab and culture topics, apps, presentations and more. Since all materials are sorted by grade level, subject, resource type and standard (Common Core and state), it’s extra-easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re teaching AP Spanish literature to high school students or Spanish numbers to third-graders, Lesson Planet has got you covered.


spanish lesson plans

The lesson plans available on the TeAchnology site are short, sweet and to the point. Each plan is broken down into what materials you need to execute it well, ideas and tips to cater it to differing needs of students, plus other pertinent information. For example, this basic introduction to Spanish lesson organizes the steps that you should take while teaching this topic to your class.

The Spanish Teachers

spanish lesson plans

The Spanish Teachers webpage categorizes lesson plans by student ability level. This particular lesson plan for beginners focuses on learning schedules and telling time. The lesson plan includes links for printable worksheets and takes teachers step-by-step through how to execute the plan in class. It also links to games that students can play in class while learning their new material.

Bright Hub Education

spanish lesson plans

Bright Hub Education offers simple, easy-to-follow lesson plans for introducing topics such as days of the week. On their homepage, there are many other topics for varying levels of Spanish as well. Conducting lesson plans in a productive way that gets through to students can get tricky, so it’s nice that Bright Hub Education has numerous links coaching teachers on catering to different learning styles. For example, there are lessons for teaching through games, song and dance, vocabulary activities and more.

Where to Find Full Spanish Lesson Plans for Intermediate Learners

As they begin to learn more difficult material, it’s important to keep your students engaged and interested with fun activities.

The Spanish Teachers

If you meander over to The Spanish Teachers’s lesson plans page, you’ll notice they are divided by language ability. For intermediate students, choose lessons listed under Spanish II. In this section, you can select from communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities as topics for lesson plans. For an example for an intermediate lesson from the communities topic, check out this plan, which will prepare students to use Spanish outside of the classroom.

Bright Hub Education

Bright Hub Education dedicates a page of its site to 6th-12th grade learners, and the lesson plans you’ll find there are generally more intermediate. For example, it offers a stellar lesson plan for teaching the imperfect verb tense, and another great lesson plan teaches Spanish reflexive verbs.

Where to Find Full Spanish Lesson Plans for Advanced Learners

If you teach a higher-level Spanish class with students ready to take on and tackle more complex grammar and vocabulary like ninjas, then it’s time to implement some of the following lesson plans.

Electronic Field Trips

The Hispanic World unit of the Electronic Field Trips website is an ideal place to start. Of course, your students would probably prefer a real field trip to a Spanish-speaking country, but that’s just not feasible. The six electronic field trip lesson plans get your students as close to Spain, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America as possible without buying a single plane ticket.

The detailed plans include links that students can visit while conducting research on various countries. The lesson detailed in the plan gets students to work in groups on a more in-depth project regarding different cultures of the aforementioned countries. To get the most out of these plans, hold the lessons in a computer lab if you have access to one. After students have studied the countries in their groups, take a look at the sixth lesson plan, which gets students to compile all they have learned into a final project.

University of Texas-Austin

According to the lesson plan section of the University of Texas at Austin’s website, more advanced lesson plans are coming soon. But in the meantime, check out their section containing intermediate-advanced lessons, as many of these are quite challenging as is, and could perhaps suit your advanced class. The format of these plans are Word document downloads, and some focus on particular films or books, but can be tweaked to focus on any book or film of your choosing.

The Spanish Teachers

The Spanish Teachers page of lesson plans, previously mentioned in our section for beginners, also has more advanced lessons. For advanced students, choose lessons listed under Spanish IV. You can select from the same five “c” topics when searching for lesson plans: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities.

For example, here’s a plan that gets students talking. This particular lesson focuses on improving the speaking skills of your students, so it offers suggestions on how to make them feel more comfortable when conversing in Spanish—which is often the toughest part for them.

Additional Spanish Lesson Plan Resources

The Pimsleur Approach lovingly lays out all the resources any teacher would need to go forth and create an awesome lesson plan. The site provides links to worksheets, 

quizzes and—most importantly—a framework for the lesson itself. The Pimsleur Approach does this for a variety of topics, from weather and colors to foods. So check it out!

With so many lesson plans out there just floating around the world wide web, you may all of a sudden find yourself with that gloriously elusive thing so few teachers have these days: free time!

So go catch up with that friend and binge watch your favorite show. FluentU’s got you covered!

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