The Ultimate Italian Vocabulary List: 1000’s of Words and Phrases to Learn

Drop that dictionary! You don’t need to learn all 250,000+ Italian words you’ll find in there.

Instead, dedicate your precious time to learning core vocabulary words—words that will form the foundation of your Italian learning and allow you to have real conversations.

Not sure where to start? Check out any of the Italian vocabulary lists linked below and study the ones that are relevant to you for a solid start to your collection of core Italian words.



Core Vocabulary

Your core vocabulary is a relatively small but very important collection of Italian words that you should know inside and out. These are the most common essentials that you’ll find yourself drawing from on a regular basis. Get started with the most important core vocabulary, like colors, body parts, weather expressions and more.




Travel and Survival Vocabulary

Whether you’re planning a trip to Italy or just “window shopping” online, don’t forget to pack Italian phrases. They’re just as important as your change of underwear and take up no space in your luggage!


Hobbies and Pastimes

Whether you’re into soccer or Versace, knowing the right words in Italian for your hobbies can help you navigate your pastimes—and find like-minded friends.



Date and Time

There’s a reason why language learners often study time, days, months and seasons early in their language journey. Having the right time vocab makes it easier to make plans, discuss future and past events and make sure you always show up on time (or, well, relatively on time).





Food, Drink and Restaurant Vocabulary 

Ah, Italian food. Just reading that probably conjured up images of pasta, topped with some mozzarella, tomatoes and a sprig of basil. Perfection! By the time you get through these posts about Italian cuisine, restaurant and cafe terms and cooking terms, you’re probably going to need a lunch break.




Conversational Vocabulary

Don’t just learn Italian words—learn Italian words that you’ll actually use in everyday scenarios! Start with the word lists below, which cover everything from how to say hi and introduce yourself, to the proper way to say goodbye and good night.











Romantic Words and Phrases

Italian is known worldwide as “the language of love.” When you want to get a bit romantic, reach for these exquisite Italian words and expressions. Because when the Italian language is used to express your love for someone, well, that’s amore (love). Literally!







Slang and Casual Expressions

Hey there, what’s hanging? It’s time to ditch the textbook (temporarily, at least) and get down with the local lingo. To sound more authentic, check out some Italian slang that you can use in person or online.





Italian Sayings and Proverbs

Struggling with a particularly difficult grammar point? Don’t forget that “dopo la pioggia, arriva il sole” (after the rain comes sunshine). Frustrated that you only have a few minutes to study? “Meglio aver poco che niente” (it’s better to have a little than nothing). Italian has words of wisdom for every occasion!


Easy Italian Words for English Speakers to Pick Up

Not sure where to go from here? Start with some easy Italian words! You might be surprised at how much Italian you already know thanks to cognates (words that sound and mean the same) between Italian and English.




Miscellaneous Fun Vocabulary 

Italian is a playful language. Have some fun with your learning by adding some of these funny, unique and fun expressions to your Italian studies.





You’re ready to take on the Italian-speaking world with all these Italian vocabulary words and expressions in your bag. Bravo! (Great job!) 

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