The Ultimate Italian Vocabulary List: 1000’s of Words and Phrases to Learn

Drop that dictionary! You don’t need to learn all 250,000+ Italian words you’ll find in there.

Instead, dedicate your precious time to learning core vocabulary words—words that will form the foundation of your Italian learning and allow you to have real conversations.

Not sure where to start? Check out any of the Italian vocabulary lists linked below and study the ones that are relevant to you for a solid start to your collection of core Italian words.



Core Vocabulary

Your core vocabulary is a relatively small but very important collection of Italian words that you should know inside and out. These are the most common essentials that you’ll find yourself drawing from on a regular basis. Get started with the most important core vocabulary, like colors, body parts, weather expressions and more.


The 53 Most Common Words in Italian Every Beginner Should Know

Learning Italian? Start here! Learn this list of 53 of the most common words in Italian and you’ll be well on your way to a robust vocabulary and everyday conversational…



Body Parts in Italian: Words and Expressions to Get Down to the Bones About il Corpo

Welcome to Italian Anatomy 101! Come right in and learn all about the parts of the body in Italian. Study the vocab and pick up some common body-part phrases you can use…



A Rainbow of Words: 12 Colors in Italian and 8 Playful Expressions That Use Them

Add some color to your conversations with these 12 dazzling color in Italian, and 8 colorful expressions that use them.



Meet the Parents: 18 Italian Family Words to Add to Your Vocabulary

The family is an integral part of Italian culture and language. With these 18 Italian family words, you can bring some authenticity to your vocab, and make your nonna…



20 Italian Weather Expressions to Describe the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Weather can be good, bad or downright ugly. Here are 20 Italian weather expressions and terms to describe what’s going on out there and reach expert level at small talk.



25 Animals in Italian to Take You on a Language Safari

Go on a safari in your next study session with 25 animal words in Italian, paired with plenty of cultural context!


Travel and Survival Vocabulary

Whether you’re planning a trip to Italy or just “window shopping” online, don’t forget to pack Italian phrases. They’re just as important as your change of underwear and take up no space in your luggage!


107 Essential Italian Travel Phrases and Words to Pack for Your Trip to Italy

Preparing for your trip to Italy? Don’t forget to pack this list of 107 basic Italian travel phrases and words every traveler needs!



Fab Phrases and Smart Strategies for Fluent Italian Train Travel

An experienced traveler details his tips, tricks and essential language skills for smooth and fun rides on Italian trains.



All Roads Lead to Rome: Directions in Italian

Learn to ask for and receive directions in Italian before wandering the streets of Rome. Here’s all the key vocab, example dialogues and information you need!

Hobbies and Pastimes

Whether you’re into soccer or Versace, knowing the right words in Italian for your hobbies can help you navigate your pastimes—and find like-minded friends.


Game On! 50+ Italian Sports Vocabulary Words and Expressions for Fervent Fans

Enjoy sports the Italian way with over 50 Italian sports vocabulary words and expressions for football (a.k.a. soccer), cycling, rugby and more!



Groceries and Gifts: A Complete Guide to Shopping in Italian

Want to go shopping in Italy? You’ll need to stock up with some shopping words and phrases in Italian! Learn all about how to address salespeople in Italian and what words…



Clothes in Italian: Everything You Need to Know to Shop Until You Drop!

Whether you’re a bona fide fashionista or just want to do a little casual shopping on your next trip to Italy, learning the words for all different types of clothes in…

Date and Time

There’s a reason why language learners often study time, days, months and seasons early in their language journey. Having the right time vocab makes it easier to make plans, discuss future and past events and make sure you always show up on time (or, well, relatively on time).


Master the Clock: Tell Time in Italian and Make Plans Like a Pro

Telling time is essential in any language. Learn to tell time in Italian with key words and phrases for optimal planning and punctuality. Time to learn!



All Year Round: Months in Italian and What Each One Brings

Knowing how to talk about the months in Italian is an essential part of learning the language. Unlike many countries, all 12 months play a critical role in Italian…



Learn the Italian Days of the Week and Seize the Day!

Learn the Italian days of the week, including how to use them in sentences and how to pronounce them like a native speaker. Discover cultural tidbits about Italy and the…



The Seasons in Italian: How to Pack and How to Chat About Them

If you’re planning a trip to Italy or frequently chat with native speakers, you’ll definitely want to spice up your vocab by learning the seasons in Italian. Read this…


Food, Drink and Restaurant Vocabulary 

Ah, Italian food. Just reading that probably conjured up images of pasta, topped with some mozzarella, tomatoes and a sprig of basil. Perfection! By the time you get through these posts about Italian cuisine, restaurant and cafe terms and cooking terms, you’re probably going to need a lunch break.


40+ Essential Italian Food Vocabulary to Whet Your Appetite for Learning

Everyone knows the best Italian recipes are written in Italian. You’ll need a few Italian food vocabulary words to make sense of them. Check then out in this post!



Let’s Eat! How to Order Food in Italian and Feast Like a Roman

Learn to order food in Italian like the natives do and you’ll be sure to get an authentic (and delicious) experience!



Andiamo al Caffè: How to Order Coffee in Italian Like a Local

For a true Italian learning experience, you’ll need to participate in Italian coffee culture. Here’s how to order coffee in Italian to get you started!



Essential Italian Restaurant Vocabulary to Feast Like a Local

Craving some fresh pasta? Steak and wine? Gelato? Order the perfect meal like a pro with these Italian restaurant vocabulary words.



More Spleens, Please? Delightful Phrases for Italian Restaurants

Why go to Italy if not to eat?! Here are 100+ Italian restaurant phrases for choosing a place to eat, ordering, paying and all the deliciousness in between.


Conversational Vocabulary

Don’t just learn Italian words—learn Italian words that you’ll actually use in everyday scenarios! Start with the word lists below, which cover everything from how to say hi and introduce yourself, to the proper way to say goodbye and good night.


Hey There! Learn How to Say Hello in Italian with 7 Common Greetings

Say goodbye to ciao and hello to these 7 Italian greetings! Learn how to say hello in Italian, no matter what the occasion or who you’re greeting.



Beyond Ciao! 8 Friendly Italian Greetings and How to Use Them

Italian greetings will open every door for you in Italy. Here’s how to give a friendly Italian greeting to friends, family, strangers and even your boss!



How to Say Goodbye in Italian: 10 Phrases for a Graceful Exit

Find out how to say goodbye in Italian in any situation, whether you’re heading home from the office or wishing a dear friend the fondest of farewells. We’ve got plenty of…



Sweet Dreams! How to Say Good Night in Italian

Learn to say “good night” in Italian! We’ll teach you the basics of wishing someone a good night, plus useful nighttime vocabulary words. We’ll even explain cultural…



How to Introduce Yourself in Italian and Make a Great First Impression

First impressions are everything! Learn how to properly introduce yourself in Italian with the right vocabulary and some notes on cultural etiquette.



Che Buono! 80+ Basic Italian Phrases to Start Speaking Like a Native

Kickstart your Italian speaking with 80+ basic Italian phrases! Covering greetings, manners, questions and more, these phrases will help you start speaking Italian like a…



Mamma Mia! Italian Exclamations to Liven Up Any Conversation

Take a cue from Super Mario and “mamma mia” your way through Italian conversations with these useful Italian exclamations!



How to Say Thank You in Italian: Gratitude Is the Best Attitude

Learn how to say thank you in Italian and express different degrees of gratitude with this little Italian guide to giving thanks. On your journey to mastering the Italian…



Sorry Not Sorry! How to Apologize in Italian Like a Pro

Learning how to say sorry is an essential skill for Italian learners. But it’s not as straightforward as you might think! The Italian language has different words and…



Bravo! Brava! How to Say Congratulations in Italian with 12 Key Phrases

There are many ways to say congratulations in Italian! From the simple “bravo” to the formal “congratulazioni,” Italians have so many ways to celebrate each other. Knowing…



Into the Wolf’s Mouth! 4 Ways to Say Good Luck in Italian

Find out four phrases you can use to wish someone good luck in Italian. Learn what these Italian phrases mean and when it’s appropriate to use them, and discover…



It’s Party Time! Your Guide to the “Happy Birthday” Song in Italian

Learn how to say—and sing!—happy birthday in Italian so you can celebrate in style! We’ll teach you the “Happy Birthday” song lyrics in Italian, recommend some other…



How to Use “Allora” in Italian: Meanings, Expressions and More

Confused about using the word “allora” in Italian? In this post, we’ll look at why learning how to use “allora” in Italian is so difficult and then study the most common…



Ready, Set, Learn: How to Use Pronto in Italian Conversation

Are you ready? When you learn how to use the word “pronto” in Italian, you will be! Learn to properly use “pronto” in all its forms and definitions, and you’ll be ready to…

Romantic Words and Phrases

Italian is known worldwide as “the language of love.” When you want to get a bit romantic, reach for these exquisite Italian words and expressions. Because when the Italian language is used to express your love for someone, well, that’s amore (love). Literally!


From Silly to Saucy: 17 Pick Up Lines in Italian to Have Some Fun While You Learn

These pick up lines in Italian might not get you a date, but they’ll improve your language skills (and might make you cringe with their cheesiness, too)!



How to Flirt in Italian Like Cupid is Whispering in Your Ear

Learning how to flirt in Italian is easy since Italian is already a naturally romantic language! All you really need to do is learn a few terms of endearment and a couple…



Italian Terms of Endearment to Make You Sing “That’s Amore!”

Ready for some amore? Learn some Italian terms of endearment for any kind of relationship and speak like a native!



Romantic Italian Phrases for Your Bruising Battle for Love in the Boot

Has a sultry Italian bombshell exploded your heart? Here are 31 romantic Italian phrases for putting your best flirt forward.



Say “I Love You” in Italian with 13 Affectionate Expressions

Love is in the air! Learn 13 beautiful ways to say “I love you” in Italian and express your affection for someone.



If You Vow to Learn About Italian Wedding Customs, Phrases and Vocab, Say “I Do”​​

Going to an Italian wedding? Then you need to know these phrases, vocab and customs. They’re also great if you love Italian culture and want to learn more!


Slang and Casual Expressions

Hey there, what’s hanging? It’s time to ditch the textbook (temporarily, at least) and get down with the local lingo. To sound more authentic, check out some Italian slang that you can use in person or online.


All the Hip Internet Slang You Need to LOL in Italian

There’s a world of Italian internet slang you’ll need when using your Italian online. Here’s everything you need to stay hip and connected!



25 Italian Slang Words to Help You Hit a Bullseye with Your Slangshot!

These 25 Italian slang words and phrases help you speak Italian more naturally–and have fun doing it! “Take the ball at the bounce” and learn them “at a bean”!



How to Talk Cool in Italian Like a Cool Cat

To be cool in Italian, you’ve got to know how to talk cool in Italian! Learn 20 ways to express cool in Italian with this super fly post on cool vocabulary and how and…



Italian Sayings and Proverbs

Struggling with a particularly difficult grammar point? Don’t forget that “dopo la pioggia, arriva il sole” (after the rain comes sunshine). Frustrated that you only have a few minutes to study? “Meglio aver poco che niente” (it’s better to have a little than nothing). Italian has words of wisdom for every occasion!


Food, Friends, Family: 12 Italian Sayings About the Important Things in Life

Italian life really is beautiful, and these 12 fun and wise sayings about family, food and friends prove it. Learn them and add some Italian love to your life!



Wise Up! 20 Inspirational Italian Proverbs About Life, Love and Friendship

Get inspired by these 20 Italian proverbs that cover diverse topics like religion, marriage, business, food, wine and more. Discover important life lessons while learning…



40 Cool Italian Idioms for the Smooth-talking Language Learner

Want to get comfortable with Italian? These 40 Italian idioms won’t just help you speak the language more fluently, they’ll make it feel like home!

Easy Italian Words for English Speakers to Pick Up

Not sure where to go from here? Start with some easy Italian words! You might be surprised at how much Italian you already know thanks to cognates (words that sound and mean the same) between Italian and English.


60 Italian Cognates That Look Just Like Their English Translations

You already know more Italian words than you realize, and it’s all thanks to Italian cognates! Learn 60 Italian words that look like their English translations in this…



14 Italian False Friends That Are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Italian false friends are tricky! Here are 14 Italian words that sound just like English words, but have very different meanings. Don’t let them fool you!



Same but Different: 50 Italian Synonyms to Round Out Your Vocabulary

Big, large, humongous: They all mean the same… only not. Express yourself more precisely with Italian synonyms and their various nuances.


Miscellaneous Fun Vocabulary 

Italian is a playful language. Have some fun with your learning by adding some of these funny, unique and fun expressions to your Italian studies.


12 Funny Italian Phrases to Sound Authentic and Spread Some Smiles

Italian might be the language of romance, but it’s also pretty funny with it tries. Check out 12 funny Italian phrases all learners can learn for an authentic boost to…



10 Beautiful Italian Words to Practice Your Pronunciation

Every language has beautiful words, but Italian takes the cannoli. Here are our 10 favorites, plus pronunciation tips that’ll get you speaking like a native.



11 Breathtaking, Untranslatable Italian Words That Don’t Exist in English

Add an authentic flair to your Italian conversations by using these 11 untranslatable Italian words to describe everything from the breathtaking to the



You’re ready to take on the Italian-speaking world with all these Italian vocabulary words and expressions in your bag. Bravo! (Great job!) 

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