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32 Italian Pick Up Lines

This post will be the cheesiest thing you’ll read today.

After all, we’re learning all about Italian pick up lines, baby.

We have 32 for you, ranging from lines that’ll make you blush to ones that’ll bring out the giggles with their corniness.

These flirty lines might seem silly but they’re awesome for using Italian in a real-world way… and having fun with it!


Romance and Pick Up Lines in Italy

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” — Giuseppe Verdi

Ah, Italia (Italy)…

Italy is, undeniably, a hotbed of romance with its sultry summer nights, charming architecture and saucy cuisine.

Rome’s Ponte Sant’Angelo is known the world over as “the kissing bridge”—an enchanting spot for lovers to kiss beneath the stars.

Galleries in Florence bear evidence of spectacular human forms. Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia and Botticelli’s Venus Rising in the Uffizi draw millions who stare and sigh.

Naples beckons as a prime spot for romantic dinners. Why not share pizza in its true birthplace while falling into the gaze of an adoring lover? 

And that tower in Pisa? Lean into me…

The Italian club scene is also known for being lively. Terms of endearment fill the air. Venetian gondoliers croon arias. And that big, beautiful moon hanging low over the Tuscan countryside completes the romantic setting.

Mamma mia! In Italia c’è amore dappertutto! (Mamma mia! In Italy love is everywhere!)

And Italian pick up lines? They’re le migliori (the best) …And the cheesiest.

Let’s check out some Italian pick up lines to see how amore (love) sometimes begins, Italian style. 

Just remember to use these pickup lines carefully, always be polite, and don’t expect them to always “work” (but they’re fun to learn)!

1. “Ciao bella!”

Meaning: “Hello beautiful!”

Expect to hear this everywhere. Like—everywhere.

If you’re a woman walking down the street and happen to catch a man’s eye? “Ciao bella!”

Waiting in line to see a show? “Ciao bella!”

That appreciative call from a passing taxi driver? You guessed it—“Ciao bella!”

If you want to turn the tables, try saying “Ciao, bello!” when a handsome guy steps up to the bar beside you. It’s just as flattering—and may be the beginning of something beautiful.

2. “Credi nell’amore a prima vista o devo passare di nuovo?”

Meaning: “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”

Love at first sight in Italian is amore a prima vista, and this pickup line puts a playful spin on that. 

3. “Posso offrirti da bere?”

Meaning: “Can I buy you a drink?”

If you think that pick up lines are only used at nightclubs or bars, think again. In Italy, the offer to buy a drink is also freely given in trattorias or cafés.

The beverage might be espresso but don’t be surprised to hear this friendly opening line.

4. “Posso offrirti una bevanda o preferisci che ti regali il mio sguardo?”

Meaning: “Can I offer you a drink, or would you prefer me to gift you my gaze?”

Che ti regali il mio sguardo simply means giving the other person your focused attention and admiration. You can also be generous and add a drink on top of that anyway!

5. “Come ti chiami? Che coincidenza! Questa è la mia parola preferita!”

Meaning: “What is your name? What a coincidence! That is my favorite word!”)

In Italy, many things are “favorites” when it’s time to toss out a pick up line.

You can bet your eye color, gelato favorite or even the brand of the shoes you’re wearing are someone’s “favorite.”

Want to have some fun—and maybe gain some extra words while you’re at it? Turn the pick up line inside out. When you meet a new person (like if someone uses this line on you!), quiz them about their favorites. Ask what their favorite car, occupation, travel destination or singer is.

Make a note of the answers and build your vocabulary list.

6. “Mi scusi, ho perso il mio numero di telefono. Potrebbe prestarmi il suo?”

Meaning: “Excuse me, I lost my phone number. Could you lend me yours?”

The English translation might sound strange—we don’t quite say it that way in English—but this pick up line comes off much more naturally in Italian. You can even request for their Whatsapp number instead, so instead of numero di telefono, you could say numero di WhatsApp. 

7. “Sai, mi manca un elemento importante nella mia vita: il tuo numero di telefono.”

Meaning: You know, there’s an important element missing in my life: your phone number.”

This is a cute way to ask for that phone number and make it more than a fleeting encounter.

8. “Ti faccio vedere il mondo, andiamo con la Vespa!”

Meaning: “Let me show you the world, we’ll go on my Vespa!”

Vespas zip in and out of Italian traffic like an army of hungry bees buzzing around in a field of flowers. They’re fun and affordable and Vespa driving elevates taking in the sights to true adventure status.

This is one pick up line that’s worth considering. Riding around the Colosseum on a Vespa? Così romantica! (So romantic!)

9. “Mi scuso, mi sembra di averti vista nei miei sogni.”

Meaning: “I’m sorry, it seems like I’ve seen you in my dreams.”

Combine this classic line with a playful smile and hint of humor, and they just might be intrigued. 

10. “Commettiamo il crimine perfetto: ti ruberò il cuore, tu ruberai il mio.”

Meaning: “Let’s commit the perfect crime: I will steal your heart, you steal mine.”

Heart theft is molto in voga (very popular) in Italy.

11. “Mi sembra di essere diventato muto… il tuo sorriso mi ha rubato le parole.”

Meaning: “I feel like I’ve become speechless… your smile has stolen my words.”

Here’s another pick up line that involves rubare (to steal). In Italian, expressions involving stealing or being robbed are a favorite for expressing how enchanted you are with someone. 

12. “Mi puoi dire che ora è? È solo per sapere quanto tempo mi ha rubato il tuo sguardo.”

Meaning: “Can you tell me what time it is? It’s just to know how much time your gaze has stolen from me.”

This time, what’s being stolen is your time—because you got so captivated and got lost in their eyes. 

13. “Quando sorridi, gli angeli piangono, è così bello.”

Meaning: “When you smile the angels weep, it is so beautiful.”

Weeping angels make it into quite a few casual meetings in Rome’s busy night life.

14. “Al cielo manca un angelo ma l’ho trovata.”

Meaning: “Heaven is missing and angel but I found her.”

They apparently often “go missing”—but are, thankfully, recovered with this ever-popular pickup line.

15. “Mi fai tremare le gambe come gelatina.”

Meaning: “You make my legs shake like jelly.”

This is a common idiom in Italian, and it means you’re really physically affected or excited by someone’s presence that you feel weak at the knees. That’s a compliment! 

16. “Dio si stava mettendo in mostra quando ti ha creato.”

Meaning: “God was showing off when He created you.”

Why stop at angels? Some pick up lines call on every resource. 

17. “Mi sembra di essere capitato nel posto giusto al momento giusto… insieme a te.”

Meaning: “It feels like I’ve ended up in the right place at the right time… with you.”

Use this line to let them know that you consider running into them a delightful stroke of luck. You’ve stumbled upon the perfect setting and, more importantly, the perfect company.

18. “Sei carinissima.”

Meaning: “You’re so sweet.”

If a potential suitor uses this pick up line, there’s a good chance they’re sweet, too.

It’s not as corny as most pick up lines are and this one almost seems sincere, doesn’t it?

19. “Scusa, mi faresti il piacere di farmi un sorriso?”

Meaning: “Excuse me, would you do me the favor of giving me a smile?”

You can also say this in a friendly context, so it’s one of the subtler or more light-hearted pickup lines. Fun fact: There’s an old law in Milan that requires you to smile all the time, except when you’re visiting at a hospital or going to a funeral. 

20. “Sono qui per fare una scommessa: scommetto che posso farti sorridere entro dieci secondi.”

Meaning: I’m here to make a bet: I bet I can make you smile within ten seconds.

Here’s a flirtier variation of the previous line that just might reward you with another smile. 

21. “Prenderò la tua foto così posso metterla in tasca e tenerti vicino al mio cuore.”

Meaning: “I am going to take your picture so I can put it in my pocket and keep you near my heart.”

When you see the phone pointing your way, you’ll know what’s going on.

It’s also a good save when someone photobombs your picture. Oops!

22. “Sei così bella che mi hai fatto dimenticare la mia frase di approccio.”

Meaning: “You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.”

Out of ideas for pickup lines? Then you can give a straightforward compliment like this one. 

23. “Ora so cosa si prova ad essere un aereo! Non hai sentito il suono del mio cuore decollare?”

Meaning: “Now I know how it feels to be an airplane! Didn’t you hear the sound of my heart taking off?”

This line works equally well with il motoscafo (motor boats) and treni veloci (fast trains).

24. “Posso offrirti un’opinione? Penso che tu sia incredibilmente affascinante.”

Meaning: “Can I offer you my opinion? I think you’re incredibly charming.”

Instead of complimenting their looks right away, you can focus on their personality too. 

25. “Sono pazzo di te, andiamo nel mio appartamento.”

Meaning: “I’m crazy for you, let’s go to my apartment.”

This is a very direct pick up line that could (and probably often does) garner a potential suitor a slap.

Remember, though, that cultural differences exist in different countries. What might be viewed as inappropriate or politically incorrect in one place is perfectly acceptable in another.

However, if you’re offended by a pick up line, it’s absolutely okay to say so. “Sono offeso/a” (“I’m offended”) gets straight to the point.

26. “Sai che sei irresistibile? Non riesco a toglierti gli occhi di dosso.”

Meaning: “Do you know you’re irresistible? I can’t take my eyes off you.”

Italian culture is known for being romantic and passionate, and this line definitely matches that. 

27. “Fa caldo qui, o sei tu?”

Meaning: “Is it hot in here or is it you?”

I actually heard this one in a small club in Florence. The pick up line was delivered by an Italian hunk who had a traffic-stopping smile. To add flair to the encounter, he waved a slow hand in front of his face as if he were overheating on the spot.

It was, I have to admit, a very memorable moment!

28. “Mi scuso, mi sembra di averti vista nei miei sogni.”

Meaning: “I’m sorry, it seems like I’ve seen you in my dreams.”

Combine this classic line with a playful smile and hint of humor, and they just might be intrigued. 

29. “Ouch! Sono appena caduto—per te!”

Meaning: “Ouch! I just fell—for you!”

For maximum effect, this pick up line may be delivered with a limp or a pained expression.

30. “Se fossi un astronauta ti porterei sulla luna. Non lo sono, quindi ti accompagnerò a casa.”

Meaning: “If I were an astronaut I would take you to the moon. I am not, so I will walk you home instead.”

Cheesy but chivalrous, no?

31. “Andiamo da te o da me?”

Meaning: “We go to your place or mine?”

Another direct line that must work because it’s heard a lot. As in every night!

I once asked a bartender what was the most common pick up line he heard while at work—and this was his immediate reply.

In any language, this one tops the list.

32. “Dovremmo baciarci. Il mondo ha bisogno di più amore, no?”

Meaning: “We should kiss. The world needs more love, no?”

A classic Italian sentiment!

It’s so romantic and endearing that you can’t help but smile when a Romeo (or Juliet) approaches with this line.

Because, really, the world does need more love, doesn’t it?


Italian pick up lines run the gamut from sweet to bold. Most fall between the two, somewhere on the cheesy-but-cute scale.

Do you still need pointers on the subject? Check out an entertaining video from Howcast to help fine-tune your pick up line repertoire.

Whether you head to Italy for the incredible food, the fabulous history or the dazzling sights, you can enjoy—and expect!—romance to come calling. And in Italy, that includes pick up lines. It’s just part of the experience!

Have fun—and good luck!

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