How to Flirt in Italian: 40 Essential Terms and Phrases [With Audio]

Many consider Italian to be the “language of love,” and with good reason. It’s beautifully lyrical and spoken with passion.

Moreover, Italians are generally very friendly and opportunities to flirt can happen in the most obvious or least expected places.

If you’re learning Italian and looking for love, or just want to have fun flirting with Italian speakers, you’re going to need some vocabulary to do so.

In this article, you’ll learn how to flirt in Italian with 40 essential words and phrases—from first encounters to cutesy pet names for your significant other.


Flirty lines for first encounters


To avoid awkwardness, make sure you read the situation before trying out one of these (slightly cheesy) Italian pick-up lines.

Dove sei stato tutta la mia vita? (Where have you been all my life?)

Sei così bella che le stelle sono gelose di te. (You’re so beautiful that the stars are jealous of you.)

Vieni qui spesso? (Do you come here often?)

Ti sei fatta male cadendo dal Paradiso? (Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?)

Manca un angelo in Paradiso? (Is heaven missing an angel?)

Phrases for getting to know someone


Vorrei conoscerti meglio. (I’d like to get to know you better.)

Dimmi qualcosa di te. (Tell me something about you.)

Qual è il tuo numero di telefono? (What’s your phone number?)

Posso offrirti da bere? (Can I buy you a drink?)

Posso ballare con te? (Can I dance with you?)

Sei impegnato/impegnata? (Are you in a relationship?)

Cosa ti piace fare? (What do you like to do?)

Questions for asking someone out


Perché non ci vediamo di nuovo? (Why don’t we meet again?)

Vuoi uscire con me? (Would you like to go out with me?)

Che ne dici di vederci qualche volta? (What do you say we see each other?)

Ci possiamo incontrare per un caffè? (Would you like to meet me for coffee?)

Ti piacerebbe uscire a cena con me? (Would you like to go out to dinner with me?)

Sei libero/a questo fine settimana? (Are you free this weekend?)

Phrases to express your feelings


Non riesco a smettere di pensare a te. (I can’t stop thinking about you.)

Tu sei il mio destino! (You’re my destiny!)

Sei la mia anima gemella. (You’re my soulmate.)

Ti voglio bene. (I’m fond of you.)

Mi sto innamorando di te. (I’m falling in love with you.)

Siamo fatti l’uno per l’altra. (We’re made for each other.)

Voglio rimanere con te per sempre! (I want to stay with you forever!)

Mi hai cambiato la vita. (You changed my life.)

Sono pazzo/pazza di te. (I’m crazy about you.)

Compliments in Italian


Sei stupendo/stupenda. (You’re gorgeous.)

Sei molto simpatico/simpatica. (You’re so nice.)

Sei molto intelligente. (You’re so smart.)

Hai dei bellissimi occhi. (You have beautiful eyes.)

Tu illumini la stanza. (You light up the room.)

Il tuo sorriso è contagioso. (Your smile is contagious.)

Questo abito ti sta d’incanto. (This dress looks great on you.)

Pet Names in Italian


Italian terms of endearment can make someone feel special and turn ordinary phrases into poetic expressions. Here are a few basic terms you can use:

Tesoro (Darling)

Buongiorno, tesoro! (Good morning, darling!)

Stella (Star)

Rendi pallida a confronto la luna, stella mia. (You make the moon pale by comparison, my star.)

Cuore mio (My heart)

Cuore mio, ti adoro. (My heart, I adore you.)

Amore mio (My love)

Come stai, amore mio? (How are you, my love?)

Bellissima (Beautiful)

Dove ti piacerebbe andare stasera, bellissima? (Where would you like to go tonight, beautiful?)

La mia dolce metà (My better half)

La mia dolce metà, sei il battito del mio cuore. (My better half, you are the beat of my heart.)

How to Practice Flirting Like an Italian

Obviously, the only real way to get better at flirting is to actually flirt. But to practice the language you’ll need to flirt in Italian, there are several resources and methods you can use.

Watch Italian movies and shows

One of the best ways to learn about the innuendos and nuances of Italian flirting is to see them in action. With so many different streaming services, you shouldn’t have any issues finding Italian movies and TV shows that fit the romantic and flirty bill.

You can also watch video clips from authentic Italian media with a program like FluentU. With interactive subtitles, flashcard decks and personalized quizzes, your entertainment time will double as immersive language lessons.

Listen to Italian music

Italian love songs are bursting at the heart seams with romantic vocabulary, terms of endearment and flirty phrases. If you listen carefully, you’ll definitely be able to steal a few lines to put in your back pocket for when the mood strikes right!

Get comfortable with the vocabulary

Work the expressions and terms of endearment you just learned into your ordinary conversations. Commenting on how cute or beautiful something or someone is offers a great way to get some practing using the vocabulary.

You can also apply appropriate terms of endearments or phrases to your close circle of friends and family during daily chats. You’ll surely elicit a few smiles if you call your grandmother bellissima (very beautiful) or your niece carina (cute).


Master a few of these phrases so that you won’t get caught tongue-tied the next time an attractive Italian drops a line on you.

If you play your cards right, you may even end your night with un bacio (a kiss) or a new sweetheart!

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