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How to Flirt in Italian Like Cupid Is Whispering in Your Ear

Picture this: You are hanging out in a chic club in Milan, listening to music and watching the action out on the dance floor when you suddenly hear, “Potrei guardarti tutto il giorno.” (“I could look at you all day.”)

You turn to find a stunning human standing beside you, smiling and waiting for a reply.

But your Italian flirting game is not up to par, and unfortunately, you find yourself simply tongue-tied. All you can do is smile awkwardly as nothing comes out from your lips.

This situation is non bene (not good).

You might have just blown your chance for true love—or at least a romantic rendezvous while vacationing in Italy—by not understanding what was said to you or how you could have responded.

Even if you are not looking for a “special someone,” it is still so much fun to laugh and flirt, Italian-style.

But flirting is a two-way street, and to do so with an Italian man or woman, you will need to learn how to flirt in Italian.

Let’s see how it is done, shall we?

How to Practice Flirting Like an Italian

Many consider Italian to be the “language of love” and with good reason.

It is, hands down, one of the most beautifully lyrical languages on the planet.

While the verb flirtare (to flirt) is now the most commonly used verb that means to flirt, back in the 15th century a wildly prolific poet by the pen name of Poliziano wrote a piece of literature that introduced the term fare la civettare (to flirt). This term was used when describing women as owl-like, batting their eyes and luring in their prey as they flirted to attract the opposite sex.

Obviously, the only real way to get better at flirting is to actually flirt, but to practice the Italian necessary to flirt in Italian there are several resources and methods that will prove to be very useful.

Watch Italian movies and shows

One of the best ways to learn about the innuendos and nuances of Italian flirting is to see them in action. With so many different streaming and entertainment subscription options, you should not have any issues finding Italian movies and televisions shows that fit the romantic and flirty bill!

Listen to Italian music

Italian love songs are bursting at the heart seams with romantic vocabulary, terms of endearment and flirty phrases. If you listen carefully, you will definitely be able to steal a few lines to put in your back pocket for when the mood strikes right!

Use the flirty phrases you have learned in non-romantic scenarios

Work the expressions and terms of endearments you are about to learn into your ordinary conversations. Commenting on how cute or beautiful something or someone is offers a great way to just get comfortable with the vocabulary.

You can also apply appropriate terms of endearments or phrases to your close circle of friends and family during daily chats. You will surely elicit a few smiles if you call your grandmother bellissima (very beautiful) or your niece carina (cute).

How to Flirt in Italian Like Cupid Is Whispering in Your Ear

There are endless places in Italy to strike up a flirtation! Italians are generally very friendly and opportunities to flirt can happen in the most obvious or least expected places.

The following flirty terms and phrases will easily carry you from one end of the Boot to the other. And who knows, you might flirt your way into a relationship!

Terms of Endearment in Italian

Italian terms of endearment can turn ordinary phrases into poetic expressions.

Bonus? They are almost guaranteed to make the person you are addressing feel super special! Add a term of endearment to the end of a sentence and make your certain someone feel extra special.

A few basic terms to try:

Il mio tesoro (My treasure)

Sei il mio tesoro. (You are my treasure.)

Stella (Star)

Rendi pallida a confronto la luna, stella mia. (You make the moon pale by comparison, my star.)

Cuore mio (My heart)

Cuore mio, ti adoro. (My heart, I adore you.)

Bellissima (Beautiful)

Dove ti piacerebbe andare stasera, bellissima? (Where would you like to go tonight, beautiful?)

Popular Flirtatious Phrases in Italian

From that first meeting to taking the next step in a relationship, there is a fitting flirty Italian phrase that will help you express your feelings, or at least make the other person smile.

To avoid an awkward situation, make sure you choose your pick-up line or compliment carefully, as some of these might not be appropriate to use with someone you have just met.

I have taken the liberty of putting the following pick-up lines, compliments and phrases in order from first encounter to potential relationship.

Flirty pick-up lines for first encounters

Dove sei stato tutta la mia vita? (Where have you been all my life?)

Sei bellissimo/bellissima. (You are beautiful.)

Sei così bella da rendere gelose le stelle. (You are so beautiful you make the stars jealous.)

Vieni qui spesso? (Do you come here often?)

Ti sei fatta male cadendo dal Paradiso? (Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?)

Manca un angelo in Paradiso? (Is heaven missing an angel?)

Flirty phrases for getting to know someone on a deeper level

Qual è il tuo numero di telefono? (What is your phone number?)

Posso offrirti da bere? (Can I buy you a drink?)

Il tuo italiano è eccellente. (Your Italian is excellent.)

Hai dei bellissimi occhi. (You have beautiful eyes.)

Balli da sogno. Posso sognare con te? (You dance like a dream. May I dream with you?)

Hai il ragazzo/la ragazza? (Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?)

Flirty expressions for getting even more serious

Perché non ci vediamo di nuovo? (Why don’t we meet again?)

Ci possiamo incontrare per un caffè? (Would you like to meet me for coffee?)

Tu sei il mio destino! (You are my destiny!)

Ti voglio bene. (I am fond of you.)

Sei la mia anima gemella. (You are my soulmate.)

Siamo fatti l’uno per l’altra. (We are made for each other.)


Learning how to flirt in Italian should be fun and lighthearted! You should use these flirty lines with a smile on your face and playfulness in your voice.

While the language of love is universal, there is something about saying or hearing these terms of endearment, pick-up lines or flirty phrases in Italian that make them all the more blush-provoking.

Master a few of these phrases so that you will not get caught tongue-tied the next time that handsome/beautiful Italian drops a line on you!

And, if you play your cards right, you may even end your night with un bacio (a kiss) or a new sweetheart!

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