15 Portuguese Grammar Exercise Resources to Whip Your Gramática Into Shape

Communicating in Portuguese, no matter the dialect you’re trying to master, requires a good understanding of vocabulary and core language rules.

You already know that there are a myriad of resources for all kinds of authentic learning—from books to movies and even the odd TV series.

But whenever you need to shift your focus to grammar, you can always count on this handy list of grammar exercise materials.


Portuguese Grammar Refreshers

If you need to review a bit before getting to the nitty-gritty of grammar practice, we’ve got some websites you need to bookmark.

1. Bate-Papo: An Introduction to Portuguese

bate-papo-book-cover This e-book is free to view and download from the University of Washington’s website. Although it’s labeled as an “introductory” textbook, it’s packed with enough material to ensure that you have a solid grounding in the fundamentals of the Portuguese language.


The book is divided into eight units, seven of which are made of two parts each. The contents follow a logical format, starting from introductions all the way up to important historical facts about Portugal, particularly its capital Lisbon.

Most importantly, it features a wide variety of exercises like shadowing conversations, writing exercises and listening comprehension. The textbook is designed to be used in the classroom; however, some exercises can be completed on your own.   

2. Language Tutorial: Free Portuguese Worksheets


Language Tutorial has a small selection of grammar-based worksheets that offer a run-through of present verb conjugations, everyday vocabulary terms and links to other sites where you can find Portuguese grammar exercises.

The website also has free tutorials covering all your language essentials in case you need any extra help.

Portuguese Grammar Apps

Learning works best when you’re genuinely engaged. Luckily, there are lots of good apps for those who want to hone their Portuguese grammar skills. Here are some of our top picks to get you started.

3. Babbel: Learn Portuguese Online


Want to check where your Portuguese is at the moment? Using the link above, click “Start” in the box labeled “Start with a placement quiz.” Depending on the results, you can take the recommended courses that suit your level. 

You can also go straight to whichever course suits your fancy. For example, you can click “Grammar” and take any of the 15 lessons covering nouns, pronouns, verbs, sentence structure, adjectives, adverbs and more.

If the lessons made you curious about the Babbel app, check out this review about it.

4. Mondly Languages: Portuguese Grammar


Mondly has courses specially designed to teach grammar to both Brazilian and European Portuguese learners. It works under the philosophy that grammar shouldn’t be a boring subject and features a series of interactive exercises and lessons that’ll definitely keep things interesting.

Plus, some questions let you listen to native speakers having real-life conversations, giving you ample opportunities to get in that much-needed Portuguese listening practice. And in case you’re curious what else Mondly has to offer, you can read this review for more information. 

5. FluentU


This app boosts your grammar skills through authentic Portuguese videos. Since you can listen to real Portuguese being spoken in various contexts (like movie clips, news segments and inspirational talks), you can pick up new grammar concepts in context.

The Portuguese subtitles also help, allowing you to hover your mouse over any word to see a contextual definition, as well as its grammar information.

Every piece of native Portuguese language content is paired with a series of exercises that will help you see all your new nouns, verbs and other words in action.

6. Busuu


Busuu is a social networking app for learning languages. While the free version has extremely limited features, the premium monthly subscription comes with grammar exercises and enough content to quickly get you through the equivalent of a college semester’s worth of study.

There’s also an offline mode that allows you to take your learning with you wherever you go. Grammar units are designed to help you work on sentence building, and in-app conversation exchanges will get you practicing everything in a more authentic manner.

On the fence about using this app? Here’s a review on Busuu to help you decide if the premium subscription is worth it.

Portuguese Grammar Exercises on Verbs

Here’s the thing: Even native Portuguese speakers get confounded by verb conjugations from time to time. After all, there are quite a few rules, irregularities and tenses to digest.

But we’re not saying that to discourage you! Think of it as motivation to study and impress the locals with your Portuguese skills. To really nail this grammatical component, try these interactive study aides—all available online for free.

7. verbos-portugueses.info: Practice Verbs


Verbos-portugueses.info is a website that works as a verb conjugator, which (like a good dictionary) is incredibly useful when you’re practicing your writing.

There are also supplementary exercises that help learners hone their own conjugation skills. The “Tense Trainer” gives you the option to choose the type of conjugation you want to do and the specific verb you want to conjugate, including the popular verbs ter (to have), ir (to go), vir (to come), estar (to be) and ser (to be).

If you’re an advanced speaker looking for an additional challenge, see how you fare against the platform’s randomized verb test.

8. Conjuguemos: Portuguese Verbs


Conjuguemos features a list of verb-based activities organized according to tenses, moods and regular vs. irregular conjugations. There’s also an “all tenses” activity for those wanting to widen the scope a bit.

Choose between a graded test mode, or opt for some flashcard-based practice. The former works best for assessing where you are at the moment, while the latter is for when you want to review what you’ve learned minus the pressure of exams.

9. Linguno


Linguno is equally suited for Brazilian and European Portuguese learners across all skill levels.

The website contains a comprehensive list of interactive exercises. You can customize your conjugation practice, hone your listening skills, give yourself an extra challenge with crosswords of varying difficulty levels and review your answers via their study page

You can access some of the exercises without signing up by clicking “Start demo session.” However, to keep track of your progress and unlock more features, you have to create an account with them.

Portuguese Grammar Workbooks

You might already have your own textbooks and reference guides to help you with Portuguese grammar rules. A good workbook is a great complement to those—not only will you be able to apply your knowledge in a practical manner, but noting things down can also help you retain all the information you’ve been gathering from your academic resources.

Here are a few options specifically geared toward grammar proficiency.

10. “Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Workbook”

Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Workbook (Modern Grammar Workbooks)

This is a good option for beginner to intermediate Brazilian Portuguese learners who could benefit from a bit of structure.

The workbook is divided into two parts. The first focuses on essential grammatical structures, while the second applies these to everyday situations like asking questions and social interactions in general. The book can be used as standalone practice or in conjunction with your other textbooks.

The newest edition has a section called “Notes for Spanish Speakers,” which is pretty helpful if Spanish is your native language or if you’re learning Spanish in addition to Portuguese.

11. “Basic Portuguese: A Grammar Workbook”

Basic Portuguese: A Grammar and Workbook (Routledge Grammar Workbooks)

A nice resource for beginner European Portuguese learners, this one offers a good balance between reference material and related exercises to test your skills.

The book is made up of 20 different units with grammar points, examples and practice questions that will get you through everything you’d typically learn within a year of language instruction.

Just a quick note: I’ve linked to the e-book version so that you don’t have to worry about the book going out of stock. But if you’re more comfortable going about it the old-fashioned way (i.e., scribbling notes and answers on a physical book), or you don’t have a Kindle device, I suggest buying the “Hardcover” or “Paperback” versions of the book instead.

12. “Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Portuguese”

Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Portuguese, Premium Second Edition

If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, “Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Portuguese” might just do the trick.

This workbook comes with a series of bite-sized lessons and exercises that’ll guide you through simple Portuguese grammar structures and vocabulary. Key components of the book aim to help students familiarize themselves with verb tenses, adjectives, superlative nouns and sentence structure.

And if you want to practice your pronunciation, the book also comes with audio files that you can download through the McGraw Hill Language Lab app.

Online Portuguese Grammar Quizzes

Why not add a few online quizzes into the mix? Not only can these help you identify where you’re at with your knowledge (and what areas you need to work on), but they’ll also bring in plenty of grammar practice to get your brain into gear.

13. Transparent Language: Brazilian Portuguese Proficiency Test


If you’re in the mood for a challenge, the Transparent Language Brazilian Portuguese Proficiency Test is going to be right up your alley. The entire quiz comes with two full sections on grammar, plus one vocab module and a reading comprehension component.

This test is ideal for intermediate to advanced learners who already have a good knowledge of grammar rules under their belt. There are 30 multiple-choice grammatical questions to go through, while the last two sections are comprised of 10 questions each.

14. Read Brazilian Portuguese: Grammar Exercises


This website is exactly what it says on the tin—a place where you can put your Portuguese reading comprehension and grammar to the test.

Read Brazilian Portuguese has 30 exercises designed for beginner to intermediate learners. They’re fill-in-the-blank quizzes, for which you’ll receive immediate feedback by clicking the blue “Verificar” button at the end of each page.

15. Digital Dialects: Portuguese Verb Conjugation Quiz


If you’re looking for something a little more interesting than the usual quiz, you can’t go wrong with a site like Digital Dialects.

Aside from practicing your conjugation skills with some of the most common Portuguese verbs, you can also have a lot of fun and be treated to nice visuals that accompany each question. Because the questions are accompanied by clear instructions, you’ll never be lost as to what exactly you’re supposed to do for each item.

Looking for more Portuguese quizzes? Here’s another resource you can bookmark for your testing needs.


There are lots of opportunities, online or otherwise, to get those grammar rules right.

Now that you’ve got all these Portuguese grammar exercises, it’s time to get to work!

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