12 Handy Resources with Exercises for Portuguese Grammar Practice

How does hearing bad grammar make you feel?

For me, it’s kind of like hearing someone pound the wrong chords on a grand piano—dissonant, unnatural and clunky.

And you definitely don’t want your Portuguese to sound like that!

Luckily, just like with the piano, you can improve your Portuguese grammar skills with plenty of practice.

Once you start getting your head around the different rules and applications, you’ll soon begin to create wonderful melodies and symphonies.

That is, your sentences will grow from being short and choppy to becoming beautifully complex and grammatically correct.

Communicating well in Portuguese, regardless of which dialect you’re trying to master, requires a good understanding of vocab and core language rules.

Of course, you’re going to make mistakes when you’re learning. But that’s why practice is essential.

To achieve this, you just need to find the right ways to combine the grammar rules with hands-on practice.

That, my friends, is the formula for the perfect linguistic cadence.

How do you go about doing this, you ask? It’s simple.

You already know that there’s a myriad of resources around for all kinds of authentic learning, from books to movies and even the odd TV series.

Whenever you need to shift your focus to grammar, though, you can always count on this handy list of grammar exercise materials.


First, Some Portuguese Grammar Review

If you need a little refresher before getting to the nitty-gritty of grammar practice, we’ve got some websites you need to bookmark.

These websites also include worksheets and reference pages you can print for your studies. So, if you like having printable handouts and worksheets to refer back to, these are some of the best websites to browse through.

BBC Active

BBC Active has a great selection of vocab and grammar-based worksheets that anyone can download for free. These are broken into basic unit modules numbered from one to ten and even include some teaching guides for group-based activities. The content is geared more towards the bare essentials, making this a good starting point for beginners.

Language Tutorial

Language Tutorial has a small selection of grammar-based worksheets available that offer a run-through of present verb conjugations and everyday vocabulary terms. The website also consists of free tutorials covering all your language essentials in case you need any extra reference material.

University of Arizona’s Critical Language Series

Wander through the archival pages of the University of Arizona’s Critical Language Series to find a collection of Portuguese worksheets on practical vocabulary topics (like food and eating habits), as well as essential information on basic grammar rules.

12 Handy Resources and Exercises for Portuguese Grammar Practice

Because we would never want to overwhelm you with content, we’ve organized our recommendations into easy-to-navigate categories that you can easily pick and choose from based on your current needs and goals.

Apps to Help You Become a Portuguese Grammar Pro

Learning works best when you’re genuinely engaged. Great tech finds are abundant in the world of language study and practice, and there are lots of good apps around for those wanting to hone their Portuguese grammar skills. Here are some of our top picks to get you started.



When it’s released, this Portuguese learning tool will be quite a useful resource for those anyone to sharpen their grammar skills.

FluentU lets you learn language from real-world content like music videos, commercials, news broadcasts, cartoons and inspiring talks. And it’s currently developing a Portuguese program—exciting stuff!

Since this video content will be stuff that native Portuguese speakers actually watch on the regular, you’ll get the opportunity to learn real Portuguese, the way it’s spoken in real life.

Every piece of native Portuguese language content will be paired with a series of exercises that will give you practical experience using all your nouns, verbs and important grammatical conventions.

Get excited! FluentU Portuguese is coming soon!

Mondly Languages


Mondly Languages was specially designed to teach grammar to both Brazilian and European Portuguese learners. It works under the philosophy that grammar shouldn’t be a boring subject and features a series of interactive exercises and lessons that’ll definitely keep things interesting.

The exercises are divided into almost 10 lessons, taking approximately five minutes to complete. You’ll listen to native speakers having real-life conversations before being prompted to answer some questions.



Busuu is another social-networking app for learning languages. While the free version only offers users the ability to train with flashcards, a premium monthly subscription (which is actually not that expensive) comes with grammar exercises and enough content to quickly get you through the equivalent of a college semester’s worth of study.

There’s also an offline mode that allows you to take your learning with you wherever you go. Grammar units are designed to help you work on sentence building and in-app conversation exchanges will get you practicing everything in a more authentic manner.

Where to Find Portuguese Grammar Exercises About Verbs

Here’s the thing: even native Portuguese speakers get confounded by their verbs from time to time. After all, there are quite a few rules, irregularities and tenses to digest.

We’re not saying that to discourage you—think of it as motivation to truly impress the locals with your knowledge and skills. In order to really nail this grammatical component, try these interactive study aides.


Verbos-portugueses.info is a website that works as a verb conjugator (which, like a good dictionary, will be incredibly useful when you’re practicing your writing) and also consists of supplementary exercises that will help learners hone their own conjugation skills. If you’re an advanced speaker looking for an additional challenge, see how you fare against the platform’s randomized verb test.


Conjuguemos features a list of verb-based activities, organized according to tenses, moods and regular vs. irregular conjugations. There’s also an “all tenses” activity for those wanting to widen the scope a bit. Choose between a graded test mode or opt for some flashcard-based practice.


ListeningPractice.org is equally suited for Brazilian and European Portuguese learners alike, across all skill levels. The website contains a comprehensive list of interactive verb practice exercises ranging from beginner to advanced modules. You can narrow your practice to specific tenses, singular or plural clauses, plus first-, second- and third-person conjugations.

Grammar Workbooks to Supplement Your Learning

You might already have your own textbooks and reference guides to help you with those grammar rules. A good workbook is a great complement to that—not only will you be able to apply your knowledge in a practical manner, noting things down can also help you retain all the information you’ve been gathering from your academic resources.

Here are a few options specifically geared towards grammar proficiency.

“Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Workbook”

Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar (Modern Grammar Workbooks)

This is a good option for beginner-intermediate Brazilian Portuguese learners who could benefit from a bit of structure. “Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Workbook” is divided into two parts, the first focusing on essential grammatical structures while the second applies these in everyday situations like asking questions and social interactions at large.

The book can be used as stand-alone practice or in conjunction with another workbook in the series.

“Basic Portuguese: A Grammar Workbook”

Basic Portuguese (Grammar Workbooks)

A nice resource for beginner European Portuguese learners, this resource offers a good balance between reference material and related exercises to test your skills. The book is made up of 20 different units with grammar points, examples and accompanying practice questions that will get you through everything you’d typically learn within a year of language instruction.


“Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Portuguese”

Basic Portuguese (Practice Makes Perfect)

If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, “Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Portuguese” might just do the trick. This workbook comes with a series of bite-sized lessons and exercises that’ll guide you through simple Portuguese grammar structures and vocabulary. Key components of the book aim to help students familiarize themselves with verb tenses, adjectives, superlative nouns and sentence structure.

Quizzes to Put Your Portuguese Grammar Skills to the Test

Why not add a few online quizzes into the mix? Not only can these help you identify where you’re at with your knowledge (and, obviously, what areas you need to work on) they’ll also bring in plenty of grammar practice to get your brain into gear. See for yourself!

Transparent Language Brazilian Portuguese Proficiency Test

If you’re in the mood for a challenge, the Transparent Language Brazilian Portuguese Proficiency Test is going to be right up your alley. The entire quiz comes with two full sections on grammar, plus one vocab module and a reading comprehension component.

This test is ideal for intermediate-advanced learners who already have a good knowledge of grammar rules under their belt. There’s a total of 30 multiple-choice grammatical questions to go through, while the last two sections are comprised of 10 questions each.

Portuguese Language Guide

Here’s an option that’s suited for both Brazilian and European Portuguese learners. The Portuguese Language Guide features three tests for beginner, intermediate and advanced speakers. Each of these has 10 questions primarily focused on grammar, with small bits of vocab testing thrown in between.

Sonia Portuguese

Sonia Portuguese offers a series of free, interactive exercises covering basic Brazilian Portuguese vocab, grammar and spelling conventions. These are designed to test a learner’s proficiency and comprehension, so no translations are available for the material provided.

Altogether there are 50 questions to go through, with each of them prompting you to choose the best alternative to finish the given sentences. Once again, this will be a great choice for an intermediate-advanced learner who can take their results and plan their studies accordingly.


See? There are lots of opportunities, online or otherwise, to get those grammar rules right. Now you’ve got all these tools to play with, it’s time to get to work!

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