12 Resources for Portuguese Quizzes to Put Your Language Skills to the Test

“Please don’t be alarmed. This is only a test.”

From that phrase, it almost seems like tests and quizzes don’t do all that much.

But is anything ever “only” a test?

When you’re learning Portuguese, the answer is “no.”

That’s because tests and quizzes provide so many benefits for learners… more than you might expect!

If you want to improve your Portuguese, these 12 quiz resources can put your skills to the test. But first, let’s explore some of the benefits of taking quizzes to advance your learning.


Why Take a Portuguese Quiz?

One reason to take a Portuguese quiz is to monitor your progress. Once you’ve taken a quiz, you can take it again later to see how well you’ve learned the material.

This can be a great way to see how far you’ve come when learning basic Portuguese phrases, vocabulary and/or grammar rules.

Taking a Portuguese quiz can also help you see what you need to work on. If you consistently struggle with one area on quizzes, chances are that it’s an area you should focus on improving. Ordinarily, you might need a Portuguese tutor to help identify these weak spots, but quizzes provide a good alternative if you aren’t currently using a tutor.

Finally, taking quizzes can help you practice your skills. Since Portuguese quizzes often make use of the vocabulary and grammar you’ve learned, you can use them like you’d use Portuguese grammar practice or an online Portuguese course to get in a little more Portuguese practice.

Convinced yet? It’s quiz time!

12 Tried and Tested Portuguese Quiz Resources for Interactive Learning

Transparent Language


If you’re studying Brazilian Portuguese, head to Transparent Language for some excellent quizzes.

Transparent Language’s quizzes technically correspond to the Portuguese learning products that they produce. However, you can still take them for free even if you haven’t purchased the products.

Quizzes are at a beginner level, covering basic vocabulary and grammar rules. Press the “Evaluate” button once you’ve completed a test to see a breakdown of how you did, including the correct answers for questions you got wrong.



Loecsen’s quizzes accompany its free online Portuguese lessons.

Lessons cover beginner-oriented basic topics such as transportation, numbers and colors. Each one features images along with the written Portuguese word/phrase, an audio pronunciation and the English translation. Audio can be slowed down or sped up, while the written portions can be limited to just English, just Portuguese or audio-only.

There are two modes of quizzes here: You can change the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen to be English to Portuguese or Portuguese to English. 

The word list below the quiz tracks which words you answered correctly and which ones you missed, so you know what to review later.



LingQ takes the quiz idea one step further and provides a proficiency test that you can use to check your overall Portuguese knowledge.

The test features Portuguese words and audio which you’re asked to translate into English. If you do well, you’ll continue progressing to increasingly advanced words and even fill-in-the-blank sentences.

However, if you get too many wrong, you’ll be directed to your results, which estimate how many Portuguese words you actually know. The results might not be 100% accurate (getting to the second beginner stage netted us 1,700 words, which seems way too optimistic) but it’s a fun way to learn new vocabulary and see how many more words you can get each time.

Plus, you can share your results on social media and challenge your Portuguese-learning friends to beat your score!



Conjuguemos (Let’s Conjugate) offers verb activities to test you on a variety of different tenses in both the indicative and subjunctive mood.

Activities include a quiz-like graded practice along with fun games and useful printouts. Quizzes are timed: you have five minutes to finish each one (although you can change this if you choose to create an account).

When you answer incorrectly, the friendly mascot frog informs you of the right answer, which you then have to write into the answer box before you can move on. By writing down the correct conjugation, you’re reinforcing your learning! So if you’re looking to improve your conjugation skills, this is a great choice.

17 Minute Languages


While the main focus of this resource is providing language courses, it also offers a free online Brazilian Portuguese placement test that you can use to assess your skills.

This quiz is meant to take just three minutes, and it’s much lower pressure than most quizzes. That’s because rather than relying on the computer to tell you if you’re right or wrong, you just check for yourself.

Simply go through the list of words and check off the ones you know. If you’re not sure about the meaning of a word, you can hover over a black box to the right to reveal the answer. Click on the box to keep the translation visible even after you’ve removed the cursor.

If you have test stress, this might be a nice, low-pressure way to quiz yourself on basic vocabulary.



This website is provided by an educational software company and offers free educational quizzes on a number of topics, including Portuguese.

QuizTree offers over 50 quizzes on basic Portuguese vocabulary, including food words, time words, medical words, colors and much more.

Plus, you can take the quizzes online or print them as PDFs if you prefer paper copies.

Portuguese Language Guide


This online Portuguese education resource provides three levels of Portuguese language tests to check how you’re doing.

Each test features fill-in-the-blank questions that test your vocabulary and grammar. Once you complete one, you get your overall score and answers to all the questions. (Be wary of the obtrusive ads!)



Quia is intended to be used by teachers to provide quizzes for their students. The downside: this means the quizzes are user-generated. The upside: they’re usually designed by Portuguese teachers.

There are over 70 total Portuguese quizzes, running the gamut from basic vocabulary quizzes to more advanced verb conjugation quizzes.

If that’s not enough material for you, the site also offers an array of learning games like “Hangman” and even “Battleship.”



JetPunk is a user-generated quiz site that offers a number of quizzes about the Portuguese language.

Since the quizzes are created by regular people, you have to be careful to make sure the content is accurate, but this also means that there’s a wider selection of options than many sites. For instance, “Popular Portuguese Verbs Vocabulary” is a helpful quiz to help you test how many verbs you know.

Plus, if you want a quiz on a topic you can’t find, you can always create your own.



Sporcle is another website that allows users to create and share quizzes, and it has a number of great Portuguese quiz options.

You might need to sort through the quizzes to find the ones related to the Portuguese language (as opposed to Portugal as a place or other associated topics like soccer), but you can find some excellent quizzes for the taking here.

For instance, Portuguese students might try one of these options:

“Can you name the days in Portuguese?”

“Can you click on the correct buttons to quickly count from 1 to 20 in Portuguese?”

“Can you name the phrases that a beginner might need in (Brazilian) Portuguese?”

If you finish all the quizzes and just can’t get enough, you can also create your own.

Fun Trivia


Don’t let Fun Trivia’s quirky jester logo fool you—the site offers some serious learning material.

The site offers a small number of Portuguese quizzes on some helpful topics, like colors and basic phrases. There are also two particularly unique quizzes worth a look: a quiz on European Portuguese and a quiz on funny Portuguese phrases.

As with all user-generated quizzes, be aware of the potential for errors.


So go ahead and accept the challenge! Try these 12 resources for Portuguese quizzes and see what you can do.

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