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Historias de terror en inglés: ¡los mejores relatos, cuentos e historias reales!

¿Preparado para sentir miedo?

Asustarse con cuentos, películas o cualquier otra cosa que sabes que no es real puede ser divertido y emocionante.

Existen muchas leyendas urbanas e historias de terror en inglés. ¡Y leer es una estupenda manera de aprender mucho mejor el idioma!

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Historias de miedo para contar en la oscuridad

The Forgotten Doll

Scary doll

In a quiet, quaint village, nestled deep in the woods, an old, dilapidated house sat abandoned for years. Locals whispered about the cursed history of the place, claiming it was haunted by the spirit of a child. The house’s windows were shattered, and the garden overgrown with thorns, but inside, one room remained untouched—a child’s nursery.

One evening, a curious teenager named Lily decided to explore the house with her friends. Armed with flashlights, they crept through the creaking front door. The air inside was heavy with dust and secrets. They ventured upstairs and discovered the nursery, frozen in time.

Amidst the tattered teddy bears and faded picture books, Lily found a porcelain doll with a cracked face. Its eyes, once bright blue, now seemed to follow her every move. Ignoring the unease gnawing at her, she picked up the doll and dusted it off. As she did, a faint, melancholic lullaby filled the room.

Startled, Lily dropped the doll, but the lullaby continued to play, growing louder and more haunting. The room darkened, and the air grew icy. Her friends screamed, trying to escape, but the door slammed shut, trapping them inside.

The doll began to move, its cracked lips forming a sinister smile. It floated toward Lily, its porcelain hands reaching for her throat. Panic surged through her as she struggled against the doll’s malevolent grip. It whispered chilling words into her ear, promising to keep her there forever.

Lily’s friends watched in horror as she withered before their eyes, becoming a lifeless porcelain doll like the one that had cursed her. The lullaby faded, and the room returned to its eerie stillness.

To this day, the village whispers of the haunted house and the porcelain doll that lures unsuspecting souls into its clutches. Beware the forgotten doll and the nursery that time forgot, for those who enter may never leave, condemned to a porcelain prison for eternity.

The Haunting of Hollow Hill Manor

Inside a mansion, black and white

Nestled at the edge of a dense, foreboding forest stood Hollow Hill Manor, a grand but long-forgotten mansion. For decades, it had been shrouded in dark rumors and chilling tales of the supernatural. The locals believed it to be cursed, and no one dared to approach it after sunset.

One fateful evening, a group of thrill-seekers decided to spend the night at Hollow Hill Manor. Among them were David, a skeptic who scoffed at the supernatural, and Emma, a true believer in ghosts and hauntings. They entered the mansion armed with cameras and flashlights.

As the moon rose, casting eerie shadows through the shattered windows, strange sounds echoed through the halls. David dismissed them as mere tricks of an old house settling. But Emma knew better; she felt a presence watching their every move.

They ventured deeper into the manor, their footsteps echoing ominously. In the dim light, they stumbled upon an ornate mirror, covered in a heavy, dusty curtain. Emma felt an irresistible urge to unveil it, and as she did, a chilling apparition materialized before them.

A spectral woman in a tattered wedding gown, her eyes hollow and mournful, drifted towards them. Her voice, a ghostly whisper, told a heart-wrenching tale of love and betrayal that had trapped her in this spectral realm for centuries. She reached out to them, her icy touch sending shivers down their spines.

David and Emma were paralyzed with fear. The ghostly figure beckoned them to a hidden chamber, where they discovered a long-forgotten diary. Its pages revealed a story of forbidden love, murder, and a curse that bound the ghost to the mansion.

Desperate to break the curse, David and Emma began a quest to uncover the truth behind the haunting. They unearthed dark secrets hidden for generations, leading them to a hidden chamber beneath the mansion. There, they discovered an ancient wedding ring that held the key to setting the ghost free.

With the ring in hand, they returned to the spectral woman and placed it on her bony finger. The room filled with blinding light, and the mansion trembled as if relieved of its centuries-old burden. The ghostly bride smiled one last time before dissipating into the night.

Hollow Hill Manor was never haunted again, and the village was finally free of its ominous reputation. David, once a skeptic, and Emma, a true believer, had unraveled the mystery and brought peace to the tormented spirit, proving that sometimes, even the darkest curses can be broken with courage and compassion.

The Whispering Woods

Spooky woods

In a remote corner of a sleepy town lay the Whispering Woods, a dense and ancient forest. For generations, the locals had avoided it, believing it to be cursed by vengeful spirits. They said the trees whispered secrets to those who dared enter, secrets that would drive a person to madness.

One foggy autumn evening, a group of college friends decided to camp in the heart of the Whispering Woods, determined to debunk the superstitions. Among them was Sarah, a curious and skeptical biologist. As they pitched their tents, they couldn’t help but feel the forest’s eerie presence.

As night fell, they gathered around a campfire, sharing stories and laughter. But gradually, the jovial atmosphere gave way to unease. The trees seemed to close in around them, their branches casting eerie, shifting shadows. The whispers started softly, like a gentle breeze, unintelligible yet disconcerting.

Sarah, fueled by her scientific curiosity, ventured deeper into the woods with a voice recorder, determined to capture the phenomenon. Her friends begged her to stay, but she pressed on, captivated by the whispers that grew more distinct.

She reached a small, moonlit clearing where the whispers transformed into agonizing cries for help. Terrified, Sarah turned to leave but found herself surrounded by spectral figures, their mournful eyes fixed on her. They beckoned her closer, and she felt an irresistible force pulling her toward them.

As she approached, the spirits revealed their tragic tale—a tale of betrayal, murder, and an ancient curse that bound them to the Whispering Woods. Sarah, their only hope for salvation, had unwittingly unlocked their prison by venturing into the heart of the forest.

Desperate to free them, she embarked on a harrowing journey, uncovering clues hidden in the forest’s depths. The spirits guided her through visions and cryptic messages, revealing the location of a hidden altar deep within the woods.

Sarah, trembling with fear and determination, reached the altar and followed the ancient ritual, breaking the curse that had haunted the Whispering Woods for centuries. With a blinding burst of light, the spirits were freed, their anguished cries replaced by a gentle breeze.

The next morning, Sarah emerged from the forest, exhausted but victorious. The Whispering Woods were silent, their secrets no longer tormenting the town. She had proven that even in the darkest places, there could be redemption, and that the mysteries of the past could be unraveled with unwavering resolve and compassion.

The Cursed Painting

Painting of a woman

In the heart of a picturesque village, there stood an ancient mansion known as the Hawthorne House. The mansion was famous not for its beauty but for a single, eerie painting that adorned its grand foyer. The painting depicted a hauntingly beautiful woman, her eyes filled with sorrow.

Generations of owners had tried to remove the painting, but it always reappeared, as if possessed by some supernatural force. Local legend claimed that anyone who stared into the woman’s eyes would be cursed.

One stormy night, a daring art collector named Edward decided to acquire the painting. He was fascinated by its history and believed he could solve the mystery. Edward arrived at Hawthorne House with an air of confidence, determined to rid the world of this cursed artwork.

As he gazed upon the painting, he was struck by the woman’s melancholic beauty. Her eyes seemed to follow him, drawing him in. Ignoring the warning signs, he purchased the painting and had it transported to his city apartment.

Soon, strange occurrences plagued Edward’s life. He began to have vivid nightmares of the woman in the painting, beckoning him with a ghostly, skeletal hand. His health deteriorated, and his once-thriving career crumbled.

Desperate and haunted, Edward decided to investigate the painting’s origins. He uncovered an old journal belonging to the mansion’s original owner, a woman named Isabella. The journal told a chilling story of unrequited love, betrayal, and a curse she had placed upon her own portrait, ensuring it would torment her unfaithful lover’s descendants.

Edward realized that only by breaking the curse of Isabella’s broken heart could he free himself from the painting’s malevolent grip. He returned to the Hawthorne House, determined to make amends for the sins of his ancestor.

In the dead of night, Edward entered the mansion and set the painting ablaze. As the flames consumed the cursed portrait, he felt an overwhelming sense of release. The mansion trembled, and the woman’s mournful cries echoed through the halls, growing fainter with each passing moment.

When the last ember of the painting died out, Edward knew the curse had been broken. He emerged from Hawthorne House, free from the torment that had haunted him for so long. The village whispered that the mansion was finally at peace, and the cursed painting had been forever banished.

From that day forward, the Hawthorne House stood as a silent sentinel, its dark secrets locked away, a testament to the power of redemption and the high price of meddling with the supernatural.

The Mirror’s Reflection

Mirror reflecting part of a chair

In an antique shop nestled in a forgotten corner of town, Sarah discovered a peculiar mirror. Its ornate frame was tarnished with age, but the glass was pristine. The shopkeeper warned her, “This mirror has a history, a dark one.” Ignoring his warning, Sarah purchased the mirror, fascinated by its intricate design.

Once it hung in her bedroom, strange things began to occur. At night, the mirror emitted an eerie, ethereal glow, casting eerie shadows across her room. One evening, as Sarah stared into the mirror, she saw her reflection morph into a grotesque, shadowy figure with hollow eyes.

Terrified, she tried to look away, but an irresistible force held her gaze. The figure spoke in a chilling, otherworldly voice, “I’ve been trapped in this mirror for centuries. Free me, and I shall grant you power beyond your wildest dreams.”

The figure’s promise tempted Sarah, but she resisted, realizing the sinister nature of its offer. She covered the mirror with a thick cloth, hoping to contain its malevolence.

Over time, the mirror’s influence grew stronger. Sarah’s once-peaceful dreams turned into haunting nightmares, and her waking hours were filled with paranoia and fear. She knew she had to rid herself of the cursed mirror.

Seeking guidance, she consulted an old mystic who explained that the mirror held the soul of a malevolent entity. To break the curse, she needed to shatter the mirror and trap the entity within it once more.

Summoning all her courage, Sarah uncovered the mirror and, with a heavy object, smashed it into countless shards. As the glass shattered, a deafening scream filled the room, and the shadowy figure writhed in agony before being sucked back into the mirror.

Breathing heavily, Sarah watched as the mirror reassembled itself, this time devoid of any malevolent presence. The room returned to its tranquil state, and Sarah finally felt at peace.

Though the mirror was restored, Sarah kept it locked away in her basement, a silent reminder of the darkness she had faced. She had learned a valuable lesson about the allure of power and the price one could pay for meddling with the supernatural.

Clásicos cuentos de terror en inglés para pasarlo de miedo

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow de Washington Irving The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Esta historia tiene sus años, por lo que usa un inglés antiguo que puede ser difícil para los principiantes.

Un profesor de escuela va a su casa después de una fiesta y de camino se encuentra con un aterrador jinete sin cabeza.

Es una de las historias favoritas para contar en las noches de Halloween, en especial porque la cabeza del jinete a menudo se representa con una calabaza. Esta historia también fue llevada al cine.

Consigue el libro aquí o léelo gratis aquí.

The Monkey’s Paw de William Wymark Jacobs Oxford Bookworms 1. The Monkey's Paw MP3 Pack

Aunque es también antigua, es algo más fácil de entender. Aunque tal vez necesites buscar algunas palabras que ya no se usan mucho.

Un hombre consigue una pata de mono que le concede 3 deseos. El problema es que cada uno de ellos trae terribles consecuencias.

Este es un cuento aterrador que ha sido referenciado varias veces en historias, películas, cuentos y programas de televisión. La moraleja es: «¡Ten cuidado con lo que deseas!».

Consigue el libro aquí o léelo gratis aquí.

The Diary of Mr. Poynter de M.R. James The Haunted Doll's House and Other Ghost Stories (The Complete Ghost Stories of M.R. James, Vol. 2)

Es un cuento apta para estudiantes de nivel intermedio.

Esta historia dio lugar a una espeluznante leyenda urbana que se sigue contando a día de hoy: imagina que acaricias la cabeza de tu perro mientras le prestas atención a otra cosa… y de repente recuerdas que en realidad no tienes perro.

M. R. James es un gran autor de historias cortas de terror que no tienen sangre ni violencia, pero que de todos modos te pondrán los pelos de punta cuando apagues la luz por la noche.

Consigue el libro de historias cortas aquí.

The Tell-tale Heart de Edgar Allan Poe The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Writings

Los cuentos de Poe son claros y sencillos, por lo que son adecuados para estudiantes principiantes-intermedios.

Trata de un hombre vive atormentado por los latidos del corazón de un muerto.

Edgar Allan Poe es muy conocido por sus historias de terror que, en su mayoría, tratan sobre la oscuridad del alma humana en vez de monstruos. ¡Los amantes del horror deberían leer al menos uno de sus libros!

Consigue el libro aquí o léelo gratis aquí.

The Haunting of Hill House de Shirley Jackson The Haunting of Hill House (Penguin Classics)

Es un libro completo, no una historia corta. El lenguaje no es demasiado difícil, aunque quizás tengas problemas para acostumbrarte al estilo de redacción.

Cuatro personas llegan a una casa en busca actividad paranormal, pero la casa no solo está embrujada, sino que busca a su siguiente víctima y ha elegido a uno de los integrantes del grupo.

Consigue el libro aquí o léelo gratis aquí.

The Shining de Stephen King The Shining

El estilo de redacción es moderno y claro, por lo que es adecuado para estudiantes de todos los niveles.

Un hombre, junto con su esposa e hijo, son los encargados de un hotel en los meses de invierno. Sin embargo, el hotel tiene algo extraño que empieza a afectar a las mentes de estas personas, con algunos resultados terribles.

Stephen King es un maestro del género de terror y este libro es muy recomendado, incluso si ya has visto la película.

Consigue el libro aquí.

The Screaming Skull de F. Marion Crawford The Complete Wandering Ghosts

El lenguaje y estilo de redacción pueden ser difíciles de seguir, pero es cierto que Crawford escribe de varias maneras, por lo que, si no te gusta o no entiendes una de sus historias, puedes probar otra.

Un hombre encuentra un cráneo en su casa que grita siempre que trata de deshacerse de él. Aprende a vivir con el cráneo, hasta que un visitante llega a su casa y empiezan a pasar cosas todavía más raras.

Las demás historias de Crawford son igual de raras y aterradoras.

Consigue el libro aquí o léelo gratis aquí.

The Woman in Black de Susan Hill The Woman in Black: A Ghost Story

A Hill le gustan las oraciones largas, las cuales pueden ser difíciles de seguir. Sin embargo, el estilo de redacción no es demasiado avanzado.

Un abogado llega a un casa para gestionar unos asuntos, pero en realidad se trata de una residencia que esconde muchos secretos y fantasmas.

También puedes ver la película basada en este libro protagonizada por Daniel Radcliffe (quien también interpretó a Harry Potter).

Consigue el libro aquí.

The Bone Key de Sarah Monette The Bone Key

El estilo de redacción es claro y sencillo; adecuado para cualquier nivel, aunque tiene un vocabulario bastante amplio.

Un archivista de museo tartamudo no quiere relacionarse con nada que tenga que ver con el mundo sobrenatural. No obstante, por algún motivo, los fantasmas lo persiguen.

En una serie de historias cortas relacionadas, Monette crea un mundo extraño que no está demasiado alejado del nuestro y un personaje muy simpático.

Consigue el libro aquí.

The Graveyard Book de Neil Gaiman The Graveyard Book

Hay algunas palabras complicadas, aunque es una historia dirigida a jóvenes adultos. Por lo tanto, es adecuada para estudiantes de todos los niveles.

Un joven crece en un cementerio, donde los fantasmas y apariciones son algo común y los verdaderos monstruos pueden ser los seres humanos.

Neil Gaiman es un gran narrador que crea mundos de realidad y magia, donde la oscuridad puede revelarse en cualquier esquina.

Consigue el libro aquí.

The Big Book of Ghost Stories de varios autores The Big Book of Ghost Stories

Si no sabes qué historia de terror leer, ¡simplemente consíguelas todas! Esta masiva colección tiene casi 1.000 páginas y cuenta con historias clásicas, nuevas y antiguas. Hay muchas historias aterradoras y espeluznantes para toda clase de lectores.

Consigue el libro aquí.

Historias reales de terror

Three ghosts holding a pumpkin

Si eres fan del terror y lo paranormal, te recomiendo buscar foros y comunidades dedicadas a este tipo de contenido. Aquí tienes algunas opciones:

Your Ghost Stories

En este sitio encontrarás historias de personas reales sobre acontecimientos extraños que han presenciado. Algunas son historias muy bien escritas, mientras otras se parecen más a publicaciones de blog.

Y todas son historias reales; ¡una manera estupenda de asustarte en una noche de Halloween!


Reddit es una plataforma con muchos subreddits dedicados a temas paranormales y de terror.

En estos subreddits, los usuarios comparten experiencias personales, fotos y vídeos de encuentros inexplicables.

Unexplained Mysteries

Este sitio y foro se centran en una amplia variedad de temas paranormales y misterios sin resolver. Los usuarios discuten sus experiencias y teorías sobre fenómenos inexplicables. ¡Muy interesante!

Cómo aprender inglés con historias de terror

Puedes simplemente leer y disfrutar las siguientes historias. Sin embargo, si quieres aprender de verdad, estos son algunos consejos que debes seguir.

  • Ten un cuaderno a mano. Sabemos que esto arruina el momento, pero si de verdad quieres aprender con estas historias, tienes que preparar lápiz y papel.

    Anota cualquier palabra o frase que no entiendas.

  • Lee las cosas dos veces. En la primera, presta atención al vocabulario y, en la segunda, entiende la historia. Es un buen método para leer libros que son un poco avanzados para tu nivel.

    Si aprendes los significados de las palabras, entenderás mejor la historia cuando la leas la segunda vez. Además, tendrás la oportunidad de practicar tu vocabulario.

  • Aprende el impacto cultural. Muchas historias de terror contienen ideas que han existido durante muchos años y se repiten en la cultura moderna (como la calabaza de The Legend of Sleepy Hollow).

    Toma tiempo en ver cómo estas historias se han reutilizado en la cultura o lo que pueden decirte de la cultura de su lugar de origen. Por ejemplo, la idea de los fantasmas en Estados Unidos es diferente a la de China.

    Aprender cosas interesantes sobre la cultura inglesa te ayudará a entenderla mucho mejor.

  • Pregunta. Ya sabes que debes preguntar si no entiendes algo, pero también para entender mejor las cosas.

    A medida que leas, hazte preguntas como: «¿Qué va a pasar luego» y «Por qué esta historia da tanto miedo?». Leer y hablar sobre estos libros ayuda a mejorar tu inglés conversacional.

  • Disfruta lo que leas. Cuando aprendas lo suficiente sobre el vocabulario de la historia, podrás sumergirte en su trama. ¡No te olvides de disfrutar lo que leas!
  • Mira también vídeos de miedo. Los sitios de streaming como Netflix o YouTube son ideales para ver historias de terror y otros vídeos interesantes en inglés. Te resultará útil para practicar la pronunciación y la comprensión auditiva.

    En los programas de aprendizaje de idiomas como FluentU tienes vídeos en inglés sobre varios temas (incluidos Halloween y otras historias terroríficas) con subtítulos interactivos que te permiten consultar las traducciones mientras los ves.


Enciende una vela y apaga todas las luces, ¡porque es hora de una lectura terrorífica!

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