What Languages Are Spoken in Asia? A Learner’s Guide Through the Family Tree


Language learners have the best kind of problem.

There are just so many wonderful languages out there, all beautiful and challening in their own way.

How could you ever possibly choose which ones to focus on?

It’s a …

3 Ways to Put a Stop to Translating in Your Head


It’s like grasping at straws at the beginning of learning a language.

You’re trying to make sense of anything.


The strings of sound coming at you are difficult to decipher.

Been there, done that.

Albeit exciting, there’s a lot …

The Best Language Learning Trackers (Instructions Included)


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As in, are you making progress?

Or are you stalled—stuck on a plateau, or even faceplanted into a brick wall?

Actually, if you’ve hit a wall, you’re …

5 Ways Anyone Can Learn Languages with Virtual Reality


The future is now.

You can watch a 3D TV from the comfort of your couch.

You can morph your face from the comfort of your phone.

Hands-free devices allow you to focus more fully on your taco consumption.…

The 6 Most Bingeable Language Learning Roku Channels


Watching stuff on Roku is entertaining… but not always productive.

Studying a language is productive… but not always entertaining.

But what if you want it both ways?

Can’t we have our fun and get fluent, too?

Luckily, learning a

The Scene Approach: How to Really Learn Language Through Movies


That little skeptic in your head is getting to you.

It’s telling you that you can’t learn a language through movies.

It sounds like a myth, like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

Well, let me give it …

Funny, Not Funny! 12 Humorous Errors and Mistakes in Language Learning to Avoid


You never see them coming.

They get you LOLing and even ROFLing.

Let’s face facts: sometimes messing up is the highlight of your day.

While some language mistakes are funny, if your goal is fluency, you’ll have to work …

By the Letter: How to Learn a New Alphabet with 7 Tips and Tricks


All your hard work in kindergarten really paid off.

You were just a little kid. Yet you spent hours dedicated to learning the English alphabet.

Mastering those ABCs like a tiny boss.

Now you’re all grown up and looking to …

Global Gratitude: How to Say a Heartfelt Thank You in 20 Different Languages


Being polite doesn’t always mean the same thing.

Manners and etiquette differ from culture to culture.

As a language learner, someone new to a culture, you can only be expected to do your best.

You may forget to adapt

These Mutually Intelligible Languages Will Make You Do a Double Take


Sometimes a foreign language makes you do a double take.

There’s something familiar about it you just can’t place.

You haven’t studied it, but you’re able to understand a little.

What’s going on?

Well, so-called “foreign” languages aren’t always as …