Where to Find All the Best Language Podcasts on the Internet


Are you hungry for a great new way to learn language?

How about a tasty learning tool you can snack on anytime?

I’ve got something to make your mouth water: language podcasts!

That’s right. Podcasts will satisfy your …

Sustainable Language: 7 Recyclable Learning Challenges That Stay Fresh Every Day


We try it every New Year.

This year, I’ll make use of that gym membership.

This year, I’ll finally clean out the garage.

This year, I’ll learn to cook something besides toast.

You know the rest of the story.

By …

The Simple 5-step Guide to Successful Language Shadowing

language-shadowingodus) fighting

Ever had a parrot?

Even if you haven’t, you know what they’re famous for: repeating what you say, for better or worse.

Depending on the conversations you have at home (or just to yourself) this could be enlightening, hilarious …

How to Learn a Language by Watching Movies? By Avoiding These 10 Common Pitfalls


Everyone wants the picture-perfect movie ending.

You know the one—the music swells, the main character smiles, the credits roll as you pick the razor-sharp popcorn hulls from your gums.

But to get to that picture-perfect ending, the main character had …

Sing Your Heart Out: Learn Language Through Song with 7 Melodic Resources


Do you think learning a language should be fun?

That’s music to our ears.

Music and language go together like peanut butter and jelly but without the risk of anaphylactic shock (unless you’re allergic to fun ways of learning).

Yes, …

11 Language Apps That Are Your Best Bet for Travel


Are you about to embark on the trip of a lifetime?

Maybe you’re going abroad to study a language you’re learning in college.

Or maybe you just have a bad case of wanderlust and don’t even know much …

The Polyglot’s (or Future Polyglot’s) Guide to the 10 Most Useful Languages


Learning a language can cast a spell on you.

The grammar is bewitching!

The vocabulary is beguiling!

But with all the excitement of learning a language, you may’ve overlooked the most practical magic of all: usefulness.

While it’s fun and …

The Ultimate Guide to Language Learning Clubs: How to Join or Start One and Make the Most of It


Unce unce unce…

It’s time to hit the clubs.

But rather than leaving you with ringing ears and a spinning head, these clubs will leave you with something even better: language skills.

That’s right—we’re talking about language learning clubs. …

9 Innovative Programs to Help You Learn a Language for Real


At some point, most of us have failed horribly at learning a language.


Because for most of us, that language was just another subject we had to take in school.

And we really didn’t have the motivation to

From Constructed to Natural: The Most Logical Languages You Can Learn


“This language doesn’t make any sense!”

I’m pretty sure we’ve all said that at some point when trying to learn a new language.

Most of the time it’s just out of the frustration of not being able to understand …