Living the Dream! 6 Awesome Jobs That Require a Second Language


You remember when you were young and dreamed big.

Now those elusive dream jobs loom haughtily in the distance and seem further away than they’ve ever been.

They taunt you as you stock shelves, file paperwork or repeat for the …

Language Learning Diary Starter Kit: Write Your Way to Fluency


Diaries—we’ve all kept one at some point.

Maybe yours was a record of those teenage flings, your worldwide travel or just some things to remember in your daily life.

But did you know keeping a diary can help you learn …

Quaffing “Qawah” and Guzzling “Go Juice”: Coffee in Different Languages and Cultures


“Coffee is a language in itself.”

That’s according to Jackie Chan, the internationally famous actor, martial artist and (evidently) coffee enthusiast.

It’s clear why that statement stands true: despite the fact that it’s always made using essentially the same …

How to Master the 5 Stages of Language Learning


Grab your backpack and your Five Star notebook.

It’s time to go back to school.

Don’t worry, this is school without the lunchroom drama or surprise math quizzes.

This is language learning in five easy-to-understand stages, each of which …

5 Budget-friendly Language Textbooks That Pack a Wallop


Language textbooks can really mess you up.

One minute, you’re just trying to learn Italian.

The next, it feels like the ground has flown out from under you.

All your money is gone, your whole body aches, you’re drifting in …

Intensive and Extensive: 2 Ways of Reading That Power Language Learning


We learn languages for a host of different reasons.

Some of us do it for educational purposes, employment opportunities, travel goals or to communicate with family or friends, among other motivations.

But diverse as our motivations may be, …

Let’s Get Classy! 4 Language Level Classification Systems


Classifications may seem kind of stuffy.

Nerdy, even.

But they’re super important.

They’re used to distinguish between different animal species.

They’re used to organize libraries so you can find your favorite book easily.

Heck, they’re even used to declare …

Thinking Time: 5 Questions New Language Learners Should Consider


Asking questions is essential in daily life.

You ask questions in school to learn more about a subject.

You ask questions at restaurants to decide what you want to order.

You ask questions at parties to distract people as you …

7 Ways to Take a Bite Out of the Intermediate Language Level


The sweet center of language progress isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the middle.

Some might even say it’s the best part of a s’more or a sandwich cookie.

But …

Mega Multitasker? 4 Groups of Similar Languages You Can Use for Bonus Learning


They’re as thick as thieves.

They’re so similar that sometimes even their friends mistake them for one another.

Yes, there are some languages that have an awful lot in common.

While it’s totally awkward when they get called by each …