Language Learning Blogs: 16 for Coasting to Fluency


Get up enough speed, and you can take your foot off the gas and coast until you reach the stoplight.

At the top of a hill, you can stop pedaling on your bike and just enjoy the benefits of …

What’s Your Type? How to Type in Another Language


Learning to type?

Unless someone printed this article out and posted it to you by, I don’t know, carrier pigeon, you probably already know how to type.

But what about in your target language?

Well, if you plan to do

6 Ways to Keep Your Language Study on a Roll After Duolingo


There are always a few cool kids at school.

You know the ones.

They wear the latest sneakers, watch R-rated movies and enjoy a steady diet of the finest Lunchables.

And among language students, Duolingo certainly has a reputation as …

Certified! Your Guide to Language Certificate Success


Picture it.

A large, shining (yet tasteful) trophy.

The plaque reads “World’s Best Language Learner.”

And underneath? Your name.

A language certificate is a lot like a sports trophy.

You can have a wonderful time playing sports—or learning languages—without ever …

Approaching Language Learning Through Movie Genres: A Guide


Movies can teach you a lot.

They can show you how to fight for what you want.

They can help you learn magical spells to fix your glasses and/or make your nemesis suffer.

They can even teach you how to …

Family Time! 8 Easy Tips to Learn a Language as a Family


Family can be the greatest gift you ever receive.

It can also be the reason you have to ask what the puddle in the corner of the living room is (please say apple juice, please say apple juice) and who …

Find Your Path: A Leveled Guide to Learning Any Language


Hindsight is 20/20.

Looking back, we’ll always see that it was at the beginning where we went wrong.

It’s when we set out on a journey of some kind that we can benefit the most from preparing ourselves for what’s …

6 Awesome Ways to Hack Discord for Language Exchanges


Once upon a time, the streets were filled with kids.

Sweaty, smelly and dirty creatures.

Running alongside others their age, their squeals of delight echoing throughout the neighborhood.

They played hopscotch, tag and hide-and-seek, and reluctantly said their goodbyes with …

Social Benefits of Learning a Second Language: 6 Big Ones


Life is full of social situations.

From social media to getting to know co-workers to hanging out with friends, chances are that being social has infiltrated all areas of your life.

Whether or not you want it to.

And …

Our Prescribed 5 Most Useful Languages to Learn for Medicine


It’s the stuff of nightmares.

You don’t feel well, and you know you need to see a doctor.

But when you get there, everyone is speaking a strange language you don’t understand.

To make matters worse, no one seems to …