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Searching for Practical Languages to Learn? Here Are 8 Big Players on the World Stage


One of the great thrills of language learning is just in choosing a new system of culture, symbols and meaning to tackle.

Often, the choice is not made in the head, but in the heart:

We’re in love …

“I Want to Learn Another Language!” A Guide for the Absolute Beginner


You can do it.

And yes, I’m talking to you.

Whether you flunked out of high school German, were too embarrassed to even attempt a bonjour on your visit to Paris, or were only able to stick with your …

Take the Wheel: 17 Hacks for Designing the Best Online Lessons with Your Language Tutors


Looking to optimize your time spent in online language lessons?

I’ve long been collecting advice, wisdom and hacks from polyglot podcasts and blogs, from books on the science of language learning and through my own many years of …

The Penny Pincher’s Guide to Learning Any Language for Free

learn a language for free

I know, there are wastrels out there who will drop cash on university Spanish classes, or a Portuguese language school on a tropical island.

I’ve, ahem, done both, and in terms of linguistic bang for your buck, …