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11 Italian YouTubers You’ve Gotta Add to Your Subscriptions

Today, we’re going to make your YouTube addiction pay off.

Odds are, you’re already watching YouTube several hours a day. So why not kill two birds with one stone and learn Italian while at you’re it?

If you doubt that watching Italians do silly stunts or put on makeup will help you learn the language, we’re about to blow your mind.

In this post, we’ll check out 11 Italian YouTubers who’ll keep you glued to your screen and get you up-to-speed with Italian, fast.


11 Binge-worthy Italian YouTubers of All Genres

1. ClioMakeUp

Genre: Makeup & Beauty

Level: Upper Intermediate +

Clio is a popular Italian YouTuber in the makeup and skincare scene, as she’s verified on YouTube and she has over a million subscribers.

Her videos cover all things beauty, from makeup tutorials to show you how to get glowy skin to makeup challenges she does with other YouTubers.

She’s also well-known for her videos featuring the “Clio Car,” where she and her guests buckle up inside and do challenges, gossip, share makeup and beauty tips and more.

Her videos are most suitable for upper intermediate to advanced learners who don’t need subtitles to follow along, as she doesn’t use English in her videos, and there aren’t any subtitles.

2. Ilenia Zodiaco

Genre: Reading & Books

Level: Upper Intermediate +

Ilenia’s channel is completely in Italian and is all about books and reading. She posts reading vlogs, where she reads a specific book and updates the viewers on her thoughts, reading processes and more.

She also gives tons of book recommendations, participates in book tags, talks about writing and films book hauls.

Upper intermediate and advanced learners will have the easiest time enjoying the videos on her channel, since they’re 100% in Italian and don’t include English subtitles.

In addition to being a YouTuber, Ilenia also hosts the “La Linguacciuta” podcast on Babbel, where you can enjoy more of her learner-focused content.

3. HumanSafari

Genre: Travel

Level: Intermediate +

HumanSafari is a travel channel any intermediate learner can enjoy—his videos are 100% in Italian, but he includes easy-to-read Italian subtitles when it’s difficult to hear him speak.

He goes to quite remote places, such as Antarctica (the video above), and underrated areas that most people wouldn’t usually put on their travel bucket lists, such as Uganda and Kenya.

But of course, there are also the fan favorites—Thailand, Hawaii and Australia, to name a few.

4. La Scimmia Yoga

Genre: Health & Wellness

Level: Upper Beginner +

If you’re a health and wellness geek, you’ll love La Scimmia Yoga.

This YouTube channel features easy-paced yoga and meditation tutorials completely in Italian.

You’ll find videos about setting up your morning and daily routines, how to integrate healthy habits into your lifestyle, guided meditations, beginner-friendly yoga tutorials, stretching tutorials for flexibility and more.

She also has a podcast about yoga as a playlist on her channel, although there are currently only five episodes.

While there aren’t any subtitles, the host speaks very slowly, making her videos easier to understand and follow.

5. Weilà Tom

Genre: Italian Language & Culture

Level: Beginner +

Weilà Tom gives off positive vibes and tells viewers not to be too discouraged if Italian becomes challenging.

He’s not a native speaker and has been studying Italian for the past 11 years as well as teaching it for the past six.

So with Weilà Tom, you get the perspective of someone who’s been through the process of learning the language.

Beginners will enjoy his videos about tips for learning Italian and strategies for overcoming difficulties, while advanced learners can sharpen their listening comprehension by watching the videos where he talks solely in Italian.

6. Briller

Genre: Italian Language & Culture

Level: Intermediate +

“Briller” is hosted by Bryan from Colorado. He’s an American and has been living in Italy for a while, becoming immersed in the language and culture.

He speaks Italian in his videos, though admittedly, his Italian does have a strong American accent.

You can sense in him a passion for Italian culture—the beliefs, customs and traditions of people different from him. In his videos, Bryan shares some of the lessons he’s learned about Italy and its people.

For example, you’ll learn about things that are normal in Italy but strange in America. You’ll learn how proud Italians are as a people, as well. And, just for fun, he also took on the unenviable task of ranking the different Italian cities and sought to discover which one was the best.

7. Breaking Italy

Genre: News & Politics

Level: Upper Intermediate +

Breaking Italy features the hottest topics worldwide and provides commentary on them, from the EU’s economic sanctions on Italy to the latest developments of artificial intelligence.

If you regularly keep up with the news, this channel is an efficient way to practice Italian and keep up with current events simultaneously.

It’s a no-holds-barred infotainment program suited for advanced Italian language learners. Alessandro Masala, the man behind the show, speaks like a typical Italian, which means he talks fast and doesn’t care if he breaks the speed limit.

He wanted the channel to be fun and light-hearted, with a hint of sarcasm and irony—so watch out for curveballs, idiomatic expressions and slang in here.

8. Adriana Spink

Genre: Lifestyle & Beauty

Level: Intermediate +

Adriana Spink is a fashion and beauty vlogger who can do some magic on your hair or teach you a hack or two about makeup and the wide, wonderful world of beauty regimens.

She has a beautiful, bright, sunshiny personality and looks like the girl next door who you’re dying to befriend (or become).

And guess what: she happens to be a former English teacher!

Maybe you’ll notice that she enunciates with clarity and speaks just a bit slower than other native speakers. This makes her YouTube videos perfect for intermediate language learners who want to try listening comprehension.

If you want to learn Italian while getting some contouring tricks from a pretty teacher, then Adriana Spink is a subscription waiting to happen.

9. Yotobi

Genre: Comedy & Entertainment

Level: Beginner +

Yotobi is Karim Musa, the 20-year-old tech/movie/games geek who picked the channel’s name because it sounded like “YouTube” and it had an oriental ring to it.

Apparently, at the time when he started the channel, he was watching a lot of Asian action movies. If this sounds like someone you’d love to get a drink with, you’ll enjoy his channel.

Yotobi is best known for movie reviews where he gives you his take on the newest films and TV shows. He maintains a talk show patterned after the American late-night variety.

You’ll find a monologue on these shows where he pokes fun at the latest goings-on in the world. Sometimes, he does on-field skits. Other times, he takes viewers with him as he engages in fun activities, like target shooting.

And then there are sit-down interviews where he chats with fellow millennial millionaires about what’s happening in their lives and their YouTube channels.

10. Willwoosh

Genre: Comedy

Level: Upper Beginner +

Willwoosh is one of the first Italian comedy channels whose noble mission was to post silly videos on YouTube. The videos are shot at locations like the park, side streets and even aboard a Ferris wheel.

Sometimes, it’s just Guglielmo Scilla talking to the camera. Other times, he brings out some cool friends to discuss a topic and add to the ruckus.

This is generally a good vibes channel, so if you’re a beginner and want to feel like you have an Italian friend on the other side of the world, subscribe to Guglielmo’s channel.

11. Chioma

Genre: Culture & Personal Stories

Level: Intermediate +

Although she no longer updates her channel, Chioma is an Italian girl studying in England.

Italy is such a multicultural society, and Chiara presents the perspective of a young Afro-Italian lady who goes to a foreign country and tries to make it there.

You’ll find videos on topics like how to recognize Italians in England and words that Italians think are English.

There are also clips about summer dresses and vacation hauls, which Italian learners can digest and unpack for a vocabulary boost.

But pay special attention to those cultural stories. It’s a somewhat ironic way to learn about Italian culture—by seeing how Italians see other cultures, you’ll discover a lot about their own!

Why Italian YouTubers Are Great for Language Learning

Italian YouTubers offer authentic content.

“Authentic” content means the same kind of content consumed by native speakers. So Italian TV shows and movies are examples of authentic content. It’s what they binge on and what makes them cry or laugh into their popcorn.

It’s good to acclimate yourself to Italian’s real speed and sound. Let those quirky native (and sometimes, even non-native) speakers be your guides. That way, you’ll be ready when you get into the real world, where actual Italians do their thing.

Italian YouTubers give language a definite context.

Videos give you the whole picture to get the full meaning of the words used.

Visual cues are especially important for language learners who rely primarily on context to suss out the meaning of words, phrases or sentences they’ve never encountered before.

For example, a YouTuber sitting in one of the posh restaurants in Milan, where expensive decor, classy cutlery and elegant people populate the background, makes it pretty clear what kinds of words or phrases might be used.

All this information makes language memorable and meaningful by offering viewers that all-important context.

Italian YouTubers give you a taste of culture.

Language can’t be divorced from culture because culture is all about the people.

So every time you hear a native speaker talking, he or she is revealing what’s important in their culture, what’s considered rude, what’s acceptable and what the expectations are in different situations.

Whether a YouTuber is exchanging slang with his friends or is conversing politely with his grandparents, language learners are picking up bits and pieces of that big pie called culture.

And because YouTube is a visual media, if you’re quick and careful, you’ll pick up a lot from the things you see.


So there you go—11 Italian YouTubers giving you hundreds of hours of educational entertainment!

Nobody says you should only use YouTube to learn, but making it part of your learning mix is a great idea.

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